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International Candidates elected to Fellowship in ACP October 1, 2008 and January 1, 2009

ACP is pleased to announce the following newly elected International Fellows, who were recommended by the Credentials Subcommittee and approved for election by the Board of Regents. They are listed by current location and may have been credentialed through a different Chapter.



  • William A. Ghali - Calgary
  • Michel D. Sauve - Fort McMurray


  • Hisham Tassi - Thompson

New Brunswick

  • Akmal Ghafoor - Fredericton


  • D. W. Cameron - Ottawa
  • Richard E. Gilbert - Toronto
  • Alexander Ross Morton - Kingston


  • Jeffrey G. Wiseman - Montreal

Other Countries


  • Mario D.L. Veltri - Buenos Aires


  • Md. A. Alim - Dhaka
  • Md. R. Karim - Dhaka
  • A.F.M. Siddiqur Rahman - Mymensingh

Cayman Islands

  • Nelson C. Iheonunekwu - Grand Cayman


  • Nai Chi Chan - Taipa Macau SAR


  • Christopher B. Summerton - Chesire


  • Srinivasan Bhaskar - Chennai Tamilnadu
  • Ashok Kumar Das - Pondicherry
  • Shashank R. Joshi - Mumbai Maharasht
  • Khursheed A. Khan - Srinagar Kashmir


  • Fahim N. Khan - Kilkenny


  • Shunichi Fukuhara - Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
  • Hiroyuki Honma - Honjo, Saitama
  • Junichi Hoshino - Tokyo
  • Daisuke Kanda - Gunma
  • Shuichi Kawata - Yonago
  • Yuji Koide - Nagasaki
  • Ichirota Nakajima - Saitama
  • Sachiko Ohta - Okayama
  • Kentaro Takano - Fukuoka
  • Hiroaki Ushikoshi - Gifu
  • Hiroaki Yokomori - Saitama


  • Mousa J. Akbar - Al Omariya


  • Jesus D. Duarte - Toluca
  • Heriberto A. Martinez Camacho - Acambaro, Guanajuato


  • L. H. van Hulsteijn - LB Utrecht


  • Olayinka Abimbola Olasode - Osun


  • Rauf Niazi - Islamabad I.C.T.
  • Muhammad Tariq - Karachi Sind


  • Daniel Abouganem - Panama

Saudi Arabia

  • Fahad I. Alsohaibani - Riyadh


  • Georg Mang - Maennedorf


  • Yone-Han Mah - I-Lan

United Arab Emirates

  • Shaista U. Ahmed - Abu Dhabi


  • Pedro E. Andrade-Paez - Chuao, Caracas
  • Franco Lotta - Valencia Carabobo

Fellowship applications due
March 31, 2009

All candidates for Fellowship who want to be considered at the May 2009 Credentials Subcommittee meeting must submit Fellowship applications to ACP's Member Records Section by March 31, 2009. Supporting letters from 2 current ACP Masters or Fellows and current curricula vitae must accompany the applications, which staff will then forward to the appropriate ACP Governors.

For a Fellowship inquiry kit, contact Customer Service at +215-351-2600 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET). The contents of the Fellowship inquiry kits also may be downloaded from the ACP Web site. Fellowship candidates are required to include payment for the Fellowship initiation fee (currently $150) with their proposal form, and membership dues must be in good standing. Candidates for Direct Fellowship are required to include payment for the first year's dues as well.

Advancement to Fellowship

The current ACP guidelines acknowledge a range of professional activities that indicate continuing scholarship and professional achievement. You no longer have to publish to qualify for advancement. Information: Mariana Hotea, Credentials Administrator, +215-351-2709, or go to the Membership section of ACP Online.

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Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

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