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If there are medical sites you find very useful and think that others might as well, please let us know. You can send your suggestions to Dr. Salas, MD, FACP at aquilessalas@hotmail.com or Susana Teruel terorto@gmail.com.

Educational Resources

Helpful Resources and Links
DynaMed Plus
Physician & Practice Timeline
Practice Advisor
Practice Management Center
Medline Plus
Doctors for Adults
International Medical Graduates
International Society of Internal Medicine

Health Resources
ACP Internal Medicine Report

Practice Aids
Medical Laboratory Evaluation - Proficiency Testing Program and an Essential Tool for Quality Assessment (QA)
ACP Clinical Practice Guidelines - Cover many areas of internal medicine, such as screening for cancer or other major diseases, diagnosis, treatment, and medical technology.
Center for Ethics and Professionalism - The Center for Ethics and Professionalism is your resource on current issues in medical ethics and professionalism at the bedside, in research, and in medical education.
Web Sites for Internists - The ACP is working to expand the utility of the Web in your daily practice. For a review of current selected areas of the Web, check out Web Sites for Internists a database of selected sites of medical resources.
Patient Education Tools - An array of patient education tools are available for free to ACP members who wish to educate their patients and communities.

Page Updated: 2/8/2016

Contact Information

Aquiles R. Salas, MD, FACP
Governor, Venezuela Chapter

Susana Teruel
Venezuela Chapter Executive Director
Prolong Calle Sucre
Edif. Rias Bajas, No. 9D
Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela
Phone: (58) 212-261-6076