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Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter

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March 2014 John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC, FACP, ACP Governor

Governor's Report

Dr. Embil

This newsletter summarizes the past two years of activity in the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter of the American College of Physicians. Much activity has surrounded promoting the specialty of Internal Medicine amongst the medical students. The number of medical student members has increased as has membership amongst residents in Internal Medicine.

The Local Chapter of the American College of Physicians has partnered with the medical students Internal Medicine Interest Group to host a number of very well attended venues, specifically, “Meet the Professor” where specialists in Internal Medicine and its subspecialists have provided insights into their career choices, activities within their career, and how they have been able to always maintain Internal Medicine as a focal point of their clinical activities. In addition, a “Speed Dating an Internist” evening has always been supported by the Local Chapter of the ACP. This very well attended event has provided undergraduate medical students insights into the activities of specialists in Internal Medicine and their subspecialties.

The American College of Physicians has partnered with the Bug Day Planning Committee to co-host “Bug Day”. This is Manitoba’s largest continuing healthcare education event attracting approximately 1200 people on site at the University of Manitoba, or by means of telehealth transmission. Once again, the topics that were presented were of a broad scope focussing on infectious diseases, infection prevention and control, and public health.

For the upcoming year, the Chapter plans to continue hosting events to stimulate interest in Internal Medicine amongst the undergraduate medical students.

How to Reach Us

John M. Embil, MD, FACP
University of Manitoba
Infection Prevention and Control Unit
MS673, 820 Sherbrook Street
Health Sciences Center
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1R9
Telephone Number: 204-787-4654
Fax Number: 204-787-2989
E-mail: jembil@hsc.mb.ca


Canadian Chapter Reception ~ Orlando, Florida

Internal Medicine 2014, the annual ACP scientific meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida on April 10-12, 2014. Please check the ACP Website for details.

Don’t miss the Canadian Chapter Reception:
Friday, April 11, 2014
6-9 p.m.
Taverna Opa, 9101 International Drive #2240
Orlando, FL


MBSK Chapter Membership

Welcome to our newest Members:

Timonthy J. Hiebert, MD, Winnipeg
Nabil A. Asfour, MD, Saskatoon

Welcome new Resident/Fellow Members:

James Bras, MD, Winnipeg
Joel Chen, MD, Winnipeg
Navjot Deol, MBBchB, Saskatoon
Vinit V. Elimban, MD, Winnipeg
Leathia Fiorino, MD, Winnipeg
Ben T. Fultz, MD, Winnipeg
Tamara Glavinovic, MD, Winnipeg
Jeffrey Graham, Winnipeg
Susan Laura Green, Winnipeg
Amanda J. Halpin, MD, Saskatoon
Stephanie Johnson, MD, Winnipeg
Vojislav Jovanovic, MD, Saskatoon
Safiya Karim, MD, Saskatoon
Amber Mather, MD, Winnipeg
Andrea Mazurat, MD, Winnipeg
William F. McIntyre, Winnipeg
Chantalle Menard, MD, Winnipeg
Liam O'Neil, MD, Winnipeg
Manjinder K. Pannu, Winnipeg
Rishi Parihar, MD, Saskatoon
Dwip M. Prajapati, MD, Saskatoon
Ceri A. Richards, MD, Winnipeg
Lana Rosenfield, Winnipeg
Judith A. Seary, MD, Winnipeg
Aleksi Emil Suo, Saskatoon
Kelsey Tallon, MBBCH, Saskatoon
Dorothy Thomas, MD, Regina
Kristina N. Watt, Saskatoon

Total chapter membership (as of February 24, 2014):

Masters 1
Fellows 34
Members 62
Resident/Fellow Members 84
Medical Student Members 81
Physician Affiliates 1
Total 263