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July 2012 Francisco J. Muniz, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Governor's Newsletter

Dr. Muniz

Hello, These are the latest news at the Puerto Rico ACP Chapter:

  1. The P.R. ACP Chapter signed an agreement with AMEC (Advanced Medical Educational Consultants) at 161 San Jorge St., Suite 402, San Juan, P.R. 00911, for the chapter’s office administration and for meetings and fund raising management. The Chapter’s Advisory Council believes this agreement will help our chapter modernize and streamline its operations and provide a better service to our members.
  2. The Chapter’s Office management is run by Ms. Noriluz Martinez at 787-289-8989 / Fax 787-721-2574 and e-mail amecpr@gmail.com. Grants and Fundraising will be administered by AMEC’s President, Ms. Sandra Sotomayor at 787-548-0175 and e-mail amec@amec-pr.com. Meeting Planning and Logistics by Nicole Macfie at Ph. 787-289-8989 / Fax 787-721-2574 and email amec@amec-pr.com.
  3. Medical Student (MS) María L. Nieves Tirado, AMSA Co-President at the Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences, gently corrected my previous “candid” newsletter by reminding me that the Ponce School of Medicine already has a very active Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (IMSIG) of which she is an active member. The group is known for its speaker series, is presided by MS Noelia Aviles Otero and has been very active in the Primary Care Week. We stand corrected and happily congratulate MS Nieves Tirado for her interest and initiative and MS Aviles Otero and the IMSIG she presides, for its excellence. I hope to meet soon with both medical students and their group and with the rest of the Ponce ACP leadership.
  4. Doctors Milton Carrero, MD, FACP, Miguel Magraner, MD, FACP and Francisco Jaume, MD, FACP, Directors, respectively, of the IM Residency Programs at Mayaguez Medical Center, Hospital de Damas in Ponce and La Concepcion Hospital have become members of the PR ACP Chapter Advisory Council
  5. Dr. Jaume has accepted the Vice Presidency of the ACP Chapter Advisory Council.
  6. Dr. Doris Toro, Director, Internal Medicine Department and Dr. José Gutierrez Nuñez, IM Residency Program Director at the Caribbean VA Healthcare System have accepted, respectively, memberships at the Chapter’s Awards Committee and the Scientific Committee.
  7. In the next newsletter we will inform you about the new chapter committees that have been created and of our strategic planning to continue modernizing our chapter for the next generation of internists in our island.
  8. ACP website www.acponline.org informs us that the Annals of Internal Medicine has launched a new web site and the important changes regarding maintenance of licensure requirements.
Francisco J. Muñiz, MD, FACP

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Jose A. Lozada-Costas, MD, FACP,
Governor, Puerto Rico Chapter