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June 2012 S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP Governor

Governor’s Message

Dr. Brady
By S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, FACP

I am en route home from the Annual meeting of the American College of Physicians. It is my second to last as Governor, and I look forward to continuing to attend for years to come.

Many of you have experienced the quality of presentations at the national meeting. This year, there was an excellent summary of the philosophical and training differences between primary care physicians and nurse practitioners, advanced practice R.N.’s, and Doctors of Nursing Practice. There are seven policies recommended in the monograph published by the American College of Physicians. Vigorous discussion followed regarding the roles and future of collaboration.

Robert Doherty gave a discouraging but thorough update of national policy about healthcare, and the multiple scenarios resulting from Supreme Court action on the Affordable Care Act. His material was presented in the usual entertaining manner. I have a copy of his powerpoint for anyone interested in reviewing it.

Dr. Steven Weinberger, CEO of the ACP reviewed College policy on the High Value, Cost-Conscious Care Initiative as a partial solution to the extreme spending on healthcare nationally. The recommendations for appropriate screening and diagnostic testing would save billions of dollars annually.

Dr. Robert Wachter, Chair-Elect of the American Board of Internal Medicine, discussed Maintenance of Certification and the evolution from time-limited diplomas to a concept of continous activity to maintain certification.

There were several fine presentations about the disaster visited by Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, and the weaknesses in providing healthcare to the public prior to Katrina which were exposed and are being remedied.

I was excited to be the College’s Marshal for the Convocation ceremony this year. Attendance was about 2000, as numerous world leaders in medicine were recognized and honored. More than 500 members became new Fellows, including Laurie Tam and Stephen Oishi from Hawai‘i. There was an inspirational message about the heart of the physician by Dr. Virginia Hood, the President of the College.

Perhaps the strongest reason to attend the meeting is the unbelievably high quality of continuing education. I know of no other forum for furthering the knowledge of our colleagues which can match the Annual Meeting. Remember the fine Chapter meeting we experienced last January? There were hours and hours of preparation to produce the case of the sequence of visits during our patient’s life. Imagine multiplying that experience more than a hundred-fold! About 6000 internists attended the New Orleans gathering this year.

The locations of the national meetings are chosen with intent. The food and culture of New Orleans were superb. The museums and political activity of Washington, DC were a delight. Philadelphia is the home of the ACP, and the seat of the nation’s oldest medical school, in addition to having the highest density of medical schools of any city in the country.

Some years, it is difficult to attend the Annual Meeting. Multiple flights were required for the recent meetings in New Orleans, Toronto (even an active passport!), Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. However, ACP 2013 will be an easy hop to San Francisco, a city arguably as interesting and fulfilling as New Orleans. In this era of healthcare crisis and demoralization of primary care, the collegial experience of the Annual Meeting is rejuvenating indeed! Allow yourself to reground in the calling you have chosen to follow!


Letter from Governor-Elect

Mary Ann Antonelli, MD, FACP
Dr. Antonelli

What a scary time to have been chosen as "Governor-Elect-Designee" of the Hawai‘i Chapter of the ACP! Although change is always in the air in medicine, the paradigm shifts coming in the near future are likely to be immense and of monumental importance to how we practice medicine; we must pledge to continue to do what we know best - care for our patients, even in new and creative ways.

This is a vital time for seeking and sharing the support of peers in Internal Medicine, to help us all through what will be an unpredictable shift. Keeping patient-centered will keep us on track, while we wade through whatever health care system changes occur, through ICD-10, through the 'quality measures' that will follow us. We need to seek the expertise and counsel of our peers, work together to be sure that internal medicine survives, even grows and evolves, as we see medicine and it's "neighborhood" change. We will need to be in charge of that change as much as possible, since we want to assure that our patients benefit from the change, not be burdened by it.

I believe that our Hawaii Chapter can be that common ground for us to 'occupy' in order to have creative and attentive support, nurturing and sharing of opportunities, and analytic insight into our futures. I look to all of our members to help each other, to strengthen our chapter, and to continue to build our community for the common goal of maintaining and recovering optimum health for everyone, including ourselves as internists and medical specialists. I thank you for the opportunity to serve, but also invite, and even expect, your support for the future, since it is our future.


Photo Gallery

Hawaii Chapter Annual Meeting
image 1

Drs. Furuike (former Governor), Antonelli (Governor-Elect) and Loui (former Governor)

image 2

Dr. Marshall during one of the scientific sessions

image 3

Abstract competition participants

image 4

Drs. Brady (current Governor) and Antonelli (Governor-Elect)

image 5

Dr. Liz Tam listens to an abstract presentation

image 6

Dr. Liz Tam receives Laureate Award from Dr. Brady

image 7

Dr. Irwin Schatz receives a koa plaque from Dr. Brady in appreciation for the first Irwin J. Schatz Lectureship

ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2012 in New Orleans
IM 2012 a

Dr. Brady at Convocation

IM 2012 b

New Fellow Dr. Laurie Tam with Governor-Elect Dr. Antonelli

IM 2012 c

Hawai‘i’s new Fellows: Drs. Oishi and Tam with Dr. Antonelli

University of Hawai‘i Convocation 2012
Convocation 2012

Drs. Brady and Tam with the winner of the ACP Student Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine for the Class of 2013, Erina Matsumoto.


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