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Evergreen Award

The Evergreen Program was created in 1993 by the College to recognize and reward outstanding chapter efforts. It provides visibility and recognition to those chapters that have been successful in developing and implementing programs that strengthen the chapter and increase member communication and involvement.Each year all chapters are invited to nominate their own programs, and to provide details on the goals of the program, how it was implemented, and what the results were. The Chapters Subcommittee has the difficult task of reviewing the submissions and selecting those chapters they feel has earned the award. Awards for the 2002 were presented to the winning chapters/regions in April at the Board of Governors/Board of Regents Luncheon.

The Illinois Chapter is a proud winner of the 2002 Evergreen Award for submission of the following two programs:

Fellowship Informational Workshop

The Illinois Chapter sponsored a Fellowship Informational Workshop in August 2001 to assist Residents through the process of obtaining a fellowship. The workshop, in its second year, was planned an implemented by the local Council of Associates, and attracted over eighty residents from throughout the state. Letters were sent to program directors encouraging them to attend. Four fellowship program directors presented their advice on the fellowship process. Third year Residents who had recently obtained fellowship slots were also invited, and nine participants spoke about their experiences and offered their counsel. Participants also received information on College activities of relevance to Residents. Non-members in attendance were given Associate applications and were encouraged to apply. The event, which included a luncheon, was funded through an unrestricted pharmaceutical grant and minimal chapter expenses were incurred. The workshop provided Residents the opportunity to learn from those who had successfully survived this difficult process.

Formation of Illinois Coalition of Healthcare Organizations

The Illinois Chapter established the Illinois Coalition of Health Care Organizations, an umbrella organization representing the common interests of all health-related societies in the state. The purpose of the Coalition was to present a unified and powerful voice in the State legislature on issues related to internal medicine. The Chapter contacted twenty health related organizations in Illinois and at their first meeting had a turnout of twenty-nine people representing sixteen different groups. The Coalition focused its attention on the misuse of tobacco settlement money. A resolution was developed, a working group established, and plan of action put into place. The plan consisted of increasing the number of participating organizations, having them sign on to the resolution, educating the legislature, and soliciting involvement from the general public. The intention of the plan was to determine and publicize where each legislator stood on the issue. The Chapter hopes that the actions of the Coalition will have an impact on correcting the misuse of tobacco settlement money, and play an influential role in health care legislation in Illinois.

Contact Information

Marie Brown, MD, FACP
Governor, Illinois Northern Region

Janet A Jokela, MD, FACP
Governor, Illinois Downstate Region

Donna Seawards, CAE, CNAP
Executive Director
Ph: 623-225-5527