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Member Accomplishments

New Master

Congratulations to Harry J. Acquatella, MD MACP who has been awarded a Master of the College. To be considered for Mastership, the candidate must have made a notable contribution to medicine. This includes but is not limited to teaching, outstanding work in clinical medicine (research or practice), contributions to preventive medicine, improvements in the delivery of health care, or contributions to medical literature. He will be presented with this honor at the Convocation Ceremony during Internal Medicine 2016 in Washington.

Congratulations to our new Venuzuela Fellows!

We are pleased to announce the following new Fellow in the Venezuela Chapter in the last six months.

Please click here for the complete list.

Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

The Venezuelan Chapter would like to thank the following members for recruiting their colleagues as part of ACP's new Recruit-a-Colleague program:

  • Edgar J Franchi, MD FACP
  • Aquiles R Salas, MD FACP
  • Carlos Tarazona, MD FACP
  • Maria A Vargas Guerrero, MD FACP

If you have any current news to share about yourself or a colleague that we can celebrate, please email it to Eva Essenfeld de Sekler, MD, FACP and specify that it is for the Member Accomplishments section of the Chapter Web site.

Page updated: 06/18/15

Contact Information

Aquiles R. Salas, MD, FACP
Governor, Venezuela Chapter

Susana Teruel
Venezuela Chapter Executive Director
Prolong Calle Sucre
Edif. Rias Bajas, No. 9D
Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela
Phone: (58) 212-261-6076