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ASIM Presidents


  1. 1957-58 Lewis T. Bullock, MD, Los Angeles, California
  2. 1958-59 Elbert L. Persons, MD, Durham, North Carolina
  3. 1959-60 Clark C. Goss, MD, Laguna Hills, California
  4. 1960-61 Stewart P. Seigle, MD, Osprey, Florida
  5. 1961-62 Ross V. Taylor, MD, Jackson, Michigan
  6. 1962-63 Charles K. Donegan, MD, St. Petersburg, Florida
  7. 1963-64 Maxwell G. Berry, MACP, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
  8. 1964-65 Malcolm S.M. Watts, MD, San Franscisco, California
  9. 1965-66 Robert E. Westlake, MD, Stuart, Florida
  10. 1966-67 Wendell B. Gordon, MD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. 1967-68 James J. Feffer, MD, Clearwater, Florida
  12. 1968-69 Robert S. Long, MD, Omaha, Nebraska
  13. 1969-70 Clyde C. Greene, Jr., MD, San Francisco, California
  14. 1970-71 Joseph T. Painter, MD, Houston, Texas
  15. 1971-72 Otto C. Page, MD, Portland, Oregon
  16. 1972-73 Edwin C. Evans, MD, Atlanta, Georgia
  17. 1973-74 William Campbell Felch, MD, Carmel, California
  18. 1974-75 Glenn Molyneaux, MD, Santa Rosa, California
  19. 1975-76 Ralph F. Reinfrank, MD, Glastonbury, Connecticut
  20. 1976-77 William R. Felts, MD, MeLean, Virginia
  21. 1977-78 William P. Daines, MD, Ogden, Utah
  22. 1978-79 Ben D. Hall, MD, Johnson City, Tennessee
  23. 1979-80 James A. Collins, Jr., MD, Danville, Pennsylvania
  24. 1980-81 John F. Farrington, MD, Boulder, Colorado
  25. 1981-82 Lonnie R. Bristow, MD, Walnut Creek, California
  26. 1982-83 Monte Malach, FACP, Staten Island, New York
  27. 1983-84 John D. Abrums, MD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  28. 1984-85 C. Burns Roehring, MD, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  29. 1985-86 Reginald Harris, MD, Shelby, North Carolina
  30. 1986-87 F. Warren Tingley, MD, Coral Springs, Florida
  31. 1987-88 William R. Smith, MD, Enid, Oklahoma
  32. 1988-89 James G. Nuckolls, MD, Galax, Virginia
  33. 1989-90 Charles P. Duvall. MD, Washington, DC
  34. 1990-91 Milford C. Maloney, MD, Williamsburg, Virginia
  35. 1991-92 Eugene S. Ogrod, MD, Sacramento, California
  36. 1992-93 Richard D. Ruppert, MD, Toledo, Ohio
  37. 1993-94 Yank D. Coble Jr., MD, Jacksonville, Florida
  38. 1994-95 Kathleen M. Weaver, MD, Portland, Oregon
  39. 1995-96 William E. Golden, MD, Little Rock, Arkansas
  40. 1996-97 Boyd M. Shook, MD, Bethany, Oklahoma
  41. 1997-98 Bernard M. Rosof, MD, Huntington, New York
  42. 1997-98 Isabel V. Hoverman, MD, Austin, Texas

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