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Governor's Corner 

Carrie A. Horwitch, MD, MPH, FACP

"The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different."  Peter F. Drucker

This is an important time in our state and in our country.  The upcoming elections will be important for setting the tone and policies for the next several years.  The candidates, both for the US presidency as well as for our state Governor,  have very different perspectives on health care issues and the impact this can have on our profession and our patients.  I encourage everyone to be informed of the issues at hand and the platforms of the people running for office.  At the upcoming chapter meeting in November we will have Mr. Robert Doherty-Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Public Policy of ACP who will update us on health care reform since the Supreme Court vote and what the future might look like after the election.  

Since I am speaking about voting, it is hard to believe that over 2 years have passed since I became Washington State ACP governor.  It is that time again to elect the next governor for our Washington chapter.  I am so very pleased that we have 2 excellent candidates for the next governor: Dr. Matt Hollon and Dr. Joyce Wipf (see next article for their bios and goals).  You should have already received the recent ballot for the ACP governor and I hope you will vote for the next leader of your chapter. Ballots are due by October 24, 2012.

We also have a new slate of executive council members and treasurer to elect, which will take place at the annual business meeting on November 2, at the Washington State chapter meeting at Bell Harbor. (see the election slate). Many thanks to Drs Matt Hollon, Sandeep Sachdeva and Kemi Nakabayashi for serving on the nominations committee for this election.

We are also looking for nominations for our 3 chapter awards: Internist of the Year, Golden Apple- community teacher , and community service.  You may know of worthy physicians in your area- please send in a nomination - the awardees will be announced at the November annual chapter meeting.

Please join me at that event for a fantastic meeting. Remember we are also offering 2 precourses (hospital medicine, and sports medicine) and Maintenance of Certification modules which qualify for ABIM recertification in 2012 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a book entitled Primary care and Public Health -exploring integration to improve population health. In this report-they stress the need for medicine (especially primary care) and public health to better integrate to improve population health in addition to individual health.  One of the steps to help achieve these goals was to convene a group of key stakeholders from public health and medicine professional societies. ACP was invited to be part of this strategic planning meeting that took place on July 25 and 26th in Washington DC. I was honored to represent ACP at this strategic planning meeting.

The group of 30 people representing members from the CDC, Institute of Medicine, state and local health officers, professional organizations with strong primary care (ACP, AAFP), United Health group and others, met for 2 days to develop a strategic map to integrate primary care and public health.

The result of the 2 days meeting is the following strategic plan.
Goal: Implement integrated efforts that improve population health and lower health cost.

The 5 key areas identified are:

1.    Identifying and creating demonstrated successes of integration
2.    Realign funding to support coordination and sustainability
3.    Disseminate and scale effective approaches and systems
4.    Develop and implement effective measures of population health
5.    Create the infrastructure to support collaboration and sustainability

Within each of these key components are additional priorities (see full map)

How does this affect ACP?  ACP has an extensive policy which echoes many of the key concepts noted in the IOM report from 2012. Specifically, the main areas where ACP can work to make this strategic plan a reality and a success are in:

1.    Identifying successes of integration between medicine (primary care) and public health
2.    Having input into evidence based measures for population (and individual) health outcomes so we can assess good quality and cost
3.    Disseminate this information to our members and our communities
4.    Developing and improving medical school curriculums to better educate and prepare our future physicians in integration of primary care and public health
5.    Advocate for secure funding for programs that have shown success in the areas of improved health and quality outcomes

If you have interest in working in this area or know of success stories please email me at  Our ACP chapter has an excellent working relationship with our public health community and has members on various committees as well as updates in public health at our annual meeting. We can and must do more however, to improve our population health as well as reducing our health care costs.

Please continue to read below on some of the recent and upcoming activities of our chapter.  We have upcoming events from our Early career physicians on contracts and negotiations on October 20, and the next Dim Sum event from Women in medicine on Oct.6th

I want to thank Drs Lisa Chiou and Chris Knight and the planning committee of our upcoming annual meeting.  Special thanks to the chairs of our committees: Drs Linda Bavisotto, Kemi Nakabayashi, Genevieve Pagalilauan, Bruce Smith, Paul Smith, and Lili Yao.  And to the council members: Drs Rebecca Ruud, Chris Knight, Jeffrey Clarke, DC Dugdale, Matt Hollon, Saleem Memon, PJ Peterson, Sandeep Sachdeva, Michael Soung, Carletta Vanderbilt, Doug Paauw, Monica Yepes-Rios, Alexander Niven, Katie Maxwell, Dustin Thomas, Dori McAbee, Aliza Monroe-Wise and medical students; Russell Berg, Anthony Guynes and Nicole Bates for their time and energy on behalf of ACP. 

bios2012 Governors-elect Candidates' Bios and Vision Statements

The ballots for the current Governors-elect election have been mailed. The voting membership (Masters, Fellows, Members, and Associates with an elect date of 8/1/2010 or earlier) can vote via telephone 1 800 274 3940 (US only), online ( or mail-in ballot. You will need your mailed ballot with your ACP number and PIN in order to make a vote. Below are the bios and vision statements of the candidates that are running in this election. The deadline for submitting ballots is October 24, 2012 at 12 midnight CT. Please be sure to vote!

Need help? E-mail help desk at or call 972 713 2834 (US only), Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. CT USA. Please allow for postal delivery to Dallas, TX.

Joyce Wipf MD, FACP
In my many years of service and leadership in medical education, patient care at VA and University sites, and clinical teaching activities in several national organizations, I have found that the American College of Physicians is a unique organization that fits all internists. Whether in community or academic, rural or urban practice, we look to ACP as our voice for patient advocacy, leading national conversations to improve health care access, and as a major resource for our own education and clinical excellence. As governor, I will strive to expand on the outstanding work underway in these areas, with efforts to enhance membership and involvement of internists throughout the state, and further develop ACP regional activities to excite our medical students and residents to the rewards of internal medicine.  It is my great privilege to work with our ACP chapter and contribute to the missions to the best of my abilities.

My professional activities include a rewarding mix of patient care, teaching, academic scholarly activities and leadership of educational programs. At VA Puget Sound Seattle division, I have continuity patient panels in Primary Care Clinic and Women's Clinic, precept clinic residents weekly, and serve as inpatient attending 8 weeks per year. Teaching includes conducting courses with UW, ACP and various regional and national presentations, and I serve as Section Head of General Internal Medicine. As Director of the VA Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education, I oversee development and evaluation of innovations in primary care and inter-professional education, part of a national effort to transform training in team-based patient care in a medical home.

Matt Hollon MD
I grew up in Spokane then after graduating from high school spent the next 2 decades west of the Cascades - first as an undergraduate, then medical student, then resident at the University of Washington (UW).  I subsequently joined the faculty in the Department of Medicine at UW where I worked until 2008.  In 2008, I returned to Spokane with my family taking my current position as a core faculty member at Providence Internal Medicine Residency Spokane.

Being part of ACP provides me with exceptional opportunities to advocate for and improve internists' work life, support the care of patients across clinical settings, and mentor future physicians.  If elected, I would work to make these opportunities accessible to all of you by partnering with you to expand ACP activities across Washington.  I would also continue the robust advocacy program of our current Governor and work to increase support for us to embrace our professional responsibility to teach the next generations of physicians emerging from our state's institutions.  My work with our council would focus on increasing and enhancing membership by providing meaningful opportunities for camaraderie, continuing education, and professional support in your communities - from Colville to Vancouver, Pullman to Bellingham, Spokane to Yakima to Puget Sound and the places in between.  I am excited about the opportunity to serve as your Governor and thank you for your support. 

2012-2013 Executive Council Elections

On September 12th, the nominating committee for the state executive council presented a slate of candidates for election by membership to the current executive council.  The council approved the slate unanimously and our membership will vote for final approval at this year's annual meeting.  The slate includes returning executive council members D.C Dugdale (Seattle), Jeff Clarke (Wenatchee), and Saleem Memon (Seattle) as well as returning treasurer Rebecca Ruud.  New candidates for the council include (brief bios follow):

Doug Lindahl
I received a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Washington State University and received my Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Western University of Health Sciences.  I completed a dual track DO/allopathic residency at Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix.  Since then I have been practicing in Shelton as a primary care internist, enjoying the benefits of providing both inpatient and outpatient care in a rual setting.  I have been involved in a number of Washington State collaboratives and have an interest in meaningful and sustainable improvements to quality care.  I look forward to helping expand the colleges' impact throughout Washington State for internists as well as to the medical community at large.

Lisa Chiou
I seem to have traversed the country during my life and am happy to be in the Pacific Northwest now.  I was born in Rhode Island but grew up in Oregon and Colorado.  I went to the University of Colorado as an undergraduate, and then the University of Washington for my MPH in epidemiology.  Subsequently, I worked at a small branch office of the Centers for Disease Control in Anchorage, and decided that a career in medicine would probably be a lot of fun.  I was a medical student through the WWAMI program and then stayed at the University of Washington for internal medicine residency.  Since finishing residency in 2007, I have been working as a hospitalist at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington.  For the past couple of years, I have been involved in our 3rd year medical student teaching program.  I have recently become more involved in ACP and am co-chairing the 2012 Washington State conference.  I am looking forward to joining the ACP executive council and hope to focus on hospitalist activities, medical education, and work-life balance.

Mark Beiter
I graduated from medical school at Midwestern University, an Osteopathic medical school in Phoenix, AZ in 2005.  My wife and I escaped the desert and the heat and came to Seattle for my Internal Medicine residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center.  After a year as chief resident, I started to pay back my National Health Service Corp Scholarship by working in prison medicine at Monroe Correctional Complex for the past 3 years.  Working in this challenging and underserved environment has taught me the importance of patient advocacy and the role of delivering appropriate, evidence based, medically necessary care.  I also have a passion for teaching and like to expose medical students and residents to the many challenges and benefits of working with underserved populations.

In accordance with chapter bylaws, the 2012-2013 Nominations Committee propose the following slate of nominees for election to the Chapter's Executive Council.  The election by the membership will take place at the Chapter's Annual Business Meeting to be held, 12 Noon on Friday, November 2, 2012 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Seattle. 

Secretary/Treasurer   Rebecca Ruud MD FACP    
term ending 2013         Mercer Island

Council Position        D.C. Dugdale MD FACP
term ending 2014         Seattle

Council Position        Jeff Clarke MD FACP
term ending 2014         Wenatchee

Council Position        Saleem Memon MD FACP
term ending 2014         Seattle

Council Position         Lisa Chiou MD FACP
term ending 2014          Everett

Council Position         Doug Lindahl DO, FACP
term ending 2014          Shelton    

Council Position         Mark Beiter  DO, FACP
term ending 2014          Marysville/Seattle
Call for Internist Award Nominations - Deadline Extended!


To recognize the outstanding efforts of internists in our state, we need your nominations for the following awards:

  • Washington ACP Internist of the Year
  • ACP Community Service Award
  • ACP Golden Apple Award

Please take a few minutes to tell who is deserving of a recognition award from their colleagues. Click here to write in the name of your nominee(s), along with a brief statement why this person should be considered for the chosen award. Or send your nominations and comments to Paul Smith at The deadline for submitting your nominations has been extended to September 30, 2012. Awards will be presented at the Washington Chapter ACP Annual Meeting, November 1-3, 2012 in Seattle, Washington.

WAMPAC Interviews Gubernatorial Candidates Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna

On July 3, the WSMA's political action committee (WAMPAC)  interviewed both candidates for governor, Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee. The candidates were provided an hour with the committee where they answered both predetermined and spontaneous questions about health care issues impacting both physicians and patients in Washington state.  

As part of this process, WAMPAC had the candidates fill out a written questionnaire seeking the candidates' views on health care reform in Washington as well as many other WSMA priorities.

Download a transcript of Jay Inslee's questions and answers. [PDF]
Download a transcript of Rob McKenna's questions and answers. [PDF]
WA-ACP Annual Chapter Meeting, Nov 1-3
**New This Year - MOC Modules

by Lisa Chiou MD, FACP, 2012 Meeting Co-Chair

The 2012 WA- ACP Annual Meeting held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle on November 2-3 is fast approaching. This year's meeting will cover both inpatient and outpatient topics in a high-yield, case-based format.  

Highlights this year include updates in cardiology and pulmonary/critical care, discussions on the legal ramifications of electronic medical records and medical marijuana, and break-out sessions on wound care and diabetes management.  The featured talk will be a discussion on health care reform by Dr. Bob Doherty, Senior Vice President of ACP Governmental Affairs and Public Policy.  Also, back by popular demand, Dr. Moe Hagman returns to lead associates in Medical Jeopardy.

For the first time, this year we are offering ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) modules on the morning of Thursday, November 1. Faculty will teach the modules by presenting and analyzing each question, reviewing current evidence, and highlighting clinical pearls and key points.  This format will be highly interactive with use of an audience-response system.  The scheduled modules are the 2011 Update in Internal Medicine (Module C0-L) and 2011 Update in Hospital Medicine (Module 83-L).  Participants will leave the session ready to submit completed modules to ABIM for 10 MOC points each.

On the afternoon of November 1, we are offering pre-courses in hospital medicine and musculoskeletal/sports medicine.  Each of these pre-courses will provide in-depth, high-yield clinical information for both the inpatient and outpatient internist.

There will be an additional fee to register for pre-courses and MOC modules.

Early bird registration ends October 5.  Register on-line before Oct 5th and save!

Register on-line

If you have any questions, please email Chapter Exec., Amanda Watne, at
Membership Committee Report
By Kemi Nakabayashi MD FAC, and Saleem Memom, MD, FACP, Membership Co-Chairs
This fall is still a great time to encourage new membership with the upcoming Washington chapter Scientific Meeting November 1-3 and  as Internal Medicine 2013 returns to the west coast to be held in San Francisco next April.  As co-chairs of the membership committee, we are committed to engaging our members statewide.  Our council members have become more geographically representative and include hospitalists who value ACP.  We are also diligently working with the Society of Hospital Medicine to collaborate to develop programs relevant to hospitalists.  If you have not been to the ACP website in a while, please check out the membership webpage which include links for membership benefits, the Recruit-A-Colleague program and benefits, and fellowship application information.
by Julie Silverman

Pictured back row, left to right: Dr. Matt Hollon and Associate, Dexter Overby.  Front row, left to right: Associate, Dr. Julie Silverman, Dr. Genevieve Pagalilauan, Dr. Carrie Horwitch and Medical student, Greta Tubbesing.

On June 6 and 7, I had the privilege of joining hundreds of fellow internists participating in ACP's 2012 Leadership Day on Capitol Hill.  During this two-day conference, we learned about the current political landscape, discussed ACP's priority legislative issues, heard from key members of Congress and congressional staff and gained skills in effective advocacy.  After an inspirational speech by Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General, we headed to the Hill to put our skills into practice.   The WA delegation - which included members, associates and a medical student - visited the offices of Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, as well as the representatives in all of Washington state's nine districts.  Our focus during these visits was four-fold:

1. Ensuring full funding for essential healthcare programs such as the National Service Health Corps, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  As it currently stands, Congress is scheduled to cut trillions of dollars across-the-board, without giving any consideration to the importance or effectiveness of any particular program.  Cutting these essential programs will be devastating to the health of our country.

2. Supporting graduate medical education by preserving full funding, spending existing GME funds more strategically and re-structuring allocation to better align with our nation's physician workforce needs

3. Eliminating the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and transitioning to better payment systems.  ACP specifically endorses the Medicare Physician Payment Innovation Act (H.R. 5707), a bipartisan bill introduced in the House.

4. Enacting meaningful medical liability reforms that will reduce the costs of medical liability insurance and defensive medicine.  Specifically ACP supports a plan to pilot health courts, which are a no-fault alternative in which medical liability claims are heard by expert judges instead of lay juries.

The opportunity to talk directly with our elected leaders - to share our concerns as physicians, to relay the problems faced by of our patients, to discuss potential solutions - was invaluable.  I was reminded that as physicians, we have a special window into our patients' lives and are privileged to hear their stories.  We have the opportunity to impart these powerful stories to our elected officials and hopefully effect change.  After attending Leadership Day, I hope to help arrange future meetings with elected officials in their home offices.  We do not need to fly to "the other Washington" to make a difference.

For more information on what ACP is doing in terms of advocacy on a national level, visit For more information on what our state chapter is doing, please contact our Advocacy Committee co-chairs, Genevieve Pagalilauan, MD, FACP ( and Bruce Smith, MD, FACP (
ACP Urges Politicians to Restrain From Meddling in Physician-Patient Relationship

New position paper stresses need to preserve doctors' ability to provide the best possible care

State and federal legislators should think twice before passing laws that tamper with the physician-patient relationship, according to a new position paper released by the American College of Physicians.

The Statement of Principles on the Role of Governments in Regulating the Patient-Physician Relationship sets forth seven principles that lawmakers should use when considering new health care laws.
(read more)
Council of Young Physicians
by Lili Yao MD, CYP Chair

Save the date for the next CYP lunch meeting, October 20, 2012, 11:00AM - 1:00 PM at CI Shenanigans located at 3017 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA  98042.  Presenter, Denny Maher, Director of Legal Affairs, WSMA, and former hand surgeon, will discuss the physician contract review process and what to look for before signing an employment contract:
*    Basic information about contracts
*    Compensation, bonus, malpractice, and tail coverage
*    Physician & employer rights and responsibilities
*    Contract elements such as non-compete and non-solicitation provisions, indemnification/hold harmless and other things such as work hours, on-call obligations, and office and staff support.

There is no charge for ACP members to attend this hosted lunch meeting.  To RSVP, please send an email to
Osler Club News

Pictured left to right: Barbara Rosen and Russell Berg

There are exciting things to come for Osler Club, the Internal Medicine interest group at UW School of Medicine. The group is thriving with 170 first and second-year student members and a new leadership team going into this academic year.

Last Spring, students Amy Chang and Greta Tubbesing launched and Advocacy Committee within the club, which sponsored a Q & A panel for students themed "Many Shades of Advocacy." The event was attended by 40 UW medical students and included ACP panelists Genevieve Pagalilauan and Lisa Plymate, as well as local internists Peter Byers and Jill Watanabe, speaking about their varied experiences in health advocacy. Greta Tubbesing was also able to join ACP members in Washington, D.C. in June for Leadership Day, where she represented the medical student voice for the ACP's national policy agenda to U.S. senators and congress members.

Another Spring event hosted by Osler Club was Board Review Bingo, cohosted by Dr. Doug Paauw, internal medicine advisor at UWSOM. The event was a fun way for students to review material for USMLE Step 1. About forty students attended and had great time while getting ready for the exam!

Osler Club members Russell Berg, Barbara Rosen and Qian Zhang attended the ACP Summer Picnic this August at Magnuson Park in Seattle, where they enjoyed delicious food and got to know Washington internists. Russ & Barb even won a fully-stocked picnic basket in the raffle! (see pic above)

Heading into the Autumn quarter, Osler Club will be starting a mentorship program connecting medical students with local interns. If you are interested in becoming a preceptor for an enthusiastic medical student interested in a career in internal medicine, please contact Angie Wick at the UW Department of Medicine at

Stay tuned for more events this year from the UWSOM Osler Club. We look forward to hosting many activities highlighting careers in internal medicine!
Call for Mentors

by Doug Paauw MD, MACP, Medical Student Liaison and Yvonne Horner, UW Medicine Student Programs

We are currently looking for physicians in the community who are interested in participating as Medicine preceptors. The requirement to fulfill a Medicine preceptorship, is 32 hours of clinical observation (shadowing) during the 12 week academic calendar.  The 32 hours is generally scheduled in 4 hour sessions one day per week for 8 weeks to provide continuity within one clinic/service and to allow students the opportunity to observe different specialties for future career making decisions. However, the ultimate schedule is determined by the preceptor and student based on mutual availability, as long as the 32 hours are completed within the academic quarter. Depending on the skill level of the student, comfort of preceptor, and policies of the clinic, hands on training may be a part of the preceptorship experience. For more information, please refer to, or email Yvonne Horner,
Women in Medicine News
by Cathrine Wheeler, Co-Chair WIM Organizing Committee

Pictured: In front is Peggy Jo Eaton MD and others enjoying the picnic goodies

The sun made an appearance at the annual ACP Summer Picnic sponsored by the Women-in-Medicine interest group. Physicians at all levels of their careers (from medical students to retired physicians) and their families mingled over lemonade, potluck dishes, and hot pulled pork sandwiches. The children enjoyed collecting the spoils from a piņata, and a brave father and daughter went for a swim in the chilly lake. We hope to continue and expand the picnic in years to come.

Save the date for the next Women in Medicine "Dim Sum Around the Sound" event, scheduled for Saturday October 6 at 10:00 a.m. at Top Gun Seafood Restaurant located at 12450 SE 38th St, Bellevue next to Factoria Mall, behind Factoria Cinema.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP Kemi at

A little farther on the horizon, WIM will once again organize a no-host dinner on the evening of November 2 in conjunction with the annual Washington Chapter ACP Meeting. This will be an opportunity for women from across the state to connect with their fellow ACP colleagues. The restaurant location will be within walking distance of the conference center. More details to come.
SAVE THE DATE! Spokane Society of Internal Medicine's 64th Annual Meeting
by Matt Hollon MD, MPH, FACP

Again this year our Washington State ACP chapter returns as the lead sponsor for the Spokane Society of Internal Medicine's (SSIM) annual scientific meeting.  In continuing as lead sponsor of the SSIM meeting the Washington Chapter of ACP will have an ongoing presence for members and internists across our state from the renowned annual chapter meeting in November in Seattle to the SSIM meeting in Spokane in February - and, ACP members can take advantage of discounted registration to the SSIM meeting.

The 64th annual Update in Internal Medicine will be held at the Spokane Convention Center on February 22, 2013.  Mark your calendars!

This year's meeting features internationally renowned back pain expert, Dr. Richard Deyo, as well as medical humanities leader, Dr. Robert A. Schwab.  Other topics include updates in rheumatology, palliative care, and drug therapy, focused sessions on COPD, GERD, and anemia, and a host of other topics.  For further details of the meeting and updates please see the SSIM website

If attending the SSIM meeting don't miss the SSIM-ACP kickoff event on Thursday evening.  We will provide an update on ACP activities regionally and nationally and offer a short session on advancing to fellowship in the College prior to hearing an entertaining talk from Dr. Schwab.

All in all, the SSIM meeting will be an amazing opportunity for both hospital-based and office-based internists, as well as other specialists and primary care providers to hear updates on a broad range of areas relevant to the care of the adult patient.  As this year's meeting will be held on Friday only, for those traveling to Spokane, consider making an extended weekend out of it by visiting one of the five major ski areas (Schweitzer Mt., Silver Mt., 490 North, Mt. Spokane, Lookout Pass) within a 2 hour drive from downtown Spokane.
Hospitalist Medicine Interest Group
by Sandeep Sachdeva MD

The Washington chapter of ACP is exploring avenues for better serving the needs of internal medicine providers who are exclusively providing care in the hospital setting or practicing what is now referred to as Hospital Medicine (HM) and its practitioners popularly referred to as Hospitalists. To this end, we would welcome suggestions from HM physicians on how best to meet their needs particularly with respect to networking with other colleagues, continuing education and enhancing collaboration with the aim of improving care transitions. The Washington State ACP chapter has had preliminary discussions with the leadership of the PNW chapter of Society of Hospital Medicine and both chapters are looking forward to developing a relationship to address common goals.  Please contact Dr Sandeep Sachdeva, MD at for further information or suggestions.
Vaccine Advisory Committee News
by Justin R. Ortiz MD, Vaccine Advisory Committee

Update from the Washington State Department of Health Vaccine Advisory Committee, August 31, 2012

The Washington State Department of Health Vaccine Advisory Committee has focused on issues of interest to internal medicine physicians. First, the department received a two year, $1.76 million Affordable Care Act immunization grant to improve adult immunization services.  The grant will allow the department to decrease racial and ethnic disparities in immunization coverage.  There are five projects targeting adults for vaccination with this grant.  They include working with pharmacies to improve vaccine access, targeting child care workers and working within the state employee health plan, strengthening education and training in community and migrant health centers, improving healthcare worker vaccination rates, and improving hepatitis B vaccination rates among high risk groups.  For more information about this activity, go to the Washington State Department of Health Immunizations webpage.

Next, in July 2012, Washington State Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authors reported on the state and national outbreak of pertussis in the Morbidity and Mortality Monthly Report.  While most severe morbidity of pertussis is seen among young children, adults play a substantial role in disease transmission.  At the time of the publication, there had been 3,014 reported cases throughout the state, considerably higher than the 219 cases reported in the same period last year and the highest number of cases reported since the 1940s.  In a July letter to healthcare providers, the department notes that there are many things that internists can do to control this outbreak:

*    Make this personal: remind your family, your friends, and your staff that we're in the middle of an epidemic, and that everyone should protect themselves by being vaccinated.
*    Offer the pertussis vaccine to everyone who lives with or cares for an infant-women are now recommended to get a single dose of Tdap vaccine while pregnant (after 20 weeks gestation). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed Guidelines for Vaccinating Pregnant Women.
*    Recall patients who need a Tdap shot. Adults should receive a single booster of Tdap between the ages of 19 - 64 years. Additionally, for adults 65 years and older who anticipate close contact with infants aged less than 12 months, a single dose of Tdap is also recommended.   
*    Test and treat suspected pertussis cases-refer to the updated Pertussis Guideline.
Choosing Wisely Campaign

The ABIM Foundation in cooperation with nine specialty societies including the ACP has developed the "Choosing Wisely" campaign. This has resulted in each of the nine specialty societies creating a 'Top 5' list. These lists include the top five things in each of these specialty areas that physicians and patients should question. This is a list all primary care physicians should familiarize themselves with. The list is on the ABIM Foundation website and can be accessed at here. ACP has also developed a free online curriculum to teach residents and medical students about high value cost conscious care-see below.

Our chapter will continue to work with the residency programs to highlight the opportunities to improve our efforts to control health care spending.
Important News from National ACP

Call for spring 2013 Board of Governors resolutions
The deadline for submitting new resolutions to be heard at the spring 2013 Board of Governors meeting is Nov 20, 2012. Initiating a resolution provides ACP members an opportunity to focus attention at the ACP national level on a particular issue or topic that concerns them. When drafting a resolution, don't forget to consider how well it fits within ACP's Mission and Goals. In addition, be sure to use the College's Strategic Plan to guide you when proposing a resolution topic. Members must submit resolutions to their Governor and/or chapter council. A resolution becomes a resolution of the chapter once the chapter council approves it.

In accordance with the ACP Board of Governors Resolutions Process, resolutions should clearly distinguish the action requested within a resolved clause(s) as either a policy resolve ("Resolved that ACP policy...") or a directive, which requests action/study on an issue ("Resolved that the Board of Regents..."). If more than one action is proposed, each should have its own resolved clause. Please contact your Governor if you have any questions regarding the resolution format.

The Board of Governors votes on new resolutions, which are then presented to the Board of Regents for action. Members are encouraged to use the Electronic Resolutions System (ERS) to research the status of past resolutions before proposing a new resolution. Visit your chapter website and link to the ERS under the "Advocacy" heading.

Applications being accepted for 2013 ACP Health Policy Internship Program
ACP is accepting applications for the College's Health Policy Internship for Associate and Medical Student Members. This Internship represents a unique opportunity for one Associate and one Medical Student Member to develop legislative knowledge and advocacy skills by working directly with the College's Washington, D.C., staff and participating in ACP's annual Leadership Day. The internship will last for 4 weeks starting April 29, 2013.

The deadline for applications is October 22, 2012. More information.

Curriculum for Residents: Providing High Value, Cost-Conscious Care
In 2010, the Institute of Medicine reported that approximately 30% of healthcare costs (more than $750 billion annually) is spent on wasted care, care that is potentially avoidable and would not negatively affect the quality of care if eliminated.

To bend that cost curve, we believe there is an opportunity to shape the habits of future physicians during their medical education experience.

To assist you and your faculty in that goal, we have developed ten interactive one hour sessions based on actual patients and their hospital bills. For each of the modules, residents will be directed to use a five-step framework to help practice habits of high value, cost-conscious care. Each session includes both a powerpoint presentation and a facilitator's guide that you can use to prepare for the session.The modules were designed for flexibility so they could be easily incorporated into the existing conference structure of a residency program - morning report, noon conference, academic half day, or pre-clinic conference.

Some of the important topics covered are:
*    High Value Medication Prescribing
*    Barriers to High Value Care
*    The Basics of Health Insurance
*    Balancing Benefits With Harms and Costs
*    How To Do a Local High Value Quality Improvement Activity
For more information and a complete list of modules and authors read the curriculum overview.
Welcome New Members

We are pleased to welcome the following new members since May 2012:

Ngozi J Achebe
Tyler J Albert, MD
Robin J Atkinson, DO
Ethan Babcock, MD
Daniel John Cabrera, MD
Ishmael D Ching, MD
Anita Chopra
Matthew B Crowell, DO
Matthew Robert Crull, MD
Erin-Siobhain R Currin, MD
Christopher R Dale, MD
Ajai A Dandekar, MD PhD
Reena Eshwar, MBBS
Margaret D Eugenio, MD
Bradley K Fankhauser, MD
Anna L Golob, MD
Daniel T Graesser, MD
Solomon Graf, MD
Scott V Greenspahn, MD
Angela J Hanson, MD
Ketan Arun Kale, MBBS
Harpreet Kaur, MD
Laura Elizabeth Keeter, MD
Patrick Kneeland
Michael F Krug, MD
John M Lacy, MD
Lisa Yang-Li Leung, MD
Stephen A Lopez, MD
Deepthi Mani, MBBS
Anne C Melzer, MD
Jaime Moo-Young, MD
Nicholas Y Moy, MD
Radhika R Narla, MD
Maryann K Overland, MD
Christine O Palermo, MD
Prasanth Prabhakaran, MD
Justin A Schram, MD
Ripudaman Singh, MD
Sean M Snyder, MD
Divya U Soman, MD
Anny Soon, MD
Maryam Tariq, MD
Jeffrey C Thompson, MD
Susan O Tiu, MD
Jun Wei-Behr, MD
Kelly L Wentworth, MD
Lili Yao, MD
Briana L Zachary, MD
Congratulations New Fellows

We are pleased to announce the new Fellows in Washington Chapter since May 2012:

Mark W Beiter DO, FACP
Carolyn K Day MD, FACP
David M Kauff MD, FACP
David A Knopfler MD, FACP
Gwendolyn B O'Keefe MD, FACP
Stanford L Peng MD, FACP
Sundance L Rogers MD, FACP
Prakash Vishnu MBBS, FACP
Lorrin K Yee MD, FACP
2012 Calendar of Events

Sept 20-22 Board of Governors Meeting, Vancouver BC
Oct 6           WIM "Dim Sum Around the Sound," Bellevue
Oct 13         WSMA Interspecialty Advocacy Council, SeaTac
Oct 20         Physician contracts- Early career phys. Lunch Meeting, Tacoma
Oct 22         DEADLINE: Advocacy Fellowship for Students/Associates
Oct 24         DEADLINE: Vote for 2012 Governor-elect
Nov 1          MOC  Modules - Inpatient/Outpatient Programs, Seattle
Nov 1          Precourses-Sports/Musculoskeletal Med & Hospital Med,Seattle
Nov 1          Executive Council Meeting, Seattle
Nov 2          WIM Dinner, Seattle
Nov 2 & 3   WA-ACP 2012 Scientific Meeting, Seattle
Nov 20        DEADLINE: Spring BOG Resolutions
Dec 8          WSMA Interspecialty Advocacy Council
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