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Chapter Council

Thomas A. Bledsoe, MD, FACP -- Governor (2011-2015)

Banerjee, Rahul (BMS, 14), Chair, Medical Students and Internal Medicine Interest Group

Braun, Mark E. (MD, FACP)

Coleman, Reid W. (MD, FACP)

Corcoran, J. Russell (MD, FACP), Chair, Education Subcommittee

Curioso, Wilfredo (MD, FACP)

Damle, Nitin S. (MD, FACP)

Ejnes, Yul D. (MD, FACP), Chair, Health and Public Policy Subcommittee

Fagan, Mark J. (MD, FACP)

Galinko, Neal (MD, FACP)

Lau, Emily (BMS, 13), ACP Council of Student Members

Mathews, Donnah (MD, FACP)

McGarry, Kelly (MD, FACP)

McKenney, Paul F. (MD, FACP), Chair, Finance Subcommittee

Ott, Brian R. (MD, FACP)

Reznik, Thomas E. (MD, MPH), Chair, Associates Subcommittee

Rubenstein, Louis J. (MD, FACP), Chair, Hospitalist Subcommittee

Sanders, Harold (MD, FACP)

Schiffman, Fred J. (MD, FACP)

Schwager, Mark (MD, FACP)

Siedlecki, Diane (MD, FACP)

Silverblatt, Fredric J. (MD, FACP)

Summerhill, Eleanor (MD, FACC, FACP)

Tammaro, Dominick (MD, FACP)

Tong, Iris (MD, FACP), Chair, Membership Subcommittee

Warrier, Sarita (MD), Chair, Council of Young Physicians

Chapter Administrator, Rhode Island Chapter of ACP
Donna Goodnow
Email: dmgoodnow@gmail.com

Page updated: 2/23/12