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ACP College Corner


Visit the ACP Exhibit Booth at these Upcoming Meetings

Be sure to visit ACP's exhibit booth at these upcoming meetings:

World Congress of Internal Medicine 2010
Melbourne, Australia
March 20-25, 2010
Email: wcim2010@tourhosts.com.au
                                          Website: http:/www.wcim2010.com.au

The Congress theme is World Medicine for the Next Decade: 2010-2020. The program will showcase excellence in Australasian Medicine and Medical Science and will offer a superb opportunity for physicians and medical specialists to attend expert updates on specialty areas outside their own specialty.

An ACP staff person will be at the booth to answer all your questions about membership, products and services, sign up new members, accept dues payments, and more.

For more information, read our Special Announcement about the World Congress of Internal Medicine or visit our Activities Abroad section.



Join ACP in Toronto: Participate in the ACP Leadership Program!

ACP is committed to providing leadership development opportunities for its members and has established the Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Program to meet this objective. The LEAD Program provides you with access to seasoned leaders who will conduct an interactive pre-course in Toronto during Internal Medicine 2010: Beyond the Basics: Advanced Leadership Thinking.

Join us on Wednesday, April 21, 2010, at this pre-course that offers didactic presentations followed by small group discussions. College Masters, past Governors, Regents, and Council members will facilitate small group interactions to focus on creating a shared vision, managing change, thinking strategically, and empowering others.

Advanced Leadership Thinking includes:

  • Norman J. Wilder, MD, MBA, MACP, Co-director
  • Ernest L. Yoder, MD, PhD, FACP, Co-director


  • F. Daniel Duffy, MD, MACP
  • Wendy S. Levinson, MD, FACP
  • Walter J. McDonald, MD, MACP
  • Erik A. Wallace, MD, FACP

In addition to the LEAD pre-course, a broad range of 60-90 minute courses will be offered throughout the Internal Medicine week as part of the LEAD Program. Look for the “L” icon within ACP’s Internal Medicine 2010 Advance Program. All of these courses count towards earning a LEAD Certificate from ACP. Start working on yours today.



Did You Know About the ACP Hospitalist?

The ACP Hospitalist is the resource hospital-based internists and third-year internal medicine residents look to for news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

ACP Hospitalist covers the latest trends in hospital medicine including:

  • Advances in health care technology
  • Clinical controversies
  • Staffing and scheduling innovations
  • Salary trends
  • Reimbursement news affecting hospitalists
  • Patient safety and quality of care issues
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • The latest research news

You can sign up to receive the electronic ACP Hospitalist Weekly, and can also access each issue of the ACP Hospitalist on the Web at http://www.acphospitalist.org.

International members who want to sign up for ACP Hosptialist Weekly can do so through Customer Service by e-mailing acphospitalist@acponline.org.



In the Clinic

In the Clinic slide sets are educational tools to accompany Annals' In the Clinic issues. The slide sets provide practical, evidence-based overviews of common clinical conditions and offer evidence-based answers to frequently asked questions about screening, prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.

Each slide set contains approximately 25 slides summarizing key points from the content of the related In the Clinic issue. Readers can use the slide sets for personal education or to facilitate teaching clinical topics to others.

In the Clinic slide sets are free for ACP Members.

Learn More



Education Update: What's New in PIER

The Physicians' Information and Education Resource (PIER), where you can find authoritative, evidence-based guidance to improve clinical care.

Make clinical decisions with confidence. PIER® comprises over 460 modules focusing on clinical topics as well as an extensive drug database and helpful patient information, which is free to ACP members. Recently updated PIER modules:

Keep updated with ACP's latest Educational news.

Learn More



ACP on Facebook

Become a Fan of the new ACP Facebook page and keep updated with news, events, multimedia postings, and more from ACP.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site where members can create a free profile, then connect and interact with other members all over the world.

If you are not a Facebook member, but would like to learn more about it, step-by-step instructions for how to join are below. Joining Facebook is free and only takes three easy steps:

1. Use your internet browser to access www.facebook.com.

2. Follow the instructions to sign up and create your personal profile.

3. Once you have a profile, go here and click "Become a Fan."

For Medical Students

Join the official ACP Facebook group for medical students and stay in touch with other medical students interested in internal medicine.

For Residents

Join the official ACP Facebook group for residents and stay in touch with other residents in training.



Ensure Accurate Diagnostic Testing through Proficiency Testing

ACP's Medical Laboratory Evaluation service provides a high standard of excellence in EQA.

  • We work with you to gain approval of MLE in your country.
  • Program materials and the online result entry in your primary language.
  • Assistance with marketing and promotion.
  • And ACP members enjoy a $75 discount on enrollment fees!

Contact mboyd@acponline.org to see if there is a local MLE Distributor in your country. Learn more



Recruit Your Colleagues and Enjoy Free Dues in 2010-11

ACP's Recruit-a-Colleague Program enables you to earn membership dues credits while helping to strengthen the worldwide internal medicine community. The deadline for the 2009-2010 program in March 31, 2010, so recruit today! For more information, please visit http://www.acponline.org/recruitacolleague.



A Look Back - ACP in Chile

This 1981 photograph from the book "The History of the Chilean Society of Internal Medicine" by Camilo Larrain, MD, MACP, features Dr. Samuel Asper (seated, second from right), Deputy Executive Vice President of the American College of Physicians from 1979-1981, during a visit to Santiago, Chile to propose a Chapter. This was a historical visit. The photo also showcases a special group of ACP Chile members from the Chile and Catholic Universities.

This 1977 photo, from the same publication, was taken during the annual meeting of the Chilean Society of Internal Medicine and the American College of Physicians. It features Dr. Edward Rosenow III, MACP, ACP Executive Vice President from 1960-1977. Other prominent leaders in this photo include Dr. William Cooper, Dr. Edward Cook, and Dr. John Senior, from the ACP, and Dr. Hernan Alessandri, Professor and one of the great Masters of Internal Medicine in Chile who was also the first link with ACP in Chile. Also, Dr. Marta Velasco, President of the Society and a former ACP Chile Governor.

Both Dr. Asper and Dr. Rosenthow were deeply committed to seeing the establishment of an ACP Chapter in Chile, which finally happened in 1992.


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Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

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IM Essentials Now Available in Print or Online

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