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Member Accomplishments

If you have any current news to share about yourself or a colleague that we can celebrate, please e-mail it to John Derrickson. To read the accomplishments of members in your region, please select your region below.

Congratulations to the following chapter members who will receive their awards at Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 in Boston.

American College of Physicians Award for Outstanding Work in Science as Related to Medicine
This award is bestowed for outstanding work in science as related to medicine. Scientists of any country and in any field, whether non-clinical or clinical, biochemical, biological, physical, or social, shall be eligible for this award. A major consideration in selecting the awardee will be an outstanding contribution which has been nationally or internationally recognized made by the nominee.

Beatrice H. Hahn, MD, Wallingford, PA

Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Award
The award recognizes a Resident/Fellow member of the College who has demonstrated qualities that exemplify the College’s mission “to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine. Nominees may have outstanding achievements in any of a wide variety of areas, including leadership, medical practice, research, teaching, publications, advocacy, and/or volunteerism.

Mohan Ashok Kumar, MBBS, Danville, PA

New Masters
Masters shall be Fellows who have been selected because of “integrity, positions of honor, eminence in practice or in medical research, or other attainments in science or in the art of medicine.” Masters must be highly accomplished persons demonstrating eminence in practice, leadership, or in medical research. Evidence of their achievements can come from many types of endeavors such as notoriety within their field and/or ACP chapter, research, education, health care initiatives, volunteerism, and administrative positions. The Master must be distinguished by the excellence and significance of his or her contributions to the field of medicine.

Richard S. Eisenstaedt, MD, MACP, Abington
Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MACP, Pittsburgh
Ronald N. Rubin, MD, MACP, Philadelphia

Special congratulations to our chapter’s Young Achievers: The following will participate in Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 in the National Abstract Competition:

Meeta R Desai, MD, National Poster Finalist
Wuqiang Fan, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
Beth A Foreman, DO, National Poster Finalist
Sushil Ghimire, MBBS, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Sukrut Nanavaty, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
Erik W. O'Connell, DO, National Poster Finalist
Jennifer O'Loughlin, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Bonnie L. Patek, DO, National Poster Finalist
Paragkumar C Patel, MD, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
Ranjan Pathak, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
LT Jessica L. Schwartz, MC USN, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Supriya Sekhar, MD, National Poster Finalist
Sandhya Sharma, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
Pragya Shrestha, National Poster Finalist
Shelini R. Sooklal, MBBS, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Yin Wu, MD, National Poster Finalist
Abdul-Razaq Adeniyi, National Poster Finalist
Abhishek Agarwal, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
Anup K. Bhattacharya, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Fuad B. Bohsali, MD, National Poster Finalist
Wikrom Chaiwatcharayut, MD, National Poster Finalist
Tripti .R Chopade, MBBS, National Poster Finalist
Giffin W. Daughtridge, National Poster Finalist
Kenyetta Givans, National Poster Finalist
Jeydith Gutierrez Perez, MD, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Kristian D Holmes, MD, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Deepanshu Jain, MD, National Poster Finalist
Sharon Li, National Poster Finalist
Marvin Lu, MD, National Winner
Marc C. Maalouf, MD, National Poster Finalist
Vivek Mehta, MD, National Poster Finalist
Aasim Mohammed, MD, National Poster Finalist
Temitayo Odesanya, MD, National Poster Finalist
Soumya Patnaik, MD, National Poster Finalist
Loheetha Ragupathi, MD, National Winner
Shenthol Sasankan, MD, National Poster Finalist
Shivam Saxena, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Madeeha Shams, MD, National Poster Finalist
Amber L. Sobuto, DO, National Poster Finalist
Jonathan W Yadlosky, National Poster Finalist
Zhou Yu, MD, National Poster Finalist
Mahmoud S Abdelghany, MBChB, National Poster Finalist
Zohaib Akhtar, MD, National Poster Finalist
Krithika Krishnarao, DO, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Deepak Kumar Pasupula, MD, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Devalkumar J. Rajyaguru, MD, Chapter Winner Poster Finalist
Nawang Sherpa, DO, National Poster Finalist
Siting Zhao, PharmD, National Poster Finalist

The Pennsylvania Chapter recognizes and congratulates physicians who have been elected to Fellowship in the College in the past six months as well as welcomes their new members. Please view the list[PDF] and join us in celebrating with them!

Recruit a Colleague

The Pennsylvania Chapter would like to thank the following member for recruiting his colleagues as part of ACP's Recruit-a-Colleague program:

Adam J. Albert, MD
Elmer J. Holzinger, MD, MACP
Gregory C. Kane, MD, FACP
Leo J. Motter, MD
Nina Mingioni, MD, FACP
Seth M. Quartey, MD, FACP
Sunjeet Kaur, MBBS

Page updated: 04/06/15

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