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Governor's Newsletter, Summer 2000

Governor's Column

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Joe Files who is the new Governor- Elect of the Mississippi Chapter of the ACP-ASIM. Dr. Files is the Chief of the Division of Hematology at University of Mississippi. Dr. Files has always been very active in the ACP-ASIM activities, as well as being involved in leadership positions of numerous medical organizations. Dr. Files is also currently serving on the Governor's Council. Dr. Files will assume his position as Governor of the Mississippi Chapter of ACP-ASIM at the 2001 Annual Session, in Atlanta, GA.

IT'S FINAL! Finally, the Mississippi Chapter of the ACP has merged with the Mississippi Chapter of the ASIM. Although the national merger was almost a year ago, it took us longer for the Mississippi merger. However, it's official now and we will be known as the Mississippi Chapter of the ACP-ASIM.

The Mississippi and Louisiana Chapter Scientific Meeting was held February 10th through the 12th, 2000, at the Grand Casino Bayview, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Dr. Joe Blackston, Assistant Professor of Medicine at University Medical Center, was the Program Chairman and presented an excellent scientific meeting, along with the help of Dr. Shirley Schlessinger, Assistant Professor of Medicine at University Medical Center. The Friday session contained excellent talks on antibiotic resistance, coronary artery disease, thromboembolic disease, as well as talks on dermatology and interventional radiology. Also, Whitney W. Addington, MD, MACP, the College Representative and President of ACP-ASIM, gave us a College update. Saturday's program had more of a legal theme. We heard a medical malpractice update, as well as an excellent demonstration of how to do and how not to do a deposition. Next year the Scientific Chapter Meeting will be held in New Orleans. The dates for this will be announced later.

2000 Mississippi ACP-ASIM Laureate Award

The Laureate Award honors members of the ACP-ASIM in Mississippi who have demonstrated excellence in medical care, education or research and in service to their community and the ACP-ASIM. Recipients of this award shall bear the title "Laureate of the Mississippi Chapter." This year's recipient was Dr. Eduardo Gaitan, who recently retired as Professor of Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Chief of Endocrinology Section at the VA Medical Center. Dr. Gaitan is well known in the field of Endocrinology. He is the editor of several books and has published 143 papers, 94 abstracts and 26 book chapters. Dr. Gaitan is an outstanding physician and the Mississippi Chapter of ACP-ASIM congratulates him on his Laureate Award. If any of you wish to nominate a physician for the Laureate Award please contact me and I will submit the nomination to the Nominating Committee.

BOG Spring Meeting

The Board of Governors held its Spring meeting in Philadelphia, just prior to the Annual Session. There were several resolutions passed relating to "Health Policy and Education Issues," as well as those relating to "Practice and Reimbursement" issues. One of the main issues at the meeting was the College's efforts to reduce the hassle-factor. This included numerous topics, such as the use of evaluation and management documentation requirements, simplifying claims processing and credentialing. Addressed were the concerns about fraud and abuse, as well as trying to persuade HCFA to replace inflammatory "not-medically necessary" language on the explanation of Medicare Benefits forms received by beneficiaries with more acceptable phrases, and make recommendations aimed at promoting fairness in the way Medicare audits physicians.

The College is also lobbying for legislation to reduce the power and balance that favors insurance companies over physicians, as well as lobbying for comprehensive patient Bill of Rights legislation that will provide physicians and patients with greater rights to influence and appeal inappropriate denial of payments. In addition, the College initiated a program to assist local chapters in influencing Medicare carriers and third party payors on the local and state level. So the College is working very vigorously to reduce the numerous hassle-factors that plague us every day.

The Annual Session of the ACP-ASIM was held April 13th through 16th, 2000, in Philadelphia. It was very well attended and for the first time ever, the College chose a Clinical Theme for Special Emphasis in the ACP-ASIM Educational Program - Emerging Antibiotic Resistance. Since recertification has now become important, there was a pre-session course. In addition, the Mississippi Chapter had two new Fellows inducted at the 2000 Convocation - Dr. Anirudha Dasgupta from Picayune, Mississippi and Dr. Alan J. Greenwald from Amory, Mississippi. Please plan to attend next year's Annual Session in Atlanta, Georgia, March 29-April 1, 2001.

Also at the Annual Session, Mississippi won two awards. I am proud to announce that we won the Chapter Excellence Award for Chapter Management, and the "Medical School Recognition Award" for the largest increase in medical students.

I wish to congratulate all the new Fellows of the Mississippi Chapter, who have been elected in either 1999 or 2000 including: Milton D. Concannon, MD, from Summit, MS; Anirudha Dasgupta, MD, from Picayune, MS; Osemwegie Emovon, MD, from Hattiesburg, MS; Alan Greenwald, MD, from Amory, MS; Kevin Raybon, MD, from McComb, MS; Juan Teran, MD, from Ocean Springs, MS; and Monica Yepes-Rios, MD, from Long Beach, MS. I congratulate all the new Fellows and invite all eligible members to please fill out an application for advancement to Fellowship. The process has been simplified and several other pathways besides Academic Medicine and Publications can be used for advancement.

Van L. Lackey, MD, FACP
Governor for Mississippi

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