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October 2011 Kenneth E. Olive, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Olive

It is difficult to believe that nearly four years have passed since you honored me by selecting me to serve as Governor of the Tennessee Chapter! It is now time to choose a new governor-elect. The purpose of this newsletter is primarily to introduce you to the candidates. The nominating committee (comprised of Steve Miller, MACP, Mack Land, MACP, Fred Ralston MACP, and Gena Kluwe, FACP) identified two excellent candidates from a list of ten nominees. I have known both of these internists for many years and can attest that either would be an excellent choice. Both are outstanding physicians who are committed to our organization and chapter and have held significant leadership positions.

For this issue of the Governor’s Newsletter, I have asked Richard Lane, FACP and Ryan Mire, FACP to introduce themselves by providing some information and sharing some of their thoughts with you. You will also have a chance to interact with them personally at the chapter meeting October 14-16, 2011 at the Nashville Airport Marriott.

Governors-elect begin their one year term at the conclusion of Internal Medicine 2012. This one year period involves a formal transition process to insure that the Governor-elect will be prepared to assume their responsibilities as Governor the following year. During this period of time they will participate as nonvoting members of the Board of Governors. Following the one year term as Governor-elect they begin the four year term as Governor at the conclusion of Internal Medicine 2013. They will be part of the College’s Governor Class of 2017.

Selecting a new Governor-elect is an important decision. I encourage you to learn about Drs. Lane and Mire. I want to thank them for their willingness to serve as Governor. During their term of office they will be donating 5-10 hours per week of their time. Cumulatively, over the term of office, this will represent about 30 weeks of time contributed. Their compensation will be the opportunity to interact with the wonderful women and men who comprise our chapter, the satisfaction of participating in the direction of the American College of Physicians, and spending time with colleagues from across the nation in interesting locations at least twice per year.


Richard G. Lane, MD, FACP

Dr. Lane

Curriculum Vitae

Medical School:
University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN

Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN Internal Medicine Residency
Chief Resident, Internal Medicine

Board Certification:
ABIM – initial certification 1977; recertified in 1987

Current Practice Setting:
Fulltime Medical Practice with Vanderbilt Medical Group -Williamson

Clinical instructor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Medical Staff Leadership:
Williamson Medical Center,
Active Medical Staff since 1977
Chairman of Internal Medicine Department from 1984-2010
Lifetime Achievement Award 2009
National Healthcare Corporation, Medical Director since 1979
NHC Place in Cool Springs (Franklin, TN) Senior Medical Advisor
American General Life & Accident (Nashville, TN) Medical Director since 1997

Community/Volunteer activity:
Franklin Noon Rotary, Member since 1992 and a Paul Harris fellow
Member of AMA, TMA, and Williamson County Medical Society since 1977

TMA Past Chairman Board of Trustees (2006-2007),
current delegate to TMA
Strategic Plan Oversight Committee

American Medical Directors Association
Public Policy Committee from 2008-2011
ad hoc committee on Transition of Care

Tennessee Association of Long Term Care Physicians,
Executive committee member

Tennessee Geriatrics Society
Executive committee member

ACP Involvement:
Member ACP and TN Chapter since 1978
Member ASIM and TN Chapter since 1978
TSIM President 1994-1996
Co-chaired the TN ACP Program Committee in the early ‘90s
Chairman TN ACP Health and Public Policy Committee 2001-2008
Member of TN ACP Executive Council since late ‘90’s
FACP since 2010
Nomination Committee since 2004
Laureate Award 2006

Family: Wife of 36 years - Susan who is an RN
Children :
Emily - speech therapist and mother to my grandchildren Jack age 4 and Hannah Frances age 2.5
Molly - fitness trainer
Both are married and out of the house, most of the time.

Why ACP is important to you:
I have been a firm believer in the power of organized medicine, probably a hangover of my chief resident days. It is apparent to me that the time consumption of day to day practice makes it impossible to keep track of what one needs to stay current in his field of medical interest and who is trying to regulate how you practice it. The only reasonble way to do this is to be an active member of an organization that has your interests as their priority. This is not to say that their priorities are always congruent with one's own e.g your hospital medical staff, your county medical society/TMA/AMA or even at times ACP. Nonetheless having had leadership positions in all, I can tell you ACP is the best fit for a practicing Internist. You name it; educational venues, practice management answers, advocacy for your patients and your practice, it is all there. The question isn't why should you be a member, the question is why aren't your fellow Internists members. Compared to the benefits, the cost of membership is a bargain. I have been a member since Gerald Plitman, MD took me as a resident to an ACP meeting in Jackson, TN in 1975 and have never regretted staying a member. I know I have gotten more out than I have put in but am willing to improve on that given the opportunity to serve as Governor.

Vision for Tennessee Chapter:
What concerns me as a practicing primary care Internist is the increasing barriers to actual face to face time physicians have to spend with their patients. My vision as a state Governor would be to serve as the conduit between the Tennessee Chapter and ACP to provide our input on issues such as health reform and its downstream consequences to the practicing physician; federal reimbursement issues; EMRs with their inability to communicate with each other much less fulfill the current “meaningful use” criteria; and needless physician time wasted dealing with third party payers to obtain diagnostic studies or necessary medications expeditiously. Since Governor is a two directional conduit, my vision also includes sharing and implementing ideas on patient centered care including transitions of care issues via the medical home concept, on evidence- based guidelines to reduce medical liability, and on ACP resources to assist physicians with upcoming mandates such as ACOs and ICD-10.


Ryan D. Mire, MD, FACP

Dr. Mire

Curriculum Vitae

Medical School:
University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University
Chief Resident, Internal Medicine

Board Certification:
ABIM - initial certification 2001; recertification 2011

Current Practice Setting:
Heritage Medical Associates located in Nashville, TN. Large, multi-specialty private practice with a diverse patient demographic.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 2003 - 2009

Medical Staff Leadership:
St. Thomas Hospital, Clinical Assessment Committee 2005 – 2010
Heritage Medical Associates, Executive Committee 2005 – 2010
Heritage Medical Associates, President 2008 - 2009

Community/Volunteer activity:
Lectures at various local churches on medical topics

ACP Involvement:
National Associates Poster Winner Annual Session 1999;
Virginia Chapter Associates Council, 1999 - 2000;
Attended the annual Internal Medicine meetings 2003 - 2011;
Elected to Fellowship in 2006;
National Council of Young Physicians 2007 - 2011;
Editor of the 8th edition Young Physician Practice Management Survival Guide, 2007;
Annual IM meeting session faculty: moderator and panelist Internal Medicine 2008, moderator
Internal Medicine 2010;
Awarded the first Leadership Enhancement and Development certificate in 2009;
Chair of National Council of Young Physicians 2010 - 2011.
Served on the following national committees: Marketing and Communications 2008 - 2009,
Strategic Planning 2009 - 2010, Board of Governors (ex officio) 2009 - 2010, Board of Regents (ex officio) 2010 - 2011.

Chapter scientific planning committee 2006 - 2010;
Chapter Leadership Day on Capitol Hill delegate 2007 - 2008, 2010 - 2011;
Program Chair for annual chapter scientific meeting 2008;
Inaugural Chair of Tennessee Chapter Council of Young Physicians 2008 - 2009.

Married with 2 daughters and 1 son

Why ACP is important to you:
ACP has been a positive influence on me since my days as an Associate, when I presented an abstract for a state competition. ACP has provided me an opportunity for professional growth and leadership opportunities in an organization that advocates for what I do on a daily basis - practicing medicine and caring for patients. Moreover, being a member of the College has afforded me valuable resources in non-clinical aspects of my profession; such as healthcare reform, recertification, mentorship, and advocacy.

Vision for Tennessee Chapter:
I am honored to be a candidate for this position and embrace the opportunity to serve the Tennessee chapter during this evolving time of health care delivery and reform. There are many issues that are being addressed by ACP nationally that the chapter will continue to support and advocate for from the local level (i.e., accountable care organization structure, SGR fix and payment reform, patient-centered medical home, etc.). The priority areas for this chapter in which I would like to devote my time and efforts include: revitalizing the field of internal medicine through student and residency programming, addressing membership retention with the growth of hospitalists, enhancing clinical excellence though professionalism, and increasing chapter participation in advocacy efforts for legislative issues. I commit to work with integrity, seek out the issues that concern the members, disseminate information from the national ACP office, and help make the ACP Tennessee Chapter the professional home for all internists.


Call for Internists to Serve as Spokespersons

The American College of Physicians Public Relations Department interacts regularly with the news media about a variety of topics related to internal medicine. The College is seeking internists in the following clinical areas to serve as expert spokespersons for interview requests to help generate awareness about internal medicine and ACP:

Critical Care
Hospital Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Pulmonary Medicine

For ACP policies and general internal medicine issues, ACP’s President serves as the official spokesperson for the College. However, ACP also receives requests focusing on specific clinical topics where additional expertise is warranted. ACP’s ability to help reporters find physician experts for their stories will help the College raise awareness about ACP and internal medicine.

To submit your name or for more information, please contact Steve Majewski, Senior Public Relations Associate, with your name, e-mail address, and phone number.


Membership Summary

as of September 21, 2011

Masters 15
Fellows 499
Members 1042
Associates 264
Medical Student Members 319
Total 2139


Become a Key Contact

ACP's continued success on Capitol Hill greatly depends upon year-round grassroots support from the College's over 5,000 Key Contacts. Key Contacts communicate with their members of Congress on issues of importance to medical students, internists and their patients, and report the results back to ACP.

To enroll as a Key Contact, ACP members are not required to have existing relationships with their members of Congress. ACP gives them the tools necessary to develop and maintain relationships. The program is open to all membership categories.

It is easy to become a Key Contact and receive email notification of important legislation issues by going here.


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We would like to recognize the accomplishments of our members on the web site. Please send us information about awards, recognitions, and professional accomplishments so your peers can share your successes.


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Governor, Tennessee Chapter

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