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Meet Our Governor-elect

Ontario Chapter

Congratulations to the Ontario Chapter Governor-Elect, Alexander Ross Morton, MD, FACP. Our new Governor-elect will do a year of training as a Governor-elect and then will start his four-year term as Governor in the Spring of 2015. As Governor, Dr. Morton will serve as the official representative of the College for the Ontario Chapter, providing a link between members at the local level and leadership at the national level. In the meantime, Dr. Morton will be working closely with Dr. Feldman (the current Governor) and College staff to learn about the College and his duties as Governor. To learn more about Dr. Morton, feel free to read his bio below.

Alexander Ross Morton, MD, FACP
Dr. Morton

EDUCATION: University of Saint Andrews, University of Manchester

POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: University of Manchester, University of Toronto; CERTIFICATION: BSc (Saint Andrews) MB ChB (Manchester) MD (Manchester); FRCP (London) FRCPC (Canada) FACP

PRESENT POSITION: Professor of Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada


CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT/LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: Member of the Governor’s Advisory Council. Queen’s University representative. Frequent Speaker at Chapter Annual Meeting


OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Chair, Division of Nephrology

AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST/EXPERTISE: General Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Mineral Metabolism

Vision Statement

The Ontario Chapter of the American College of Physicians has forged strong links with the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine this year. These links needs to be maintained and strengthened to include other Chapters across the country.

With the President of the Canadian Medical Association due to be appointed from Ontario in the summer of 2014, this is an ideal opportunity to increase dialogue between the two major national organizations using Ontario as a base.

The link between the Ontario University and Community Physicians is ripe for strengthening as Social Media communications increases. Issues relevant to the membership can be brought to the attention of the Chapter quickly and dealt with in a timely manner, enhancing the relevance of the ACP to the Ontario membership. Furthermore using such rapid communication techniques, Medical Student and Trainee interest can be engaged, and educational opportunities increased.