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June 2013 William N. Hannah, Jr, MC USAF, FACP, Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Hannah

Greetings from San Antonio!

This is my first newsletter as the new Governor of the USAF Chapter, and it is my honor and privilege to serve in this capacity. Having reviewed the chapter in depth during the ACP meeting in San Francisco, I can attest to the remarkable contributions of Rechell Rodriguez. As Governor, Rechell restored our chapter to prominence while also putting us back on track from a fiscal perspective. If you have the opportunity, please express your gratitude to Rechell for all she has done for our chapter.

As of this writing, I am asking each of you to consider volunteering to serve our chapter in any capacity. While we currently have many exceptional and dedicated individuals on our Governor’s Council, we are in need of many new committee chairs as many of our colleagues move on to other opportunities or separate from the military entirely. If you have any interest in serving on the Council, please let me know.

As you know, we are in challenging times with significant restrictions on conference attendance and ongoing uncertainties have limited our ability to host a chapter meeting in 2013. I am strongly urging all of our members to seek out other ACP chapter meetings within your state or region. In San Antonio, we plan to partner with the Texas Chapter in an effort to enhance the involvement of all our members, but especially our associate members.

We are still working on hosting a virtual associate’s competition for case reports and research presentations. In addition, we plan to host a virtual Doctor’s Dilemma™ so that we can choose our representatives to the national meeting – stay tuned for more information on these opportunities.

I am honored to serve as your Governor, and with your help, I look forward to growing and strengthening our chapter over the next few years.

Grant Gallimore, Andrew Maley, and Derek Smith represent the USAF Chapter in the Doctor’s Dilemma™ Contest


Rechell Rodriguez (USAF Governor) and Bo Hannah (Governor-elect) march in the ACP Convocation with Bridget Fiechtner (Fellow)

Congratulations to New Fellows

Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

The USAF Chapter recognizes and congratulates the following physicians who were elected to Fellowship in the College in the past 6months:
COL John Jeffrey DeGoes, MC USAF, FACP
MAJ Melissa M King, MC, USAF, FACP
MAJ Vidhya Prakash, MC, USAF, FACP
MAJ Ian J Stewart, MC, USAF, FACP

For anyone interested in applying for ACP Fellowship, please contact me at: williamhannahjr@gmail.com


Congratulations to New Members

We are proud to welcome the following members who have joined the Chapter during the past 6 months:

Liza Marie A Bautista, MD
Emmanuel Cruz
MAJ James D Howell, MC, USAF
David H Kovaleski, MD
CAPT Anjeli K Nayar, MC, USAF
CAPT Robin Ober, DO
Alvaro Andres Puig Rodriguez, MD
Michael J Statton, MD


2013 Internal Medicine Abstract Presenters

We were honored to have several chapter members represent our chapter for the Associate and Medical Student Abstract Competition held during Internal Medicine 2013 in San Francisco.

John Gillis
Anthony Sidari
Faith Murray
Henry (Sam) Scheuller
Lavanya Viswanathan
Jason Edwards
Matthew Koroscil

Matthew Koroscil presents his poster on Lemierre Syndrome

Lavanya Viswanathan presents her poster on a rare form of iron deficiency anemia


Internal Medicine Podcasts

Podcasting has become a popular media to disseminate information and educational material. In conjunction with SAUSHEC Internal Medicine, you can enjoy brief but timely podcasts on core internal medicine topics in an interview format with a subject matter expert. Podcasts are updated on a weekly basis.

To enjoy these internal medicine podcasts, go to: http://impodcasts.libsyn.com/webpage

You can also download the podcasts in iTunes or any other podcast aggregator by using the RSS feed: http://impodcasts.libsyn.com/rss


Council of Resident/Fellow Members - Update

This spring’s national meeting was in San Francisco, CA, which started the new term within the ACP leadership. Congratulations to our new Air Force ACP Chapter governor, Dr. William Hannah, Jr., FACP. The chapter is in very capable hands and continued efforts will be made to increase resident involvement in key ACP issues facing internal medicine. Thank you to the outgoing USAF governor, Dr. Rechell Rodriguez, who was and continues to be a strong advocate for resident and medical student involvement in ACP and internal medicine as a whole.

Thank you, as well, to Dr. Brent Lacey, who ably served as our outgoing Council of Resident/Fellow Members (formerly known as the Council of Associates) Military Representative. He served 2 years on the council and can be best remembered for his lively moderation of Doctor’s Dilemma™ at national ACP. He is currently pursuing a gastroenterology fellowship in San Diego, and we wish him all the best in his career.

It is my distinct privilege to take over as the new Military Representative. The CRFM is comprised of 14 members, representing residents and fellows in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. I urge my fellow trainees to sign up for Associate membership and enjoy the valuable resources made available by the ACP.

I am proud of the notable accomplishments our Air Force residents have made in the past few months. SAUSHEC residents Faith Murray, Sam Scheuller, Anthony Sidari, and myself, as well as WPAFB resident Matthew Koroscil, Jason Edwards, and John Gillis were selected to participate in the national ACP poster competition. Drs. Andrew Maley, Grant Gallimore, and Derek Smith competed in the national Doctor’s Dilemma™ competition. Several SAUSHEC residents attended the STACP meeting in Temple, TX. David Lindholm won 1st place in the QI category, Faith Murray won 1st place in the research category, and Daniel Simmons won 2nd place in the clinical vignette category.

I recently attended ACP’s annual Leadership Day in Washington, DC, where state ACP delegations speak with congress to further the cause of primary care. I enjoyed meeting with members of Congress from the state of Texas and was pleasantly surprised to hear their concern for the increased need for primary care in Texas and answered their questions about what providers need from our congressional representatives in order to meet these growing challenges. Though I did not speak on behalf of the Air Force, I spoke on behalf of my fellow residents and highlighted the need for more GME funding for residency programs to increase number of graduating residents and to support our education. I highly encourage any residents who feel strongly about these issues to apply for Leadership Day grants to attend the meeting.

Stay tuned for upcoming Air Force Chapter events, to include a keystone event for Associate members later this year!

Lavanya Viswanathan
Military Representative, Council of Resident/Fellow Members, ACP
Chair, Early Career Physicians, Air Force Chapter


Strengthen Our Chapter: Participate in ACP’s Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program!

The American College of Physicians and the USAF Chapter encourages all members to help strengthen our chapter by recommending ACP membership to colleagues. By joining the College, your colleagues will enrich their clinical knowledge and skills and have access to all of the ACP member benefits that you enjoy.

To thank you for your dedication to our organization, ACP offers incentives to members and their chapters that recruit new members through the Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter (RACC) Rewards Program.

As with the national Recruit-a-Colleague Program, the RACC Program rewards successful individual recruiters with dues credits for each new full Member or Physician Affiliate member recruited and a chance to win a trip to the annual internal medicine meeting. In addition, the RACC Program also provides rewards to the recruiters’ chapters, including funding for chapter activities and complimentary registrations to the annual internal medicine meeting.

The Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program runs annually from April 1 through March 15. To participate, simply forward to your colleagues a membership application found at www.acponline.org/racc. To qualify for the program, your name must be listed on the recruiter line of the application, and the form must include the code RACC.

Thank you for your help in strengthening our chapter!


High Value Care

ACP's High Value Care initiative is a comprehensive program that connects two important priorities - helping our physicians provide the best possible care to their patients while reducing unnecessary costs to the health care system.

We have developed clinical recommendations, physician resources, and curriculum for internal medicine residents and public policy recommendations around this initiative. We have also collaborated with Consumer Reports to develop resources to help patients understand the benefits, harms, and costs of tests and treatments for common clinical issues. The resources will be derived from ACP’s evidence-based clinical practice recommendations published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Learn More


Join ACP’s Special Interest Groups!

ACP’s Special Interest Groups – an online forum for members only – provide members with a place to engage in discussions, share ideas, and support one another professionally and personally.

Participate by joining as many groups as you'd like, then connect with ACP members from all over the world with similar interests. Groups include:

African American Members | ACOs/New Practice Models | Caring for Adults with Developmental Disability | Clinical Problem-Solving | Clinical Research | Emerging Technologies | High Value Care | Hospital Medicine | LGBT Health | Maintenance of Certification | MKSAP | Physician Educators | Small Practices | Volunteerism | Women in Medicine | Work/Life Balance | Working Abroad

Join today at www.acponline.org/sigs.

Interested in a topic not listed? Contact ACP at mbrdev@acponline.org to ask about forming a new group.