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Spring 2013

This is a biannual newsletter intended to help inform Early Career Physicians in Massachusetts of events and news that matter to them. ACP defines Early Career Physicians as ACP members who are within 16 years of graduating medical school and who are not currently a resident or fellow.

Upcoming Events

Internal Medicine 2013

Internal Medicine 2013, will be held April 9–13, 2013, in San Francisco, CA. The meeting promises to deliver a wide range of educational content. The Massachusetts Chapter reception will take place Thursday, April 11 at 8:30 pm at the San Francisco Marriott. Watch the MA ACP website and Facebook page for more details.

Maintenance of Certification Exam Preparation

September 16-17, Boston, MA
Increase and refresh knowledge of core topics in internal medicine and the subspecialties through discussion of common and not-so-common clinical problems. Become adept working through difficult test questions logically and successfully. Implement changes in clinical practice in accordance with recent advances and clinical guidelines. Click here for registration information.


Massachusetts Council of Early Career Physicians

Year in Review

This has been a great year for the ACP Massachusetts Council of Early Career Physicians.

In January 2013, we had our second annual Winter Social Event for MA ACP early career physicians at the Met Bar in Chestnut Hill, MA. It was a successful event with over 50 attendees as well as Governor Dupee and other Governor’s Council members. Early career physicians enjoyed food and wine while they mingled with one another.

In November, 2012, as part of the Massachusetts ACP Annual Scientific Meeting, we sponsored a well-attended panel on “Non-traditional Physician Careers”. With the rapidly changing health care system there are many opportunities other than patient care for the creative and adventurous physician. The panel was moderated by Larissa Lucas, MD, FACP, Senior Deputy Editor for DynaMed and included Michael Coffey, MD, FAAFP, Medical Director, Information Systems for North Shore Physicians Group; Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, Vice President and Chief Medical Information and Innovation Officer at Merck and a Lecturer in Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School; Claire Pierre, MD, director of the Program in Health Systems Strengthening and Social Change at the Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine; and Elisabeth L. Scheufele, MD, an Informaticist and Subject Matter Expert with the Recombinant Data Corporation in Newton MA.

In September 2012, we held our first CME event. The event, titled, "A Medical Malpractice Primer, What You Should Know" featured Mr. Richard Corder, Assistant Vice President for CRICO Strategies, and Dr. Luis Sanchez, Director of Physician Health Services, Inc. Mr. Corder's lecture described the processes by which CRICO is able initiate data-driven action plans from malpractice prevention. Dr. Sanchez's talk focused on the emotional impact of a lawsuit on a physician.

In June 2012, we had a family picnic at Auburndale Cove in Newton. Many early career ACP members attended with their significant others and families for an outdoor barbeque on a beautiful summer day by the Charles River.

Join our Council!

We are actively recruiting new members to the MA ACP Council of Early Career Physicians. If you are receiving this newsletter, you are an Early Career Physician and are eligible to join. We are especially interested in adding members from regions outside of the Greater Boston area. The mission of the Council is to enhance professional development and quality of life for early career Internists in Massachusetts, foster their involvement in College activities, and ensure that their voices are heard in all chapter discussions. Participation entails attendance at quarterly meetings (all with teleconference capabilities) and helping plan our MAECP events. If you are interested, please contact MAECP Chairperson Phoebe Cushman at phoebecushman@gmail.com.


“Like” MAACP on Facebook

www.facebook.com/MassachusettsACP -- Thanks to all those who contribute posts and photos to help keep the page current.


ACP News

Recruit a Colleague Program

Ask your colleagues to join ACP today, and earn money toward your own membership fees for doing so! The need for a strong voice to speak on behalf of medicine and, in particular, internal medicine has never been greater than it is today. It is critically important that we unify to address the specific needs of our medical specialty. There are advocacy efforts to champion, practice management issues to simplify, and a time-honored profession to foster. There is strength in numbers. Together, we can change the direction of internal medicine.

Leadership Day 2012

Nearly 400 ACP members participated in the College’s annual advocacy event in Washington, DC in 2012. Attendees received an intensive day of briefings on ACP's most prominent issues, along with training on how best to talk with legislators on topics like the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate, the effect of across-the-board cuts on important federal programs and medical liability reform.
Consider joining in on Leadership Day May 21-22, 2013

Become an ACP Fellow

Becoming a Fellow of the ACP means more than just adding four letters on the end of your name. It is a distinct recognition of achievement in your career. It may be achieved by either advancement from ACP Membership, by direct election, or by the suggestion of your ACP Governor.

New Fellows from Massachusetts this year:

  • David M. Brabeck, MD, FACP
  • Christine L. Bryson, DO, FACP
  • Alexander R. Carbo, MD, FACP
  • Chakra P Chaulagain, MD FACP
  • Elisa I. Choi, MD, FACP
  • Bradley H. Crotty, MD, FACP
  • Carolyn M. D'Ambrosio, MD, FACP
  • Henry J. Feldman, MD, FACP
  • Renee M Goetzler, MD FACP
  • Terrence Charles Hack, MD FACP
  • Chi-Cheng Huang, MD, FACP
  • Janet Larson, MD FACP
  • William Joel Lawton, MD, FACP
  • Albert M. Loerinc, MD, FACP
  • Larissa J. Lucas, MD, FACP
  • Gina L Luciano, MD FACP
  • Katherine L Lupton, MD FACP
  • Erin L. Malone, MD, FACP
  • Francisco M. Marty, MD, FACP
  • Milan C Mathew, MD MPH FACP
  • Arun Mukherjee, MD, FACP
  • Michael F. Murray, MD, FACP
  • Muthoka L. Mutinga, MD, FACP
  • Kerri L Palamara, MD FACP
  • Natalie P Pauli, MD FACP
  • Jeffrey E. Silver, MD, FACP
  • Linda Rebecca Spanagel, MD, FACP
  • Gitanjali Srivastava, MD, FACP
  • Armand Tanase, MD, FACP
  • Venu Madhav Velagapudi, MD, FACP


ACP Internist

ADA recommendations increase blood pressure target to below 140 mm Hg systolic in diabetic patients

A higher maximum systolic blood pressure target for diabetics is one of the most significant changes in the American Diabetes Association's 2013 Standards of Medical Care. The standards, which are revised annually, are based on the most current scientific evidence and provide guidance on treating children and adults with all types of diabetes. They were published online Dec. 20, 2012, and in a special supplement to the January 2013 Diabetes Care.

Several changes were made to the recommendations for 2013, the most significant being an increase in the systolic blood pressure goal for many people with diabetes from less than 130 mm Hg to less than 140 mm Hg. The revision was based on several new meta-analyses showing little additional benefit from lower targets, according to a press release. However, lower targets may still be appropriate for some patients, for example those who are younger or have a higher risk of stroke, the recommendations noted.

Keeping up with the literature

The American College of Physicians offers ACP JournalWise, a personalized, mobile-optimized updating service for clinical articles from a large number of medical journals free to members.

The American College of Physicians provides Guidelines free online and include clinical practice recommendations on common clinical problems from Breast Cancer Screening to End of Life Care. There are also patient directed summaries.


Members of the Massachusetts ACP Council of Early Career Physicians


  • Chair: Phoebe Cushman, MD -Primary Care /Urgent Care Mt. Auburn Hospital
  • Vice Chair: Steven Van Dam, MD - Primary Care, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Needham
  • Treasurer: Tejas Patel, MD, MBBS, FACP - Hospitalist Medicine and Nephrology, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
  • Secretary: Natalie Pauli, MD - Primary Care, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • Newsletter Editor: Larissa Lucas, MD - Editor, DynaMed and physician at Hospice of the North Shore
  • Communications: Milan Mathew, MD - Hospitalist, Metrowest Hospital

    Council Members

  • Joel Auslander, MD - Hospitalist, Newton-Wellesley Hospital
  • Linda Habeeb-Rotondo, MD - Primary Care, Medical Affiliates of Sandwich
  • Gene Lambert, MD, MBA - Hospitalist, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Jason Luke, MD, Medical Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Elisabeth Scheufele, MD, Associate in Medicine and Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Physician Informaticist/SME, Recombinant Data Corporation
  • Nii Tetteh, MD, Primary Care, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Andy Zimolzak, MD - Harvard Medical Informatics Fellow and Urgent Care physician Harvard Vangaurd Medical Associates in Kenmore

We are actively recruiting additional Internists to join our MA Council of Early Career Physicians. If you are interested, please email Phoebe Cushman at phoebecushman@gmail.com


If you have anything you would like included in the next issue of this newsletter or ideas to improve this in the future, please write to Dr. Phoebe Cushman at phoebecushman@gmail.com.

Additional information for early career physicians can be found on the Young Physicians Corner on ACP Online.


Page updated: 4/5/2013

Contact Information

George M. Abraham, MD, MPH, FACP,
Governor, Massachusetts Chapter

Lynda Layer, CAE
Executive Director
Ph: 781-434-7317
E-mail: llayer@mms.org