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Fall 2016 BOG Resolutions

Ten (10) resolutions will be heard at the Fall 2016 Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting in Austin, TX. Please review each resolution and then indicate your support or opposition by completing the electronic response form by Friday, September 2.

Your comments will be forwarded to your Governor to be used as part of his/her testimony on behalf of the chapter.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Giampietro, BOG Administrator, at Thank you for your input.

(NOTE: Proposed resolutions should be considered confidential information and are intended to be viewed by ACP members only. Under no circumstances should proposed resolutions be shared with the news media or social networking media, nor should they be shared with other individuals and organizations.  Proposed resolutions do not represent ACP policy.)

Resolution 1–F16. Developing Policy to Address the Gender Pay Gap within the Field of Medicine

(Sponsor: Council of Resident/Fellow Members)

Resolution 2-F16. Opposing Rising Out-of-Pocket Patient Spending

(Sponsor: New York Chapter)

Resolution 3-F16. Modifying HCAHPS Questions and Eliminating Associated Financial Incentives to Improve the Safety of Opioid Prescribing

(Sponsor: Alaska Chapter; Co-Sponsors: Texas Chapter; Class of 2017)

Resolution 4-F16. Petitioning CMS to Adopt a Single Code for Initial and Ongoing Physician Care Regardless of Patient Status

(Sponsor: New York Chapter)

Resolution 5-F16. Studying Various Practice Models Known as “Direct Primary Care” and Updating Previous ACP Policy

(Sponsor: Florida Chapter)

Resolution 6-F16. Advocating for Formal Infrastructure to Support Expansion and Sustainability of Wellness Initiatives

(Sponsor: Council of Early Career Physicians)

Resolution 7-F16. Modifying the ACP BOG Resolutions Process

(Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter)

Resolution 8-F16. Separating the Reaffirmation Designation into Two Distinct Categories

(Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter)

Resolution 9-F16. Calling upon ABIM to Accept CME Provided by Other Legitimate Medical/Medical Educational Organizations

(Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter)

Resolution 10-F16. Offering a Reduced Internal Medicine (IM) Meeting Registration Fee for Retired Physician Members

(Sponsor: New York Chapter)