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Illinois Northern Chapter Electronic Abstract Form

Deadline - Fri, Sep. 6, 2013
WARNING: This form is programmed to reject all submission attempts after Midnight, Fri, Sep. 6, 2013

To ensure that your abstract is considered, complete all the information below. You must be an ACP member to enter this competition. You will be notified via email if your submission is accepted. Please also note that accepted posters should be designed 4' wide x 3' tall.

(If you have applied for membership, have not yet received
your ACP#, please enter 'pending'.)
Address 2
Additional Authors (please list, if any)

If you have questions about the Abstract Competition, please email IL.Associates.Day@gmail.com.

If in the conduct of these studies, human or animal subjects were exposed to risks not required by their medical needs, the author affirms that the study was approved by an appropriate committee, or, if no such committee was available and informed consent was needed, it was obtained in accordance with the principles set forth in “The Institutional Guide to DHEW Policy on Protection of Human Subjects” and the “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals,” published by the NIH.

Page updated: July 15, 2013

Contact Information

Marie Brown, MD, FACP
Governor, Illinois Northern Region

Janet A Jokela, MD, FACP
Governor, Illinois Downstate Region

Donna Seawards
Executive Director
Ph: 623-225-5527