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Titles of Interest from ACP Press

For a complete list of ACP Press titles, go to www.acponline.org/acppress

Educational Resources

How to Write, Publish, and Present in the Health Sciences: A Guide for Clinicians and Laboratory Researchers

Thomas A. Lang, MA

“This book will soon take its place as the standard textbook for communicating work… Essential reading for those engaged in scientific research” — Journal of Medical English Education

An invaluable resource, this book features a wealth of key concepts, practical information, and helpful tips for creating effective scientific articles, research proposals, abstracts, posters, and slide presentations. Useful for novice researchers and seasoned professionals alike!

$59.95 (ACP Members: $54.95) | 389 pp., 2010, softcover | Product #330371900 | ISBN: 978-1-934465-14-1

How to Report Statistics in Medicine: Annotated Guidelines for Authors, Editors, and Reviewers, Second Edition

Thomas A. Lang, MA, and Michelle Secic, MS

“… the first edition was excellent, and the second edition is even better … an excellent resource guide to best practices in statistical reporting in medical literature” —British Medical Journal

$64.95 (ACP Members: $54.95) | 490 pp., 2006, softcover | Product #330351060 | ISBN: 978-1-930513-69-3

Medical Humanities

The Last Half Hour of the Day: An Anthology of Stories and Essays That Have Inspired Physicians

Michael A. LaCombe, MD, MACP, and Christine Laine, MD, FACP

This unique anthology of short stories and essays sheds light on the many topics physicians encounter daily, from the miraculous recovery of a patient to coming to grips with one's own illness. Authors include Anton Chekov, Victor Hugo, Frank O’Connor, Ursula LeGuin, and many more!

$34.95 (ACP Members: $24.95) | 290 pp., 2008, hardcover | Product # 330371800 | ISBN: 978-1-934465-09-7

The Quotable Osler, Deluxe Edition

Mark E. Silverman, MD, MACP; T. Jock Murray, MD, MACP; and Charles S. Bryan, MD, MACP

Featuring a chronology of Osler’s life and achievements and 50 new quotes, this revised bestseller is a great gift and the ideal resource for an apt quote or sample of Osler’s thought-provoking and uplifting messages.

$34.95 (ACP Members: $29.95) | 313 pp., 2008, softcover | Product #330371050 | ISBN: 978-1-934465-00-4

A deluxe leather-bound edition of The Quotable Osler is also available

$84.95 (ACP Members: $74.95) | 317 pp., 2008, leather-bound | Product #330371090 | ISBN: 978-1-934465-01-1

Clinical Skills

ACP Clinical Skills Collection DVD

Whether you’re looking for a quick refresher or want to learn more about office-based procedures, physical examinations, and communication skills, the ACP Clinical Skills DVD series is an excellent resource!

Focused on common issues general internists encounter, each topic highlights key facts and information, gives anatomy overviews, real-life demonstrations, and helpful tips!

Available for individual purchase, or as a complete 2-disc set

Order the complete collection & save!

ACP Clinical Skills Collection
(2-disc set includes all topics) 180491100
$150 (Non-member) $120 (ACP Member)

All individual DVD’s are $44.95 each for both ACP members and non-members

Arthrocentesis and Joint Injection 180491060
Clinical Breast Examination 180491070
Counseling for Behavior Change 180491080
Efficiency through Effective Communication 180491000
Group Visits for Patients with Diabetes 180491010
The Pelvic Examination 180491020
Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Lower Extremity Amputation 180491090
Sports Medicine Musculoskeletal Examination 180491030
Toenail Avulsion: A Guide for Internists 180491040
Using Skin Biopsy in the Office 180491050

Course Recordings

Maintenance of Certification Exam Preparation Course Recording

Can’t make it to a live MOC Course? ACP’s course recording helps you study when it’s convenient for you. Get the complete course in the format that works best for you and be completely prepared for the MOC Exam. Core Topics include cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, nephrology, neurology, primary care medicine, pulmonary medicine and critical care, and rheumatology.

Visit http://www.iplaybackacp.com/product/3058/52 for a complete list of formats and prices and to place orders.

Internal Medicine 2010 Webcasts

The most popular Internal Medicine 2010 learning formats are available with CME credit. Featuring simultaneous viewing of presenter and PowerPoint slides.

Clinical Pearls – Three 90-minute webcasts containing 16 cases per webcast. Compare your thinking with that of your colleagues.

Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind – Three 90-minute webcasts. Expert faculty provides concise evidence-based answers to common yet difficult patient management problems.

Updates – Twelve 60-90 minute webcasts. Expert’s review the year’s most important published papers in internal medicine and the subspecialties.

Visit http://www.iplaybackacp.com/prod_detail_list/59 for a complete list of topics and formats and to place orders.

Internal Medicine 2010 Course Recordings

Attend Internal Medicine 2010 sessions without ever leaving home. 190 recorded sessions in over 25 content areas let you choose the content that is most relevant to you. At only $17.95 a session, you can mix and match a program that caters to your individual needs.

Visit http://www.iplaybackacp.com/recordings for more information on packages, topics and formats and to place orders.

Table of Contents

Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 Digital Presentations

Choose from over 170 recorded Scientific Program Sessions and Pre-Courses. Available in a variety of packages and formats so you can choose the combination that works best for you.

See all available packages or preview sessions.

Medical Student Text

IM Essentials Now Available in Print or Online
IM Essentials Now Available in Print or Online

Check out sample pages from IM Essentials Text and IM Essentials Questions.