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Member Accomplishments

Congratulate our Newest Master

Congratulations to Gregory A. Hood, MD, MACP of Lexington who has been selected to become Master of the College (MACP). To be considered for Mastership, the candidate must have made a notable contribution to medicine. This includes but is not limited to teaching, outstanding work in clinical medicine (research or practice), contributions to preventive medicine, improvements in the delivery health care, or contributions to medical literature.

Congratulations to our 2014 KY Chapter Awardees!

Gregory Hood, MD, FACP - Laureate Award
Charles Sargent, MD - UK Faculty Award
Remma Patel, MD - UK Resident of the Year
G P Carter, MD - UK Student of the Year
Glenn Hirsch, MD - UL Faculty of Award
Frederick Giffiths, MD - UL Resident of the Year
Andrew Nguyen - UL Student of the Year

2015 ACP Young Achievers

Special congratulations to our chapterís Young Achievers:

  • Ryan Eid; Anub G. John, MD; Justin R. Kingery, MD PhD; and Dillon Pender - National Abstract Competition/Chapter Winner Poster Finalists
  • Michael E. Jesinger, MD - National Abstract Competition/National Poster Finalist

Congratulations to Our New Fellows!

View the full list of KY Chapter members who were elected to Fellowship in the past 6 months.

Interested in applying for Fellowship in the ACP? If you have any questions, and/or would like to request an application package, please feel free to contact Kentucky ACP Governor, Greg A. Hood, MD, FACP.

Page updated: 11/20/2015