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June 2011 Warren H. Evins, MD, PhD, FACP, Governor

Governor's Letter

This is my second Newsletter since I became Governor. Because of the ACP schedule, this is a communication primarily about the San Diego Spring 2011 Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting and its resolutions, the IM 2011 Annual Meeting, our new Fellows, the Convocation and hooding of new Nevada Fellows, the Summer 2011 ACP meeting in Chicago, the Nevada Chapter reception, and my plans for the next few months. There are also a lot of pictures.


Please Involve Yourself

As the Nevada Chapter Governor, I would like to encourage your participation in your local Chapter’s Committee and Council structure; volunteers are needed at all levels with time commitments varying from a minimal to a larger contribution as desired. Our Chapter needs members and Chairs or co-Chairs on the Councils for Hospitalists, Young Physicians, Associates (residents), Medical Students, and new Councils on Women and International Medical Graduates. Also needed are Key contacts with our state’s Congressional representatives for advocacy, involvement in the Recruit-a-Colleague for new members, and involvement in such Chapter committees as leadership, programs and planning, membership, fellowship, awards, resident and medical student poster competition, resolutions, finance, nominations, bylaws, and others.


Northern Nevada ACP District

While at the Spring BOG meeting, I met with Governors from various states to discuss how to better serve our members throughout the State. Except for California, which for legal reasons from their state’s Department of Corporations, every state is one Chapter. Larger states may have one Chapter divided into regions, each headed by its own Governor. For example, New York (the largest Chapter) has five regions: Long Island, Brooklyn-Queens -Staten Island, Manhattan-Bronx, Hudson Valley, and Upstate. California has four regions, but each is organized as a separate chapter. Pennsylvania has three regions; Florida, Illinois, and Texas have two regions.

But more interesting is how the New York Chapters further divide their Regions into Districts. Each District is headed by its own President, who functions under the aegis and guidance of the Governor of that Region. For example, the Manhattan-Bronx region is divided into four Districts: lower, central, and upper Manhattan and the Bronx. Long Island has two Districts, but the other Regions have three, four, or five Districts, I believe.

T. Brian Callister, MD, FHM, FACP
T. Brian Callister, MD, FHM, FACP

I have found this idea intriguing, and following discussions with some of our officers, Council chairs, and Governor’s Council members, I would like to try it here in Nevada. Brian Callister, MD, FHM, FACP, an outstanding Reno physician, has also bought into the idea and has agreed to become the Northern Nevada District President. Dr. Callister was previously the Chair of the Council of Hospitalists, but we will have to find another Chair. For those of you who don’t know Brian, he was the 2011 Nevada Chapter Awardee for Volunteerism and Community Service. He is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno, the national medical director for LifeCare Hospital Corporation of Plano, Texas (which just bought all of Health South’s Acute Long Term care hospitals in the US, including the Health South-Tenaya hospital in Las Vegas), and the current President of the Nevada State Medical Association, busily involved with the Nevada Legislature until the end of its session on June 6, 2011.

Please contact us if you have other ideas about how to make the Chapter work better, want to help especially with the new Northern Nevada ACP District, or have suggestions for me or Brian.


Volunteerism and Community Service

A fundamental tenet of ACP is Volunteerism and Community Service. The ACP Pledge, which each ACP member supports, states in part, I pledge: ...To extend my professional aid to the unfortunate. Candidates for advancement to Fellowship should provide evidence that they are providing voluntary medical care and working on community service projects related to medicine, or in a broader arena.

Las Vegas opened its first free Clinic for uninsured patients who don’t qualify for Medicaid or Clark County provided indigent medical services, Volunteers in Medicine for Southern Nevada (VMSN). In another article in this Newsletter, Florence Jameson, MD, FACOG, the founder and Chair of VMSN, and the President-Elect of the Nevada State Medical Association, writes about what VMSN is and how our members can assist VMSN.

Therefore in keeping with the ACP pledge, the ACP mission, and ACP’s guidelines for advancement to Fellowship, our Chapter has agreed to become a co-sponsor of VMSN in Las Vegas.


Medical Reserve Corps

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a community based Federal government sponsored (under the Surgeon General) volunteer organization where physicians can assist in times of special need or a disaster. There are functioning MRC units in Carson City, Las Vegas, and Reno that verify credentials, provide basic disaster training, and issue MRC ID cards to physicians. Unsolicited, unidentified, and un-credentialed physicians who want to help if a disaster occurs are underutilized or prevented from helping. Very little time is required to participate in the MRC, if no disaster strikes.

Paula Martel, the Nevada state MRC coordinator, has submitted an article explaining what you can do to participate in the MRC, and why you should.


2012 Nevada Chapter Annual Meeting & Scientific Session

Members are needed to participate in the Programming and Planning, Awards, and Associate (Resident) and Medical Student Poster Competition Committees, for the January 2012 event. Please contact Governor Warren Evins or Roberta Again, our Chapter Executive Director.


Chapter Treasurer Mitchell D. Forman, DO, FACOI, FACR, FACP

Mitchell D. Forman, DO, FACOI, FACR, FACP, the founding Dean of the Touro University-Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine has officially taken over the Treasurer’s duties.


Chapter Executive Director Roberta Again

Mrs. Roberta Again continues to function as the Nevada Chapter’s Executive Director. This is a part time independent contractor’s paid position. Her full time job is as the Coordinator of continuing medical education (CME) at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. Please contact Roberta at 702-285-9425 or rae7773@cox.net. Her work phone number is 702-383-2604 and her fax number is 702-629-2061.


A Word from Dr. Speck

Dear Colleagues:

I can hardly believe four years as Governor and one year as Governor-elect have whizzed by. As of April 9, the leadership of the Nevada Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) transferred to the very capable hands of Dr. Warren Evins. He is a proven entity, having been president of the Clark county medical Society and Nevada State Medical Association, to name a few of the organizations that he has presided over.

I must confess this has not been an easy job, probably as a result of a lot of financial and political turmoil that occurred during this period of time. We did achieve a goal of lowering our membership dues and cost for our annual meeting. We succeeded in obtaining an outstanding executive director (ED), Roberta Again. To a great extent, Roberta deserves the credit for any successes we have had as a chapter. For example since Roberta has taken over as ED, our chapter has received the Chapter Excellence Award yearly. Our bank balance has grown substantially under her efforts to obtain grants and sell booth space at our meetings. This past year we elected more fellows than any other year since I have been involved in ACP leadership (5 fellows this year according to ACP statistics).

Membership, though, is down slightly probably because of the impact of the recession and some disagreement over the support of some aspects of the Obama care by ACP. Student and resident memberships remain high.

We succeeded in elevating one of our fellows to Master of the American College of Physicians but by the time he received this honor, he had moved to Texas, so we are still without a Master for our state.

I have emphasized the importance of the help Roberta supplied, but there are others who were instrumental in improving the strength of our chapter. At the risk of omitting someone unintentionally, I do want to particularly acknowledge the help I received from Dr. Warren Evins, Dr. Mitchell Forman, Dr. Brian Callister, Dr. Larry Lehrner, Dr. John Ellerton, Dr. Robert Croke, Dr. Diane Chau, Dr. Michael Nasiak, Dr. Alka Rebentish, Dr. Gilbert Nyamuswa, Dr. James Holder, Dr. Aditi Singh, Dr. Catherine Goring, and Dr. Cassandra Caprez-Davis and lastly Dr. Heather Allen who presided over the Chapter Finances as Treasurer.

As part of my duties as Governor, I attended the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Meeting twice a year. These meetings were held in desirable vacation spots, so there was little recreation as well as lots of work (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for three days). I want to thank my Internist colleagues for giving me this rare opportunity to represent them at the Board Meetings and the opportunity to meet such talented people and to make friendships I would not have had the opportunity to make otherwise.

As a final plea, I ask that you rally behind Dr. Evins to further strengthen our chapter and National ACP as a voice for the internist particularly in these troubled times.

Eugene L. Speck, M.D., Ph.D., FACP, FIDSA


Spring 2011 New Nevada Fellows

Your Nevada Chapter had its largest ever number of new Fellows invited to participate in the Convocation for the IM 2011 Meeting. The ACP Credentials committee meets several times a year to review all of the newly completed Fellowship applications. All members recommended for Advancement to Fellowship have their names submitted to the ACP Board of Regents for approval. The last Credentials committee met around March 1st and their names were submitted to the Board of Regents at its mid March meeting. Members being advanced to Fellowship are notified and offered the opportunity to march in the Convocation and Hooding ceremonies at the Annual Meeting, IM 2011.

Because the time between the new Fellows notification and the start of IM 2011 on Thursday, April 7, 2011, was short, many of the new Fellows were not able to schedule their attendance at the Meeting and Convocation. New Fellows have three years from their election to attend the Convocation and Hooding ceremonies, which are held on Thursdays of the Spring Annual Meeting. The next Annual Meeting will be held April 19-21, 2012 in New Orleans. The Convocations are usually held on the first Thursday evening of the IM meeting, with new Fellows regalia and portraits (optional) starting in the afternoon. The 2013 Annual Meeting will be held April 11-13 in San Francisco and the 2014 meeting will be held April 10-12 in Orlando.

There were 21 new Fellows (from Nevada) invited to the Convocation:
New Fellows:
(elected in the past six months)
Jeffrey C Andal, MD FACP, Reno
Timothy K Baker, MD FACP, Reno
James B Holder, III MD FACP, Gardnerville
George B Kaiser, MD FACP, Las Vegas
Wen Liang, MD FACP, Henderson
Fred G Toffel, MD FACP, Las Vegas
(elected before the last six months)

From Gardnerville:
Oliver Medzihradsky, MD, FACP (who moved to La Jolla, CA for further training)

From Henderson:
Carlos C. Emanuel, MD FACP
Alan Greenberg, MD FACP
Robert W. Merrell, MD FACP
Aditi Singh, MD FACP

From Las Vegas:
Iyad G. Houshan, MD FACP
John N. Onyema, MD FACP
Thomas S. Parisi, MD FACP
Syed I. Shah, MD FACP
Martin C. Tien, MD FACP

From Logandale:
Lonnie R. Empey, MD FACP

From North Las Vegas:
Bernard Hildebrand, Jr., MD FACP

From Reno:
Michael J. Bloch, MD FACP
Diane L. Chau, MD FACP
Catherine J. Goring, MD FACP
Nageshwara R. Gullapalli, MD FACP

Dr. Evins
Nevada Governor-elect and Chapter Volunteerism and Community Service Award winner Warren H. Evins, MD, PhD, FACP


IM 2011 Meeting

Highlights Lecture
Highlights Lecture

The IM 2011 Meeting was held at the San Diego Convention Center on April 7-9. Pre-Courses were held on April 5-6. The learning format of the Scientific Sessions, for Continuing Medical Education credits, consisted of Awards lectures, clinical pearls sessions, multiple small feedings of the mind, meet the professor, panels, practitioners’ morning report, breakfasts or lunches with the professor, workshops, slide shows, updates, and hands-on activities, with many simultaneous and competing conferences. Guest activities were available. A number of our Chapter members attended.

The LEAD program (Leadership Enhancement and Development) offers a certificate to participants who develop leadership skills through firsthand experience and guidance from seasoned leaders. Many courses were given throughout the week.

The Herbert S. Waxman Clinical Skills Center taught clinical skills, such as advanced airway techniques, Doppler ankle-brachial index measurement, arthrocentesis and bursal injections, cardiac diagnoses, cardiac murmurs, abscess I & D, lumbar puncture, neurologic assessments, physical exam skills, ophthalmology assessments, PICC line placements, skin biopsy and cryosurgery, soft tissue injections, clinical skills practice examinations, suturing, toenail removal, central venous line ultrasound guided placement, and offered clinical skills computer and video resources. Also offered were medical computing resources and ACP digital products.

There were also exhibits, college activities, industry-sponsored educational events, special programs and events for medical students, associates, residents, and fellows in training. There were four Maintenance of Certificate Exam learning courses, where internists complete the American Board of Internal Medicine Self-Evaluation of Medical Knowledge modules through live, self-study group sessions led by expert faculty.

The National Associate and Medical Student Poster Competitions were also held. Our Chapter sponsored three entrants. The Scientific Session concluded with a Jeopardy-style championship final Doctor’s Dilemma medical quiz show. The Associate’s Championship and Osler Cup winner was Northern Illinois University’s team. The “Highlights of the IM 2011 meeting” was the wrap-up session where three outstanding clinician-educators shared what they thought were IM 2011’s most important take home messages.

Jeopardy Final Scores
Doctors' (Associates) Dilemma Jeopardy game final scores


Spring 2011 BOG Meeting

BOG Meeting
Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting, BOG Chair Charles Cutler, MD, FACP standing, President J. Fred Ralston, MD, MACP, CEO Steven E. Weinberger, MD, FACP, and Board of Regents Chair Robert G. Luke, MD, MACP

Both Governor Eugene L. Speck, MD, PhD, FIDSA, FACP, and Governor-Elect Warren H. Evins, MD, PhD, FACP attended the Spring 2011 ACP Board of Governors meeting held at the San Diego Convention Center on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5 and 6, 2011. Governor Speck had the only vote. Meetings started at 7:00 am and ended after evening dinner/buffet receptions.

On Tuesday we heard reports from the leadership of the Board of Governors (BOG), the Board of Regents (BOR), and the ACP Executive staff. We debated the Spring 2011 BOG resolutions (see website) during hearings at Reference Committees A and B, and heard reports on ACP Finances from ACP Treasurer Dennis R. Schaberg, MD, MACP.

Warren Lockette, MD, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Clinical and Program Policy spoke about Tri-Care and the Defense Department’s health care system. Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy Robert B. Doherty addressed us on “Healthcare Reform, the Federal Budget, and the Elephant in the Room.” Retiring BOG Chair Chuck Cutler, MD, FACP was feted with a multi-media presentation and gifts. Then the retiring Governor’s Class of 2011 (Dr. Speck’s class) presented an audio-video remembrance/recollection of their service as Governors, with a short program.

Wednesday was the BOG Business Meeting with the final debate and vote on the Spring 2011 BOG Resolutions, followed by a combined BOG/BOR meeting, then an Awards luncheon and ceremony for retiring BOG/BOR members and a presentation of the John Tooker Evergreen Chapter Awards.

Thursday was a symposium on Volunteerism and Community Service and Friday had meetings with our Nevada Chapter staff liaisons. All in all it was a very busy week.

The Resolutions (and Results at the BOG Meeting)

At the April 9, 2011 Board of Regents (BOR) Meeting, Dr. David Fleming, Chair, Board of Governors, presented for discussion and vote 17 Spring 2011 BOG Resolutions, along with recommendations for their referral. Click here for a summary of the BOR’s actions[PDF].

Also available for reference are the Final resolved clauses[PDF].


April ACP Convocation - New Fellows

Dr. Speck laureate winner
Nevada Governor and Chapter Laureate Award winner Eugene L. Speck, MD, PhD, FIDSA, FACP

On Thursday, April Seventh Two Thousand Eleven at Six Thirty in the Evening ACP held its 2011 Convocation at The San Diego Convention Center, Hall D, San Diego, California. Nevada had its largest delegation of new fellows marching, led by Governor and Chapter Laureate Award winner Eugene L. Speck, MD, PhD, FIDSA, FACP. Also participating were Governor-Elect and Chapter Volunteerism and Community Service Award winner Warren H. Evins, MD, PhD, FACP, and Alan Greenberg, MD, FACP, James B. Holder III, MD, FACP, George Kaiser, MD, FACP, and Oliver Medzihradsky, MD, FACP, who was elected while working in Gardnerville and now is in La Jolla, California, pursuing further training.

To learn about the annual ceremony of Convocation, go to About Convocation, the Caduceus of the College, and the Mace

About Fellowship (FACP©)

Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship. It may be achieved by either advancement from full Membership or by direct election. The Credentials Committee approves and formally "elects" the candidates on behalf of the Board of Regents and with their input.

Fellows are authorized to use the letters "FACP" (Fellow of the American College of Physicians) in connection with their professional activities so long as their membership remains current. Those recommended for election to Fellowship are approved by the Board of Regents, and Fellows are invited to be formally inducted at Convocation within three years of their election. The meaning of Fellowship.

Dr. Speck and others
Governor Gene Speck, James Holder, George Kaiser, Alan Greenberg, Oliver Medzihradsky, and Governor-elect Warren Evins


Volunteers in Medicine of So. Nevada
Needs You!


Doctor, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? If you are young, you will probably practice medicine for a while longer. If you are getting closer to retirement, you are probably thinking about all the things you wanted to do and never had time to do. If you did not have the stress of private practice you might continue practicing medicine, providing health and a quality life for many. Let’s face it, the practice of medicine is at the very core of our being; it is who we are.

As a practitioner you may feel that you are too busy and stressed; you may feel there is no time to volunteer. Yet, you have yearned to do some volunteer work, but did not know how or where to fit it into your busy schedule. Now, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (VMSN) has created a perfect venue for you to give of yourself without giving more than you are able. Try giving 2-3 hours a month with Volunteers in Medicine. I am a busy Ob/Gyn and I have found it is possible to carve out a few hours a month. It is the most gratifying thing I do with my precious time. We can do it all, continue private practice and give the priceless gift of free medical care to individuals in our community who are in crisis.

Many practitioners plan to retire, but do not want to stop practicing medicine. Just because you are retiring, you do not have to stop doing what you love to do! Why not continue to do what you do best? I ask you to please consider continuing to do what you have spent a lifetime perfecting. Give the gift of health in a stress-free environment, a culture of caring. Enjoy practicing medicine at Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada.

At VMSN you take care of patients, we take care of the rest! We take care of the office, labs, diagnostic test, and medications. Ideally, you will qualify for Federal Tort Claims Protection and receive free medical malpractice liability insurance. Simply, go to VMSN.org and fill out an application. You will be contacted by our Volunteer Director to take care of the rest. Tell a friend about us.

Last week I went to North Carolina to attend the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics annual conference. They have 79 free clinics, which are members of the association. They are providing care for those who are at or below 200% poverty level who have no access to health care. Even with Health Reform, whatever form it takes, we will always have those without access to health care. We have essentially one free clinic in Southern Nevada, VMSN. We, as a community, must come together to serve our ill and provide preventive health care. If the people, not the state governments, of so many other states can come together to give health care and save lives, so can we, the people of Nevada. If this is to happen in the significant way that Nevada needs it to happen, YOU, the doctors must lead the way. It is up to us to take the initiative. Everyone else will follow, including nurses, medical assistants, and social workers. VMSN needs you; the people of Nevada need you!

More than one person a day dies needlessly in Southern Nevada because of a lack of access to health care. They die for lack of an office visit and a pill. It could have been prevented. Many are too ill to work, though they desire to provide for themselves and their family. So many Nevadans are out of work and are suffering from chronic illness, which needs attention or they will become deathly ill. Many children do not go to school because they have no one to provide medical care for them when they are ill. Help us to help them.

Currently the services we provide are adult and pediatric primary care, women’s care, newborn checkups and immunizations, basic diagnostic tests and medications. We are developing an extensive group of referral physicians such as, dermatologists and cardiologists. We need orthopedics, gastroenterologists, neurologists, and every other specialty. If you would like to volunteer for specialty care at the clinic or see a few referral patients a month at your office please sign up at VMSN.org or call us at 967-0530.


The First Clinic Opened January 2010

In January 2010, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada opened our first clinic at Paradise Park in Las Vegas, and our first year has been an unqualified success. Thanks to people like you, the dream of a free clinic serving the uninsured in our community has finally become a reality. Since we opened our doors, we have markedly improved access to health care for the uninsured, providing much needed primary health care, reducing medical emergencies and visits to local emergency rooms. We have:

  • Provided primary health care/a medical home to over 1,600 patients
  • Provided over 3,000 patient visits
  • Enrolled over 630 volunteers – physicians, nurses and other medical and     non-medical personnel
  • Filled prescriptions, valued at $145,000
  • Provided $105,000 in x-rays, diagnostic imaging and lab testing
  • Contributed over $706,530 in total healthcare services to our community

This year we plan to double this with your help. We hope to see 6,000 patient visits a year. In 2012, we hope and plan to break ground on our Downtown Clinic where our greatest need in the city exists. The downtown clinic plans to serve 30,000 patient visits a year. One day we will boast, as does the Los Angeles Free Clinic, of 43 years of serving our community and of providing tens of thousands with much need care.

The “volunteer solution” relies less on government intervention and more upon community goodwill. The basic health problems of hypertension, diabetes, asthma and many others are treatable. In today’s world no one should be suffering or prematurely dying from these healthcare issues, as they do in our community. No child or adult should go to bed ill and hurting without medical care.


Expanding Services

Today VMSN stands proudly in Paradise Park next to tall oak trees and rolling green grass, a symbol of goodwill. VMSN is an oasis in the desert of hard times, a refuge for the uninsured and a haven of healthcare for those in ill times. Paradise Park is a wonderful beginning, but it is only a beginning. We need a downtown clinic for our community in crisis. We can create such a clinic just as we created Paradise Park. To make it possible go to VMSN.org and volunteer for three to four hours per month and/or donate to help make the dream come true. We will provide expanded services, health care, mental health care, dental and vision care. If you ever thought sometime in my life I want to give something where I know that it will make a difference, where it will work synergistically with other peoples’ energy and money, something that will keep giving for decades to come. Please volunteer and consider that special gift now to the downtown clinic fund. Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Please visit us on our website at VMSN.org and sign up on our volunteer’s page or call us at 967- 0530.

With deep gratitude and appreciation,
Florence Jameson, MD, FACOG and all the volunteers at VMSN


Nevada Chapter Reception

The Nevada Chapter has sponsored a Reception for all of our members, associates, and medical students attending the ACP National Meeting. Our reception for IM 2011 was in the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel (ACP Headquarters hotel) on Friday, April 8, 2011, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Our Chapter has sponsored a reception at the last three IM meetings, where hors-d’oeuvres, beer, wine, cheese, and canapés have been served. We were fortunate to be able to co-sponsor the event (and share costs) with the Colorado and New Mexico chapters.

Governor Gene Speck and Governor-Elect Warren Evins were present during the reception. We were pleased to be able to greet, meet and socialize with many of our Chapter’s attendees. There were a number of members and their spouses in attendance; new friendships were formed and old friendships were re-acquainted.

A number of our Nevada attendees and their families decided to go out to the Fish Market, a nearby San Diego Harbor restaurant icon, for dinner. (see pictures

Gillettes and friend
Phil Gillette and Mrs. Gillette, Oliver Medzihradsky

Greenbergs and friends
Angela Greenberg, Mrs. Holder, Alan Greenberg, and James Holder

Kaisers and friends
George Kaiser, Mrs. Kaiser and son, Gene and Rachel Speck


Medical Reserve Corps

In August 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) predicted the three most likely catastrophes that might befall the United States: a terrorist attack in New York City, a full strength hurricane hitting New Orleans and a major earthquake in California along the San Andreas Fault. Two of these predictions have come true and if (when) the third one does, you may be assured Nevada will be affected. Californians have only one way to flee…east.

In all of the scenarios above, local emergency medical resources are overwhelmed quickly and must depend on help from local, state and federal agencies with staff and volunteers who are trained and ready to assist.

Unsolicited Volunteers/Un-credentialed Physicians Hard to Utilize

History has proven over and over that physicians want to volunteer following disasters, especially at those events affecting their local community. However, unsolicited, unidentified and un-credentialed physicians who just “show up” are often not utilized in an efficient manner and may even put themselves in harm’s way. The American College of Emergency Physicians and the National Association of EMS Physicians have published a Policy on Unsolicited Medical Volunteers that states that an organized approach is needed for all medical volunteers in a disaster. They advise that medical personnel should not respond to an emergency unless officially requested and urge them to register with an identified agency prior to a disaster so they may be organized, trained and prepared to respond. The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) provides this opportunity to physicians.

The MRC is a community-based network of volunteers that assists local public health efforts in times of special need or disaster. The national Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (OCVMRC) is headquartered in the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General. It functions as a clearinghouse for information and best practices to help communities establish, implement, and maintain MRC units nationwide. MRC units target areas defined by Dr. Regina Benjamin, US Surgeon General, that strengthen public health. The overarching goal is to improve health literacy, and in support of this, she wants us to work towards increasing disease prevention, eliminating health disparities, and improving public health preparedness.

The MRC is designed to provide an organizational structure that promotes appropriate training of volunteers according to local community needs and vulnerabilities, recognizing that the schedules of physicians, training and volunteer time requirements are minimal. Physicians also have the option to be contacted only in cases that generate a state or federally declared emergency. These instances provide a increased level of liability protection. Potential volunteer opportunities for physicians are:

During an emergency:

  • Augment medical and support staff shortages at medical or emergency     facilities
  • Assist with the distribution or dispensing of pharmaceuticals
  • Assist with surveillance and notification
  • Assist with immunization clinics, education, infectious disease outbreak     support, and other duties

During times of non-emergency: (Optional)

  • Support the US Surgeon General Priorities (www.surgeongeneral.gov)
  • Staff first aid areas at community events
  • Provide educational presentations on special health topics
  • Promote immunization and other public health campaigns

Nevada currently has MRC units in Carson City, Las Vegas and Reno and all are actively recruiting physician volunteers.

The ACP Give Back: Volunteer brochure encourages its members to volunteer as a tenet of medical professionalism. Please visit the MRC website for more information or contact Paula Martel, Nevada MRC State Coordinator at 702-759-0877. You may also apply to volunteer at www.mrcnevada.com


Internal Medicine 2012

April 19-21, 2012
Register for Internal Medicine 2012

A Scientific Program That Can’t Be Beat!

  • Join us in New Orleans and see why your colleagues say they continually     leave the Internal Medicine meeting reenergized about the profession.
  • Hear the latest advances in internal medicine and the subspecialties from     nationally recognized faculty.
  • Network with your colleagues from around the country and around the     globe

ACT NOW! It Pays to Register Early.
Register by July 15, 2011, and receive the following benefits:

  • Save up to $120 on registration fees!
  • Get the first notification when hotel reservations open!
  • Be automatically entered to win free airfare.

Experience New Orleans!
Blending European trends with Caribbean influences, New Orleans is truly a unique American city to visit and explore.

Download Brochure[PDF]


ACP Summer Session 2011

Summer Session Attendees - Network, Learn, Explore!

August 12-13, 2011

Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
301 East North Water Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Join your colleagues for the return of ACP Summer Session, August 12th and 13th, in the heart of the Midwest, Chicago. This highly interactive, two-day educational meeting consists of four half-day tracks covering key clinical challenges in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, and other topics highly relevant to practicing internists.

ACP Summer Registration and Pricing

summer session pricing grid

ACP Summer Session Course Schedule

summer session course scheduled 1

summer session course scheduled 2


2011 Spring Photo Gallery


[PDF] Acrobat PDF format. Download Acrobat Reader software for free from Adobe. Problems with PDFs?

Contact Information

Evan M. Klass, MD FACP
Governor, Nevada Chapter

Jeanne Tremaine
Executive Director, Nevada Chapter
Phone: 775-223-1463
Email: jeannetremaine4@gmail.com