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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2001

Van L. Lackey, MD, FACP
Governor, Mississippi Chapter

Governor's Farewell

It is with regret that this is the last newsletter I will send you as your Governor. I have enjoyed serving as your Governor the last four years. The ACP-ASIM is truly a wonderful organization and I am very proud to be a member.

Over the last four years, we have held two excellent scientific chapter meetings in Jackson and Biloxi. The merger of the ACP-ASIM went smoothly nationally, but was more difficult locally taking several years. However, now it is official for Mississippi and we will be a better chapter.

With the help of Dr. Shirley Schlessinger and Dr. Errol Crook, both the Student and the Associates Programs are going very well. Both the Student Council and the Council of Associates have been reestablished. We have started a "pizza party" for the first and second year students each year. This is given in early September to introduce the students early to Internal Medicine. It has been well received by the students and gifts such as textbooks of Internal Medicine, stethoscopes and other items are given away as prizes. Because of this, we have increased the number of students who have joined the ACP-ASIM and the past year we won the national award for the greatest increase in medical students. This year's party was a great success being held in September, again, at University and was well attended. I think it has been very successful in introducing Internal Medicine to these students.

In November we hold the Associates Meeting where clinical vignettes are presented by the associates. For the last two years, the associates at Keisler Air Force Base in Biloxi have participated and these cases have been published in the Mississippi State Medical Journal for the last several years. Also last year, Dr. Qu won locally and went on to the National Meeting where he won first place nationally. This year it was held November 17, 2000 and for the first time CME credits were given. The winners at this meeting will go to the Louisiana Mississippi Meeting in New Orleans to again compete. I urge you to attend our scientific meeting in New Orleans at Windsor Court March 1st through March 3rd, 2001.

Nationally, the ACP-ASIM is the largest specialty group with 115,000 members representing Internal Medicine and its subspecialties. They have been very active in issues that affect all of us. Some of these issues include the proposed changes in the E&M documentation, the "hassle factors" that we all must deal with, reimbursement issues of Medicare and private carriers and negotiating with the ABIM with the re-certification process. These are only a few of the many issues that ACP-ASIM fights for us.

It is our organization. It represents you and me. Therefore, I encourage you all to become more involved. Advancement to Fellowship has become more streamline and less onerous. Most of you already have the
requirements to be elected to one or more of the four different pathways. You will find the requirements and the pathways included on page 3 of this newsletter.

After the Spring meeting in Atlanta in March 2001, Dr. Joe Files, head of the Division of Hematology at University will become your governor. I know Joe will continue to work to improve our chapter. Please give him your help and again, thank you for all the support you have given me.

Highlights From The Fall Board Of Governor's Meeting

We had an interesting Fall Board of Governor's Meeting this year. Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, FACP felt that there were several issues facing the ACP- ASIM. The number of uninsured Americans continues to increase and as such, are unable to receive preventative measures, which leads to poor health outcomes. Another issue is that of antibiotic resistance and the need to be discriminating in our use of antibiotics and to educate physicians and our patients that not all infections require our antibiotics therapy. In addition, we are concerned over "burn out". This is becoming more of a problem especially with managed care, Medicare, and the "paper load". Just recognizing burn out as a problem is a real challenge.

There was also a program on board re-certification. Dr. Harry Kimball, President of the American Board of Internal Medicine, led a panel discussion that reviewed the new re-certification process. Most of the Governors felt the present re-certification process is too time consuming, too expensive, and may be of little benefit for the practicing internist. In addition, they felt the ACP-ASIM was not involved enough in the educational process. I personally do not believe the Board of Governors is satisfied with the present re-certification process and will continue to be active on this issue.

Annual Session

The Annual Session will be held March 29 to April 1, 2001 in Atlanta. We will continue along the same lines with Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind with short focus of presentations on the most common patient management issues. Also, the latest information from experts in the 20 subspecialty areas will be presented as well as the favorite "Meet the Professor Session". I urge you to attend.

Van L. Lackey, MD, FACP
ACP-ASIM Governor Mississippi

Advancement to Fellowship Made Easy

Advancement to Fellowship in the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine continues to be a mark of excellence in distinction for internists, both in research and in everyday clinical practice. Many of you continue to be confused about the qualifications for advancement to Fellowship. Marc Shabot, Governor of Texas Southern, recently wrote this straightforward explanation:


  • ABIM, RCPSC, or AOBIM Certified *
  • Licensed practitioner
  • Formal training completed, Member at least 2 years, in practice or teaching for at least 2 years
  • Proposed/seconded by 2 Masters/Fellows
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and professional development

(* May be waived in extraordinary circumstances)

Then, Qualify by 1 of the 4 Pathways*

Pathway 1 - Academician

  • Holds academic appointment as teacher, researcher, administrator, writes scientific papers, scholarly reviews, book chapters, etc.

Pathway 2 - The Scholar/Teacher/Multiple Certification

  • Active in community as teacher in Continuing Education and Professional Development activities
  • Re-certified or dual boarded, or MKSAP for score

Pathway 3 - The Active ACP-ASIM Member

  • 10 years membership in the ACP-ASIM
  • Active in ACP-ASIM meetings and Committees at local and national level

Pathway 4 - The Senior Physician

  • May have been a longstanding Member or have joined ACP-ASIM later in life
  • Has demonstrated longstanding professional activity in the community, in teaching, in patient care or in service; acts as a role model for other physicians and health professionals

Note: Community service, especially the voluntary provision of medical care, and ACP-ASIM activities significantly enhance the likelihood of advancement, under all four pathways.

*Pathways are not mutually exclusive; "combinations" are permissible.

Contact Information

Mississippi Chapter Governor: Dan M Woodliff, MD, FACP

Chapter Staff:
Nancy Youngblood
Executive Director
Telephone: 601-519-6877
Fax: 601-372-1678
E-mail : anyoungblood@att.net