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New Jersey Chapter Officers

Executive Council

Steven R Peskin, MD, FACP
Governor, Southern Region and President

Beth R. Nalitt, MD, FACP
Governor, Northern Region and Vice-President

Ranita Sharma, MD, FACP
Immediate Past President

Jeanine Bulan, MD, FACP

Mureen Allen, MD, FACP

Governor's Council

William Farrer, MD, FACP
Ellen Cohen, MD, FACP
Neil Kothari, MD, FACP
Gina La Capra, MD, FACP
Lisa Tank, MD, FACP
Amit Tailor, MD, FACP
Sunil Sapru, MD, FACP
Tony Tarchichi, MD Associate
Manisha Reddy - Medical Student
Ed Choi, MD, FACP
Laura Kahn, MD, FACP
Nayan Kothari, MD, FACP
John Walker, MD, FACP
Allan Tunkel, MD, PhD, MACP
George DiFerdinando, MD, FACP
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACP
Steven Peskin, MD, FACP
Saba Hasan, MD, FACP
Joan Wiley, DO - Associate

Board of Distinguished Leaders

Francis Griffin, MD, MACP (Past- President)
Mary Herald, MD, MACP
Bernard Shagan, MD, MACP
Ralph Kristellar, MD, FACP


Contact Information

New Jersey Northern Chapter Governor:
Beth R. Nalitt, MD, FACP

New Jersey Southern Chapter Governor:
Steven R. Peskin, MD, FACP

Chapter Staff:

Executive Director
Ray Saputelli, MBA, CAE
Ph: 609-454-8517
Fax: 609-394-7712
Email: ray@acpnj.org

New Jersey Chapter's mailing address:
224 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608