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2012 John Tooker Evergreen Award Winner

The Minnesota Chapter received a
2012 Evergreen Award
for the following program:

Peer Judging of Posters at Annual State Chapter Meeting

Seeking to increase the engagement of associates and young physicians, the Minnesota Chapter implemented a peer judging system for posters at the annual chapter meeting. Traditionally, they had one judge for every five poster presenters (medical students and residents) who would determine, by defined criteria, which poster of the five would advance to the next level. The new peer judging format instead has each presenter in the group evaluate the others, using the same defined criteria, although they cannot evaluate themselves. The “judge’s” role is now one of moderator, encouraging discussion and ensuring the process stays on schedule. After the idea originated spontaneously and was tried in one group at the 2009 meeting, it was studied in a randomized unblinded trial at the 2010 meeting, with follow-up surveys being performed at the conclusion of the judging. Peer judging was found to be extremely popular and was rated as a fair and balanced way to assess the posters. The Scientific Meeting planning committee and the MN ACP Council felt the peer judging format increased the level of engagement of poster presenters, increased the willingness of community physicians to serve as moderator/judges, and increased the number of poster presenters at the subsequent meeting; a chapter record 170 abstracts were submitted.

Contact Information

John B. Bundrick, MD, FACP, Governor, Minnesota Chapter

Chapter Staff:
Katherine Cairns, Executive Director
1043 Grand Ave. #215
St. Paul, MN 55105
Fax: 651-699-7798