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2013 Governors-elect Candidates' Bios and Vision Statements

Quebec Chapter

The ballots for the current Governors-elect election have been mailed. The voting membership (Masters, Fellows, Members, and Resident/Fellow Members with an electdate of 8/1/2011 or earlier) can vote via online (www.directvote.net/ACP/) or mail-in ballot. You will need your mailed ballot with your ACP Member Number and Election Passcode in order to make a vote. Below are the bios and vision statements of the candidates that are running in this election. Online voting began on August 26, 2013 and ends on October 25, 2013 at 11:59 PM Eastern. Please be sure to vote!

For replacement ballots and election customer service, e-mail support@directvote.net or call toll-free 1 866 909 3549, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central. For general election information, you may email Evelyn James, Governor Election Coordinator, or call her at 215 351 2699.

Bert A. Govig, MD, FACP
Dr. Govig

PLACE OF BIRTH: Albuquerque, NM, USA

EDUCATION: 1983 BA Duke University (Zoology & Religion), 1988 MD McGill University, 2010 MPH Harvard School of Public Health

POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: IM McGill University 1988 – 1993 (5 years)


PRESENT POSITION: Staff Internist – CSSS Les Eskers de l’Abitibi


CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT/LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: ACP Québec regional chapter board – 2012 – 2013

HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY SERVICE: Founder: La Coalition pour l’Acquisition de Saines Habitudes – CASH

OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Chair of the RC Exam Board for GIM 2013 – 2018


Vision Statement

La Médecine Interne au Québec est dynamique et innovatrice. Notre modèle favorise la polyvalence, l'adaptabilité, et la débrouillardise des cliniciens et il répondre parfaitement aux besoins d'un système qui soins les populations de plus en plus complexes avec les ressources de plus en plus limitées. Ce modèle a récemment devenu le modèle canadien et nos objectifs prochainement sont a développer les outils pour évaluer ces nouveaux spécialistes, et de promouvoir le développement des programmes au travers du Canada.

En parallel, c'est notre devoir a partager notre modèle avec les colleagues international, et les chapitres internationale de l'ACP nous offre une opportunité idéal pour le faire.

Nadine Lahoud, MD, FACP
Dr. Lahoud

EDUCATION: 1990 Medical Doctorat, French faculty of medicine, St-Joseph University, Beirut, 1990-1992 Masters in Business Administration, McGill University

POST DOCTORAL TRAINING: 1992-1996 Residency in Internal Medicine at Montreal University affiliated hospitals, 1996-1997 Training in digestive endoscopy in Montreal University affiliated hospitals

PRESENT POSITION: Chair, Internal Medicine department, Lasalle Hospital, Montreal. Chargée d’enseignement, Montreal University, Pavillon Hôtel Dieu du CHUM

ACP ACTIVITIES: 2010 Fellow of the ACP , 2012 member of the Quebec Chapter Executive committee, 2012 Chair of the Program planning committee for the ACP-CSIM Quebec joined meeting

HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY SERVICE: Current service only is listed below: Chair of the Medical education committee of the Quebec Internal medicine association, member of CSIM executive committee, member of the CSIM council, member of the CSIM Annual meeting committee, member of the CMDP Executive committee Lasalle hospital, member of the Royal College Internal medicine board of examiners


Vision Statement

If I am given the privilege of serving as Governor for the ACP Quebec chapter, I will work hard to enhance the visibility of the ACP in our province. One of my objectives will be to increase the ACP membership so that a bigger number of Quebec internists, both anglophone and francophone, become active participants in ACP activities. I will also strive to increase participation by medical students, residents, and fellows. Serving as the president of the ASMIQ continuous professional development committee and being an active member of the CSIM will allow me to build bridges between the ACP and our local medical education organizations. It is critical that internal medicine speak with a united voice as we enter an exceptionally exciting era of our specialty in Canada. We must continue strengthening the brand name of general internal medicine in this context. Our goal should be to have the general public and all relevant political and regulatory bodies understand unequivocally that internists are a very distinguished group of highly-trained experts who should be the providers of choice for most adults.