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Leadership Day 2012

June 6-7, 2012

Leadership Day is sponsored by the American College of Physicians and allows chapters throughout the country to meet with members of their Congressional delegation and/or legislative health staff. This is a two-day event with the first day held at a hotel in DC near the Capitol. On the first day, ACP provides workshops and presentations on current legislative issues and information about these topics.

The second day is the actual meetings with the Congresspersons. The chair of the Health & Public Policy Committee coordinates the event. The Maryland delegation is divided into 3 teams with practicing and administrative physicians, residents and students for each team.

The Maryland Chapter would like to have at least 4 residents attend Leadership Day with representatives from at least 4 different programs. For additional information about Leadership Day, please contact Maryellen Woodward.

Page updated: 02/14/12

Contact Information

Stephen D. Sisson, MD, FACP,
Governor, Maryland Chapter

Maryellen Woodward
920 Trinity Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Chapter Administrator
Office: 410-332-8444
E-mail: mew4work@aol.com