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2013 Governors-elect Candidates' Bios and Vision Statements

Japan Chapter

The ballots for the current Governors-elect election have been mailed. The voting membership (Masters, Fellows, Members, and Resident/Fellow Members with an electdate of 8/1/2011 or earlier) can vote online (www.directvote.net/ACP/) or mail-in ballot. You will need your mailed ballot with your ACP Member Number and Election Passcode in order to make a vote. Below are the bios and vision statements of the candidates that are running in this election. Online voting began on August 26, 2013 and ends on October 25, 2013 at 11:59 PM Eastern. Please be sure to vote!

For replacement ballots and election customer service, e-mail support@directvote.net or call toll-free 1 866 909 3549, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central. For general election information, you may email Evelyn James, Governor Election Coordinator, or call her at 215 351 2699.

Keijiro Saku, MD, FACP
Dr. Saku


EDUCATION: 1972-1978: Fukuoka Univ. Sch. of Med., Fukuoka, Japan. MD (1978), PhD (1985), 1978-1981: Fukuoka Univ. Hosp. (Residency and Graduate School), 1981-1985: Dept. of Int. Med. and Lipid Research Clinic, Univ. of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: 1985-1987: Cardiology, Fukuoka Univ. Sch. of Med., Fukuoka, Japan

CERTIFICATION: Medical License (Japan), The Japanese Board of Int. Med. (Oct. 1995), The Japanese Board of Cardiology (November 1996), The Japanese Board of Endocrinology and Metabolism (April 1996)

PRESENT POSITION: Professor and Chairman: Dept. of Cardiology, Fukuoka Univ. School of Med., Fukuoka, Japan, Prof. and Chairman: Dept. of Advanced Therapeutics for Cardiovascular Disease, Dept. of Molecular Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Dept. of Community and Emergency Medicine, Fukuoka Univ.

ACP ACTIVITIES: Fellow (July 1997)

CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT/LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: (Japan Chapter), 2005-2010: Chairman, Credential/Membership Comm., ACP Japan Chapter, 2001-2005: ACP Journal Club, Introducer to J. of the Japanese Society of Int. Med. (Japanese), 2011-2013: Vice President, ACP Japan Chapter

HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY SERVICE: 2006-2008: Vice Pres., Fukuoka Univ. Hosp., Fukuoka, Japan, 2011-2013: Chairman, Anti-Smoking Promotion Comm. of the Japanese Circulation Society; OTHER APPOINTMENTS: 2006 July - Director, NPO Clinical Applied Science

AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST/EXPERTISE: Cardiology, Atherosclerosis, Lipid metabolism, and Interventional Cardiology, Editor: Vascular Street, Assoc. Editor: Circ J, J Cardiology, Rinnsho to Kenkyu, Int. Med., 2001~: Member of the Board, the Japanese Society of Int. Med. (Kyushu area) 2003~: Member of the Board, the Japanese College of Cardiology, 2008~: Comm. of Japanese Medical Emergency, the Japanese Society of Int. Med., 2007~: Member, Emergency Medicine Comm. of the Japanese Circulation Society, 2011~: Member of the Board of Directors, the Japanese Circulation Society, 2011~: Chairman, Anti-Smoking Promotion Comm. of the Japanese Circulation Society

Vision Statement

The Japanese Chapter of the ACP conducts many of its activities through annual meetings, council meetings, the publication of newsletters, blast e-mails, and networking. The Japanese Chapter has contributed to the growth of all Chapters through its commitment to sharing successful best practices through the Evergreen program, and has been recognized as an Evergreen All-Star for its achievements. However, we must use the Internet to let young physicians, associates and medical students learn more about our Chapter and its activities. In clinical practice, we encourage appropriate solutions recommended by evidence-based medicine. We would like to promote advancement from Associateship to Membership, and from Membership to Fellowship. The characteristics of the Japanese Chapter should be emphasized, i.e., we act locally, but think internationally regarding health and diseases. I should be active in the College and support ACP efforts to involve members from many backgrounds.

Fumiaki Ueno, MD, MACP
Dr. Ueno

PLACE OF BIRTH: Tokyo, Japan

EDUCATION: School: Keio Univ. Sch. of Med., Tokyo, Japan, Degree: M.D; Date of Graduation: March, 1973

POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: Internship: Institution: US Air Force Hosp., Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan, Type: Rotating Internship, Inclusive Dates: 1973-74, Residency: Institution: Tulane Univ. Sch. of Med., New Orleans, LA, Type: Residency in Int. Med., Inclusive Dates: 1974-77, Fellowship: Institution: Tokai Univ. Sch. of Med., Kanagawa, Japan, Type: Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Inclusive Dates: 1977-80

CERTIFICATION: Diplomate, American Board of Int. Med., June, 1977; valid at present, Diplomate, Japanese Society of Gastroenterology, July, 1988; valid by renewal every five years, Advanced to Certified Specialist in Gastroenterology in January, 2004, Diplomate, Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Soc., Dec., 1984; valid by renewal every five years, Advanced to Certified Endoscopy Specialist in Dec., 1998, Advanced to Directing Endoscopy Specialist in Dec., 2003

PRESENT POSITION: Distinguished Consultant in Med. and Gastroenterology, Ofuna Chuo Hosp., 2004~present, Senior Consultant in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Keio Univ. Ctr. for Endoscopy, 2009~present, Prof. of Med. (part-time), Tokai Univ. Sch. of Med., 2000~present

ACP ACTIVITIES: Member, 1981~86, Fellow, 1986~2012, Master, 2012~present

CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT/LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: Vice-President, Japan Chapter, 2003~2011, Japan Governor’s Representative, 2003~2011

HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY SERVICE: Served as CEO of Gokeikai Medical Foundation, a government-accredited social medical corporation to provide health care of excellence to the community, 2007~present

OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Amer. College of Gastroenterology, Chair, International Relations Comm., 2005~2007, Member, International Relations Comm., 2004~2008, Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor, Board member, Research Comm. of Investigations and Studies on Refractory Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, 2004~present, Japanese Soc. of Gastroenterology, Chair, Comm. of Guidelines Development for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, 2007~present, Japanese Gastroenterological Assoc., Council Member, 2008~present, Member, International Exchange Committee, 2009~present

AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST/EXPERTISE: Clinical gastroenterology, Inflammatory bowel disease, Evidence-based medicine

Vision Statement

Between 2003 and 2011, I have served as a formal representative of Dr. Kurokawa, the first Governor of the Japan Chapter. Through communication with national leaders of ACP with whom I have strong contacts, I envision the Chapter where all members – young and old, generalists and specialists – enjoy benefits of membership, especially educational opportunities to enhance clinical expertise in Internal Medicine. The ACP Japan Chapter will be particularly attractive to young physicians, and our mission is to attain sustainable quality for future generations.

Contact Information

Rie Sakane and Yutaka Noda
ACP Japan Chapter
Ph: +81 ( 75 )- 241 - 9620
Fax: +81 ( 75 )- 241 – 9692
Rie and Yutaka's email: office@acpjapan.org
Japan Chapter Web site

Fumiaki Ueno, MD, MACP
Japan Chapter Governor