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October 2013 Steven B. Pearson, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Pearson

Greetings, once again from La Crosse. I hope everyone had a good summer with time to relax and enjoy your favorite warm-weather activities. It was great to see many of you at our recent State Scientific Meeting in the Dells September 6th and 7th.

In this Newsletter we will take a brief look at some of the national ACP headlines, a few highlights from our recent State Scientific Meeting and a quick look ahead at upcoming important dates and activities.


National ACP News

There appears to be a little light at the end of the SGR tunnel. The ACP continues to exert what pressure it can on Congress to repeal the SGR. It looks hopeful that this will occur before the end of the year in that there is bipartisan support for a bill currently pending in Congress to accomplish this. However, with the debt ceiling issue coming to a head in the next couple weeks it remains unclear what Congress will actually accomplish this fall.

Another ACP priority is getting rid of the across the board 2% Sequestration budget cuts and instead is asking Congress to make cuts in a prioritized rational fashion. This cause is proving to be very challenging with little evidence of likelihood the Sequestration cuts will be modified any time soon.

The ACP has made it a priority to inform Congressional members about the idea of establishing a system of national Health Courts . The creation of a Health Court system could potentially keep the great majority of healthcare related lawsuits out of the traditional courts. This was a priority message delivered to Congressional offices during Leadership Day this past May. Cases would be presented to judges experienced in dealing with malpractice litigation, with testimony from healthcare experts when necessary. Decisions would be made by the judge hearing the case.


Smart Medicine

The national ACP is launching a new evidence based medicine web resource called ‘Smart Medicine’. This is scheduled to launch by early October of this year. This will be replacing ‘PIER’ as one of the ACP’s evidence based medicine online resources. This is an exciting new product that will keep practitioners informed of the evidence behind treatment recommendations and the latest in evidence based advances in therapy for multiple diseases in multiple specialties. It will be more extensive than PIER and is expected to be more practically useful. It has the potential to become physicians’ and other practitioners’ first resource for evidence based medicine information.


State Chapter News

We lobbied Governor Scott Walker’s office to accept federal money to expand Medicaid in the state, but his viewpoint differed from ours.

We would encourage all internists in the state to visit the ACP national website ‘Help Your Patients Enroll in Health Insurance Marketplaces’ and look at the information offered in order to help our patients understand the process to enroll in the exchanges. There continues to be a lot of confusion over the ACA and the exchanges at this time. Both as a national organization and state chapter the ACP continues to feel that many premises of the ACA, the federal Medicaid support offered to our state plus helping to assure the state based health insurance exchanges work, will be in the best interest of the people of our state and in the long run the best interest of the country.

State Chapter Meeting

We held another very informative and successful State Scientific Meeting September 6-7th at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. We stayed with our usual format of having the resident case based-vignette competition as the opening event of the meeting on Friday afternoon. This was followed by an evening poster reception with approximately 60 posters displayed by medical students, residents and regular ACP members. The residents’ posters were judged by a panel of judges with first, second and third place finishers being recognized. The Addis Costello family (Annual Addis Costello Award) has graciously established an endowment for cash prizes to be presented annually to the top three finishers in the poster competition ($500 first place, $250 second and third place). This was the first year of the Addis and Costello Family Endowment for the poster winners.

The top three finishers in the poster competition were: 1st Place - Dr. Andrew Vreede, UW Madison, and ‘Re-emerging cause of Acute Aseptic Meningoencephalitis’. 2nd Place – Dr. Daniel Ortiz, Aurora Health Care Milwaukee, ‘Nontyphoidal Salmonella Pericarditis’. 3rd Place – Dr. Nebiyu Biru, Aurora Health Care Milwaukee, ‘Gardner’s Syndrome with Desmoid Tumor’.

The winners of the Case and Research -vignette competitions were: Case Based - Dr. Surya Palakuru, Aurora Health Care Milwaukee, ‘Aderall Induced Bilateral Blindness’ and Research-Based - Dr. Junwei Lu, Aurora Health Care Milwaukee, ‘Ralyl Hypermethylation: A Potential Molecular Diagnostic Marker for Esophogeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

The winner of this year’s Doctor’s Dilemma competition was the team from the University of Wisconsin: Dustin Andresen, Jill Lagrange and Abby Bales.

The vignette competition winners each receive $1000 from our state chapter toward covering their expenses to go to the national ACP meeting (Internal Medicine 2014) in Orlando next April. They will present their award winning research and case presentations to judges at the national meeting as they compete to become recognized as national winners.

Each member of the Doctors’ Dilemma winning team also receives $1000 toward expenses to go to Orlando in April and compete in the national Doctor’s Dilemma competition.

The following are pictures from the Award’s Banquet and Luncheon held during the State Meeting on Saturday September 7th. The pictures are of the winners receiving their awards from Steve Pearson MD, Governor of the State Chapter.

Dr. Halls

Laureate Award: Dr. Juanita Halls, University of Wisconsin

Helen Dickie, Woman Physician of the Year: Dr Kathlyn Fletcher, Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Agger

Internist of the Year: Dr William Agger, Gundersen Health System, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Dr. Horner

Addis Costello Award: Dr Barbara Horner- Ibler

Dr. Halverson

Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Dr Paul Halverson, Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Rana

Young Internist of the Year: Dr Vipul Rana, Medical College of Wisconsin

Community Based Physician and Mentor: Dr Samuel Poser, Poser Clinic Columbus, Wisconsin

Congress Person of the Year: Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin

We want to congratulate all of this year’s extremely well deserving winners of these awards.



If you are aware of a physician colleague whom you feel is deserving of one of these annual ACP State Awards and would like to nominate them, please email me, or Dr. Don Lee, and let us know. They will be considered for one of next year’s awards. We require a CV for each nominee.

We changed the timing of the George Magnin Awards Banquet at our State Meeting this year to lunchtime on Saturday rather than Saturday evening. This change was made to enable more of our medical student and resident members to attend. We felt it was extremely important to increase the exposure of the students and residents to these wonderful role models within our profession.


ACP Fellowship

The following are the new Fellows in the Wisconsin Chapter over the past six months. Congratulations to these new Fellows.

Aaron Patrick Best, MD FACP, Fellow, Janesville
Jennifer Connelly, MD, FACP, Fellow, Milwaukee
Leah L Dietrich, MD, FACP, Fellow, La Crosse
Ruwan R Dissanayake, MD, FACP, Fellow, Marshfield
Gilbert G Fareau, MD, FACP, Fellow, Milwaukee
Jiangming Luo, MD, FACP, Fellow, Marshfield
Kurt R Oettel, MD, FACP, Fellow, La Crosse
Donald G Roach, MD, FACP, Fellow, Brookfield
Yasser S Salem, MBChB, FACP, Fellow, Marinette
Cheruppolil R Santhosh-Kumar, MBBS, FACP, Fellow, Kohler
Thomas D Shiffler, MD, FACP, Fellow, Madison
Dalip Singh, MBBS, FACP, Fellow, River Hills
Robert M Stern, MD, FACP, Fellow, Milwaukee
Mohit K Turagam, MBBS, FACP, Fellow, Verona
Mohamed H Yafai, MD, FACP, Fellow, Watertown

If you would like to pursue Fellowship in the College or are aware of a colleague you feel is deserving of Fellowship please let me know. I will be happy to answer any questions for you and will be glad to help you get started in the process. For those applicants who are highly deserving of Fellowship there is an expedited route to obtaining Fellowship that does not require completion of the usual paper work. This is called ‘Invited Fellowship’ and I would again be happy to answer any questions for you about this and to potentially help to get you started down the ‘Invited Fellowship’ route.



If you are interested in getting involved with our State ACP Chapter or serving on one of the committees of our State ACP Council please email me and let me know of your interests. We have openings on any one of the following committees: Awards committee, International Medical Graduate committee, Early Career Physician committee, Hospitalist committee, Health and Public Policy committee, Membership committee.


Internal Medicine 2014

Internal Medicine 2014 will be held in Orlando, Florida April 10-12th, 2014. If you have never attended the national ACP meeting previously I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We will be holding our Wisconsin Reception the evening of Thursday April 10th. Our reception has turned into a great event in which to connect with other internists from around the state and enjoy the surroundings of the host city. Hope to see you there.


Leadership Day 2014

Leadership Day in Washington D.C. will be occurring again next May or June. If you have never attended please consider attending next spring. We visit congressional offices and discuss issues important to internists with members of Congress or their aides. Our chapter has funds to defray costs for those attending.



Dr. Belknap

Dr. Mark Belknap is the current Governor-elect for our Wisconsin Chapter. He is a practicing internist from Ashland, Wisconsin. He has practiced in Ashland for 30 years. He will be taking over as Governor of the chapter at the conclusion of the national meeting in Orlando next April.

Thanks for your interest. Hope you have a great fall season. The fall colors, wonderful weather and the bird migrations (especially here along the Mississippi River) can make Wisconsin one of the best places to live in the entire U.S. this time of the year!

Steve Pearson MD, Governor
ACP, Wisconsin Chapter