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Resolutions for Discussion at the 2014 Fall Board of Governors Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Please review the ACP Fall 2014 Resolutions to be discussed during the ACP Board of Governors meeting in September. Resolutions regarding MOC reflect the intensity of our Oklahoma membership. A resolution regarding Access to care, the Affordable Care Act, and ACP involvement in every state addressing their uninsured is presented. Resolutions regarding medication pricing and co-payments are also to be discussed.

Please keep in mind the big picture. If we focus money and time on an issue, it comes at the expense of money and time from other issues. We must prioritize. ACP has a budget and limited resources in what they can manage. Having said all of this, if you think any issue is important and should be a high priority for a white paper and a ACP stance I need to hear from you.

Please take some time to look over these resolutions and examine how they will impact you and your fellow Oklahoma ACP Chapter membership. I look forward to your feedback. I truly study over these resolutions and value your emails, phone calls, and our face to face discussions. No vote is taken lightly.


James H. Baker, MD, FACP
Governor, ACP Oklahoma Chapter
Mobile: (918) 906-8715

Page updated: 08/05/14

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