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2014 SD Awardees

Historical List of Chapter Awardees

Teacher of the Year Award

2011 Rodney Parry, MD, FACP
2012 Eric Larson, MD, FACP
2013 David R Rossing, MD, FACP
2014 Jitendra R. Thakkar, MD, FACP
2015 Jerel E Tieszen MD, FACP

Neubauer Award

2015 Robert L Allison MD, FACP

Volunteerism (Humanitarian) Award

2004 Jerome Freeman, MD, FACP
2009 LuAnn M. Eidsness, MD, FACP (Humanitarian)
2010 Richard P. Holm, MD, FACP (Volunteerism & Community Service)
2010 James M. Barker, MD, FACP (Volunteerism & Community Service)
2011 Ashok Kumar, MD, MBBS, FACP (Humanitarian)
2012 Annette Bosworth, MD (Volunteerism & Community Service)
2013 Michael R McVay, MD (Volunteerism & Community Service)

Early Career Physician of the Year Award

2006 Robert Allison, MD, FACP
2006 Matt Bien, MD, FACP
2007 Travis Henderson
2007 Cathy Leadabrand
2008 Aman Khurana, MD
2008 Eric Larson, MD, FACP
2009 Suneet Verma, MBBS, FACP
2010 Eric M Murunga, MBChB, FACP
2011 Kelly Stacy MD, FACP
2012 Jeremy Cauwels, MD, FACP
2013 Michael P. Pietila, MD
2013 Randall B. Lamfers , MD
2014 Jennifer L. Hsu, MD
2015 Nate J Miller, MD

Laureate Awards

1985 Warren L. Jones, MD, FACP
1987 Theodore H. Sattler, MD, FACP
1988 William R. Taylor, MD, FACP
1989 Robert F. Thompson, MD, FACP
1990 Charley F. Gutch, MD, FACP
1990 Everett W. Sanderson, MD, FACP
1991 Reuben J. Bareis, MD, FACP
1993 Robert C. Talley, MD, FACP
1995 William O. Rossing, MD, FACP, Sioux Falls
1999 Donald W. Humphreys, MD, FACP, Sioux Falls
2000 John D. Barker, Jr., MD, FACP, Sioux Falls
2002 Philllip E. Hoffsten, MD, FACP, Pierre
2004 Benjamin J Henderson, DO, FACP, Mobridge
2005 Loren K Tschetter, MD FACP, Sioux Falls
2006 Brian T. Hurley, MD FACP, Sioux Falls
2007 David E. Sandvik, MD FACP, Rapid City
2009 Thoams M. Braithwaite, MD, FACP, Sioux Falls
2010 David L. Elson, MD, FACP, Sioux Falls
2012 Richard P. Holm, MD, FACP, Brookings
2014 LuAnn M. Eidsness, MD, FACP, Sioux Falls
2015 Ashok V Kumar, MBBS, FACP

Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Award

Established January 2003 to recognize "...Associate members of the College who have demonstrated qualities that exemplify the College's mission."

2006 Lisa L. Ellis, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Contact Information

South Dakota Chapter Governor:

Matt N Bien, MD, FACP

Kris Rahm
Executive Director
SD American College of Physicians
4904 S Sweetbriar Dr
Sioux Falls SD 57108
(605) 339-9804 - office
605) 321-1466 - cell
(605) 271-9227 - fax
Email: krisrahm@me.com

Laurie Braun
SD Chapter Administrative Assistant
E-mail: lauriejbraun@me.com