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March 2014 Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

I hope this update finds you well! I am writing while en route to the east coast for a recertification exam review course. Probably like you, I enjoy reading and studying, including brushing up on topics I donít see in my usual practice as a hospitalist. Perhaps also like you, I am finding the prospect of meeting Maintenance of Certification (ďMOCĒ) daunting. In the hopes that this is helpful for you, later in this newsletter youíll find what I hope is a helpful summary of these changes in board certification. So far, Iíve found the process somewhat time-consuming but also valuable for reviewing medical updates and also exploring performance improvement.

Our chapter has been busy, and I am grateful for the work of our Councilors in helping this be a productive time. We had a successful CME program in Santa Fe in February, are preparing for Leadership Day in May, and are gearing up for the national ACP meeting in Orlando next month. Iím pleased that two residents from our chapter, Mariam Salas, MBBcH, and Leona Ebara, MD, are competing in the national poster competition, and that Ahmad Allaham, MD, Omar Abu Saleh, MD, and Omar Abu Nabaa, MD, will be competing in Medical Jeopardy. If you are planning on attending the conference, please consider stopping by to support them, and please also watch your e-mail for our chapterís happy hour get-together on Friday night (location TBA).

In addition to our residentís successes, Iím pleased that our chapter is growing and supporting advancement to Fellowship in the College for so many talented individuals. Please join me in congratulating our chapterís new Fellows: Virginia Corpus, MD, of Las Cruces, Brianna Cowan, MD, of Shiprock, Douglas Egli, MD, of Santa Fe, Steven Kanig, MD, of Albuquerque, Bradley Kanode, MD, of Las Vegas, Boris Naraev, MD, PhD, of Albuquerque, and Molly Vosburg, MD, of Los Alamos.

Lastly, although my term as chapter Governor ends in 2016, it is time to start considering our chapterís next Governorís election later this year. It has been immensely rewarding to meet internists and subspecialists throughout the state, interact with residents and students, advocate for responsible heath policy and practice support, and promote excellence in continuing education. If you care about the future of internal medicine and medical education and have a few hours a week to volunteer, I hope you will consider running for Governor of the chapter. You may find more information about Governorship and more about leadership development for prospective Governors.

Best wishes, and please keep in touch.


Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH, FACP
Internist/Hospitalist, Gallup
Governor, NM Chapter of the ACP


Recognizing Excellence

Our chapter is honored to include so many individuals who are committed to internal medicine, our patients, and our colleagues. In 2013, we recognized three of them:

George Comerci, MD, FACP - Chapter Laureate
Cynthia Arndell, MD, FACP - Volunteerism and Community Service Award
Richard Hoffman, MD, MPH, FACP Ė Excellence in Teaching Award

Learn more about their many accomplishments, and join us in offering our congratulations, admiration, and gratitude.


Comings and Goings

Each year, approximately half of our Councilors' terms expire. New councilors joining us for two year terms include Boudinot Atterbury, MD, FACP, of Santa Fe, Dana Fotieo, MD, FACP, of Albuquerque, Manish Pandya, MBBS, of Farmington, and Patrick Rendon, MD, of Albuquerque. Rush Pierce, MD, MPH, FACP, of Albuquerque, and Heather Brislen, MD, of Albuquerque, continued their service to the council and were re-elected as Ďat-largeí councilors. Julio Munoz, MD, FACP, of Carlsbad, was elected President. After a successful nomination to the council at-large, Boud Atterbury, MD, FACP, of Santa Fe, was also elected Secretary.

We are grateful that Allen Adolphe, MD, PhD, FACP, Waseem Khawaja, MD, FACEP, FACP, FACPE, Lesley Mansfield, MD, FACP, Diana Noya, MD, FACP, and Ellen Yee, MD, MPH, FACP served on the Council and we miss them now that they have stepped down. We appreciate their service and wish them each all the best in their future endeavors. Rich Hoffman, MD, MPH, FACP, was nominated and elected to the council, but additional commitments have arisen which preclude him from serving his term; we wish him the best.


Save the Date!

The NM ACP Chapter is partnering with ACPNet on a free CME program to be offered February 7-8th in Santa Fe. This program will focus on updates in diabetes care coordination, immunizations, increasing patient engagement, PQRS, MOC, and Value Based Purchasing. Stay tuned for more details!


Resident Programs

As in yearís past, the 2013 Scientific Meeting included a resident oral vignette and poster competition. Unlike in years past, there were more than 25 poster entries! Congratulations to Alisha Parada, MD, and Allen Adolphe, MD, PhD, FACP, who helped coordinate these competitions. The winner of the resident oral vignette competition was:

Mariam Salas, MBBcH, who presented a fascinating case of "Hyperglycemic Hemichorea Hemiballismus." Dr Salas will be competing at Internal Medicine in April 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

The winners of the resident poster competition were:

1st place: Lida Fatemi, DO - "A VIP in the ICU"
2nd place: Roshny George, MD - "Renal Sarcoidosis Presenting as Acute Interstitial Nephritis with Steroid-Induced Recovery"
3rd (tie) Kavitha Ganta, MD - "Hyperglycemic Crisis Unmasking Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus" and Richard Vestal, MD (chief resident, in collaboration with second year resident Tammy Berry, MD) "Methamphetamine Associated Decompression Hematuria"

Doctorís Dilemma/Medical Jeopardy will be held at the University later this winter; the winners will compete at Internal Medicine in April 2014 in Orlando, so interested residents should start forming teams now!


Internal Medicine Interest Group

Our chapter has been lucky to have the dedication and talent of Elizabeth Rodriguez, out-going President of the Internal Medicine Interest Group. She, along with out-going Vice President Brandon Aday, out-going Treasurer Amy Clement, and out-going Secretary Lauren Coleman, have been phenomenally successful at coordinating events for UNM students. The most recent report of their activities is below:

ďA delicious combination of lunch and Critical Care Internal Specialists was served up a few weeks ago. Thanks to the generous contribution of the ACP we, the Internal Medicine Interest Group, were able to provide a Taj Mahal lunch. The line went all the way around the room, with attendance of about 60 first and second year medical students. After introductions, several questions were asked of the group of doctors, especially about the training involved in their specialties. We had representatives from pulmonary critical care, the general internal medicine hospital division and a resident, totaling 7 doctors. Lunch was a great success and many students thanked us for having the event. The next group function will be a lunchtime infectious disease case review for the second years. Again and are very appreciative of ACPís support.Ē

We extend our welcome to the incoming officers, and the chapter looks forward to supporting their work:

Tomas Cordova- President
Jessica Zimmerberg-Helms- Vice President
Mario Pardo-Friedman- Treasurer
Daphne Olson- Secretary


Hospitalist Committee: The NM Patient Safety Task Force

In January, the Leapfrog Group released its 2012 national report on hospital patient safety. New Mexico ranked last (50 of 50 states). In response, the New Mexico ACP Chapter convened and sponsored a working group to address this issue. This group consists of 20 hospitalists, medical directors, patient safety officers, nurses and residents from across the state, and have participated in monthly conference calls since May. They decided to focus on developing a state-wide form to facilitate transfer of clinical information to providers who receive patients at Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) from New Mexico hospitals. The group has reviewed current forms used across the state and surveyed SNF Medical Directors. The group drafted and approved a one-page state-wide transfer form which is now being tested. If you have interest in joining this group, contact Rush Pierce.


Early Career Physicians Committee

The Early Career Physicians Committee co-sponsored a breakfast during the October Scientific Meeting, you may read a report from that meeting. These Committees are seeking input from our members on ways that we can be of assistance. Please contact them if you are interested in taking part in any collaboratives. Contact ECP Committee: Brianna Cowan, MD, Heather Brislen, MD. Contact Hospitalist Committee: Rush Pierce, MD, FACP.


Diversity Committee

Cindy Arndell, MD, FACP, and Justina Trott, MD, FACP, moderated a Diversity and Disparities breakfast during the October Scientific Meeting.


Rewarding the Best Care: Transitional Care Codes

The new Physician Fee Schedule includes transition care management (TCM) codes that allow for reimbursement of the non-face-to-face care provided when patients transition from an acute care setting back into the community. Two new codes will be used to pay for all services that up until now were done but not reimbursed.


Member Benefit Spotlight

Earn ABIM MOC Points with ACP

ACP offers a variety of ABIM recertification resources to help you earn both ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points and CME credits through the same educational program. Many know that completing MKSAP question will count toward MOC, but there are many other resources for you.


Photo Gallery

Chapter Laureate winner

George Comerci, MD, FACP - Chapter Laureate

Volunteerism and Community Service Award winner

Cynthia Arndell, MD, FACP - Volunteerism and Community Service Award

Diversity Breakfast

Diversity Breakfast

Early Career Physicians Breakfast

Early Career Physicians Breakfast

Drs. Munoz and Iralu

Drs. Munoz and Iralu

Teaching Award

Richard Hoffman, MD, MPH, FACP Ė Excellence in Teaching Award


Contact Information

Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH, FACP
Governor, New Mexico Chapter

Lisa Sullivan
Chapter Coordinator
PO Box 31091
Albuquerque, NM 87190-1091
Phone: 505-697-1386
Fax: 505-433-4631
E-mail: newmexicoacp@gmail.com