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Welcome to CRAB!

This Maryland CRAB (Chief Resident Association of Baltimore) site features information that we believe will be useful to the residents in our metropolitan area. We hope that you will take the opportunity to look at some of our activities, both past and present, as well as information that pertains to upcoming events. We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with our residents in "Charm City."

CRAB Co-Chairs

Daniel Kim, MD, dkim34@jhmi.edu
Abhishek Freyer, MD, abhishek.freyer@medstar.net
Ugochukwu Ozumba, MBBS, harborchiefs2014@gmail.com
Sameer Ahmed, MD, sameer.ahmed@stagnes.org
Ashrit Multani, MBBS, chiefs@sinaimed.net

Calendar of Events

History of CRAB

Residency Program Information

Page updated: 09/23/14

Contact Information

Stephen D. Sisson, MD, FACP,
Governor, Maryland Chapter

Maryellen Woodward
920 Trinity Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Chapter Administrator
Office: 410-332-8444
E-mail: mew4work@aol.com