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Chairs of the Board of Governors


1926-30: Charles G. Jennings, Detroit, MI
1930-33: W. Blair Stewart, Atlantic City, NJ
1933-35: Ernest B. Bradley, Lexington, KY
1935-42: Charles H. Cocke, Asheville, NC
1942-44: William B. Breed, Boston, MA
1944-47: Chauncey W. Dowden, Louisville, KY
1947-51: Walter L. Palmer, Chicago, IL
1951-54: Charles A. Doan, Columbus, OH
1954-57: Carter Smith, Atlanta, GA
1957-58: William C. Menninger, Topeka, KS
1958-59: Richard P. Stetson, Boston, MA
1959-62: Marshall N. Fulton, Providence, RI
1962-64: George C. Griffith, Los Angeles, CA
1964-66: John A. Layne, Great Falls, MT
1966-68: Roberto F. Escamilla, San Francisco, CA
1968-71: Maxwell G. Berry, St. Louis, MO
1971-73: John R. Gamble, San Francisco, CA
1973-75: Jeremiah A. Barondess, New York, NY
1975-77: Bryan Williams, Dallas, TX
1977-78: Beverly C. Payne, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1978-79: C.S. Lewis, Jr., Tulsa, OK
1979-80: Lawrence Scherr, Manhattan, NY
1980-81: Ralph O. Wallerstein, San Francisco, CA

Beginning in 1981, each Chair also served as Chair—Elect in the preceding year.

1981-82: William Davis, Jr., New Orleans, LA
1982-83: Boy Frame, Detroit, MI (replaced Marvin Turck, Chair elect 1981 82, who did not assume the office of Chairman elect)
1983-84: John A. Spittell, Jr., Rochester, MN
1984-85: Arthur W. Feinberg, Manhattan, NY
1985-86: J. Philip Clarke, Denver, CO
1986-87: Joseph E. Johnson III, Winston-Salem, NC
1987-88: Alvin L. Schultz, Minneapolis, MN
1988-89: James A. Curtin, Washington, DC
1989-90: Linda Hawes Clever, San Francisco, CA
1990-91: Jock Murray, Halifax, NS, CANADA
1991-92: F. Daniel Duffy, Tulsa, Oklahoma
1992-93: James J. Bergin, Kansas City, Kansas
1993-94: Walter J. McDonald, Sherwood, Oregon
1994-95: John P. Tooker, Falmouth, Maine
1995-96: Oscar E. Edwards, Norfolk, Virginia
1996-97: Rowen K. Zetterman, Omaha, Nebraska
1997-98: William J. Hall, Rochester, NY
1998-99: Mahendr S. Kochar, Milwaukee, WI
1999-00: Munsey S. Wheby, Charlottesville, VA
2000-01: Donna E. Sweet, Wichita, KS
2001-02: Lynn M. Kirk, Dallas, TX
2002-03: David C. Dale, Seattle, WA
2003-04: Jeffrey P. Harris, Winchester, VA
2004-05: Frederick E. Turton, Sarasota, FL
2005-06: J. Fred Ralston, Jr., Fayetteville, TN
2006-07: Yul D. Ejnes, Cranston, RI
2007-08: David L. Bronson, Cleveland, OH
2008-09: Donald W. Hatton, Lawrence, KS
2009-10: Molly Cooke, San Francisco, CA
2010-11: Charles Cutler, Norristown, PA
2011-12: David A. Fleming, Columbia, MO
2012-13: Thomas G. Tape, Omaha, NE
2013-14: Susan Thompson Hingle, Springfield, IL
2014-15: Darilyn V. Moyer, Philadelphia, PA
2015-2016: Andrew Dunn, New York, NY

Last updated: 5/4/15

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