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ACP Rhode Island Chapter 2014 Abstract Competition

Deadline for abstract submissions: Sat, March 1, 2014
WARNING: This form is programmed to reject all submission attempts after Midnight, Sat, March 1, 2014

This competition is limited to Resident/Fellow Members and Medical Students.

* (If you have applied for membership, have not yet received your ACP#, please enter 'pending'.)

Please type or copy your abstract in its place. Limit your submission to 450 words or less. Type single-spaced. For electronic submission, you do not need to stay within the borders. The abstract form does not accept graphs, charts, tables, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Copying and pasting your e-mail content from Microsoft Word may cause formatting problems. We recommend that you copy your abstract from a text file.

For questions concerning this abstract competition, please contact the RI Chapter executive director, Donna Goodnow, at DMGoodnow@gmail.com.

Page posted: Nov. 11, 2013