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Governor's Newsletter, Spring 2002

Joe C. Files, MD, FACP
Governor, Mississippi Chapter

Governor's Message

It's been a busy spring for the Mississippi ACP-ASIM Chapter. The Mississippi/Louisiana Regional Meeting was held on March 8th and 9th at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. This meeting exceeded our prior MS/LA attendance records, which was gratifying to all of us. Dr. Sara Walker, President-Elect at the time and now President, was our College Representative. She was very interactive with the attendees, and gave a very valuable "College Activities and Support" Update. Friday night we had our dinner and program recognizing our Laureate Award winners for both Mississippi and Louisiana. Dr. John Jackson was awarded the MS Laureate for this year. He was presented by Dr. Ellis Moffitt. An outline of his distinguished career is printed in this newsletter. The educational program was based on quality indicators, and all of the talks were excellent. The Associates presented vignettes representing residents from five training programs and competed in medical Jeopardy that was won by LSU Baton Rouge. We encourage everyone to make plans now to go to New Orleans to attend the meeting next spring. The dates are March 13-15, 2003.


On April 7-9, 2002, the ACP-ASIM Board of Governors met in Philadelphia. The BOG presented a resolution to the Board of Regents articulating specific points of negotiation to address with the ABIM regarding recertification. The ABIM had presented the Board of Governors' leadership a letter indicating a willingness to negotiate the basic structure of the recertification process, which was a new stance for them. The ACP-ASIM has always supported the concept of recertification. It was the proposed process that we were concerned about. The key points that the Board of Regents accepted as negotiating points to the ABIM were as follows:

1. There should be multiple pathways to achieve recertification. This is necessary due to the diversity of the membership.

2. Time and monetary considerations must be part of the process. The process must be one that has educational value to the participants.

3. We would hope that the entire system encourages subspecialists to recertify in General Internal Medicine, as well as their area of subspecialty expertise.

Hopefully, the ABIM will negotiate with these issues at the forefront of their thought process.

Health and Public Policy

The Health and Public Policy committee released a proposal at the annual meeting that the ACP-ASIM endorses. It is basically a seven year outline of a program that allows uninsured and under insured individuals to receive federal vouchers to assist in the purchase of health care insurance coverage from private insurers. This concept is being supported by our lobbyists in Washington.

Other areas of interest that were discussed at length included:

1. The ACP-ASIM name change: When the original merger occurred more than three years ago, the agreement was that after three years the name issue would be revisited. I suspect that the organization for the present time will remain ACP-ASIM due to financial constraints. I feel the final outcome will be that this organization be known as the ACP, but will require a transition period.

2. SAGE report of the AMA: The AMA is attempting reorganization and the ACP-ASIM was asked to comment on the organizational structure. The ACP-ASIM did not support the SAGE report as it was presented to us. We made several recommendations to the SAGE committee aimed at governance being the primary points that we were in disagreement upon.

3. The mandated 5.4% legislative reduction in Medicare payments to providers continues to be a major concern to our practitioners and change in the basic formula is being lobbied heavily at Congress.

Chapter Dues

Chapter dues are the backbone of local activities and vital to the success of our chapter. While we are provided some financial support from the national office, the chapter dues collected provide the majority of financial support for local activities. Educational meetings, mentoring programs for medical students, local Associates' research competitions, advocacy with state legislators, and participation by chapter leaders in Leadership Day on Capitol Hill are just some of the activities supported by your chapter dues. Many of these activities are orchestrated by unpaid volunteer leaders in our chapter. However, the increase in activities at the local level has created the need for additional staff support to help manage the day-to-day operation of the chapter. Your chapter dues help support the cost of local staff and provide funding for new and existing chapter initiatives. When you receive your dues notice, please remember to include the chapter dues in your payment. You will be contributing to the success of many grass roots activities happening right here at home.

MS ACP Associate News

Jimmy Stewart, MD, Chief Resident, UMC

MS ACP-ASIM associate members recently participated in the annual MS-LA ACP-ASIM meeting March 7th-9th at the Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi, MS. Participants from Mississippi included categorical and combined medicine/pediatrics residents from University Medical Center in Jackson and Keesler Air Force Base. The residents were able to attend both the general sessions and also the business meetings. In addition, the following residents presented unusual cases during the afternoon sessions on the 8th. Dr. Mary Beth Thorne presented an oral case and the following residents presented posters: Dr. Justin Baker, Dr. Charel Graverson, Dr. Amy Lobrano, Dr. Paul Pierce, and Dr. Michael Wood.

The afternoon session was occupied by a Jeopardy-style competition in which teams from LSU Baton Rouge, LSU New Orleans, LSU Shreveport, Oschner, Tulane, and UMC battled against each other in cerebral combat. The format consisted of medical questions in 5 different categories. Rules were similar to the popular "Jeopardy" game format, including time limitations for answering the questions. LSU Baton Rouge won the two-tiered competition, defending their title from last year. UMC's team consisted of the residents with the highest in-training exam scores in 2002: Dr. Mary Beth Thorne (PGY-1), Dr. Michael Wood (PGY-2), and Dr. Demondes Haynes (PGY-3).

Dr. Demondes Haynes has also been elected AOA Resident of the Year, as well as recipient of the R. B. Caldwell Award. The Caldwell award is sponsored by the Mississippi State Medical Association for the resident of the year and is chosen from all residents at UMC. Dr. Haynes has continued to exemplify both the intellectual and leadership standards of an internal medicine resident. He represents our state ACP-ASIM Chapter well! He will be continuing his leadership as one of the upcoming chief residents at UMC. Please mark your calendars for the 9th Annual ACP-ASIM Associates Vignette Competition. This will be held November 21, 2002, at the Norman Nelson Student Union on the UMC campus. CME credit will be available. All state ACP members and fellows are encouraged to attend.

Dr. John Jackson: Recipient of the 2002 Laureate Award at the MS/lA Chapter Meeting

Dr. John Jackson was born in 1928 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, and received his undergraduate training at the University of Mississippi. In 1953, he graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine. Following an internship at Philadelphia General Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he briefly went into general practice in Minter City, Mississippi. He then served in the United States Army as a general medical officer at the Overseas Replacement Station at Ft. Lewis, Washington. In 1958, he entered a residency in internal medicine at the University of Mississippi and completed a research fellowship through the National Cancer Institute at the University. The next four years were spent as an Assistant Professor at Tulane. For a year during this time, he was also a trainee at the University of Uppsala, Institute for Medical Genetics, in Sweden. In 1964, he moved to the position he held for 28 years at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in the Preventive Medicine Department. The last 11 years were served as chairman of the department. During this time, he took a year sabbatical leave to work in the Population Genetics Laboratory at the University of Hawaii. He retired in 1992 and currently holds the title of Emeritus Professor of the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Dr. Jackson has authored and co-authored more than 100 scientific publications, and has had two books published. Most of his publications in the past twenty years have related to cytogenetics. He is also a member of numerous professional societies and has been active in the ACP-ASIM since becoming a fellow in 1967.

Dr. Jackson and his lovely wife, Mary, have three children who live in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia. They have four active grandchildren who enjoy racing dog sleds, sports fishing, and all types of ball games. Dr. Jackson's hobbies include woodworking, woodcarving, and piloting lake amphibian planes for the past 25 years. These interests led to his amazing fete of building his own airplane, a Varieze, which is housed at the NASA base in Huntsville, Alabama.

Because of his distinguished career and dedication to science, Dr. Jackson has been chosen as the 2002 Laureate for the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

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