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January 2012 Dennis W. Cope, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Cope

Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 will be as prosperous and exciting for you as 2011 has been for Region I of Southern, California ACP! This issue will highlight the many events which have happened in our region for ACP. Our region has 2 new Masters at the College in David Rimoin, MD, MACP, Chief of Genetics at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Susan Sprau, MD, MACP from Santa Monica, UCLA and private practice pulmonologist on the west side of Los Angeles. They are pictured below receiving their titles at the regional meeting in Huntington Beach.

Dr. Rimoin
David Rimoin, MD, MACP (Left) is introduced by ACP S. California Region I Governor Dennis W. Cope, MD, FACP

Dr. Sprau
Susan Sprau, MD, MACP (Left) is introduced by Dennis W. Cope, MD, FACP

Later in this issue, Dr. Sprau provides an update on recent advocacy and cooperative efforts with the California Medical Association (CMA). Dr. Sprau has been the Chair of the ACP Advocacy Committee and is the past president of the California Chapter ACP Services.

Dr. Noah
Mark Noah, MD, FACP

Mark Noah, MD was honored as our Laureate physician for our region, and is seen in this issue receiving his award. Our Region I of Southern California, ACP had a very successful chapter meeting at the Huntington Beach Hilton Waterfront Hotel in conjunction with Region III of Southern California, ACP. Drs. Michael Rotblatt and Daniel Kang provide highlights from the conference including the resident winners for clinical vignettes, research abstracts and Medical “Jeopardy” winners.

Drs. Kelsey Shikuma and Mark Richman announce our chapter’s new Facebook page.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the 2012 ACP Internal Medicine Meeting will be held in New Orleans April 19-21. I look forward to seeing you there!


Southern California Regions I & III Scientific Meeting

By: Dr. Michael Rotblatt & Daniel Kang, MD

Region I, along with Region III, hosted a very successful Southern California Scientific Meeting on October 29. A varied group of ACP members attended, including private practice and academic physicians at all stages of their careers, Associates (Residents and Fellows), and medical students. In addition 2 current Masters of the ACP were present including Drs. Kouichi “Corky” Tanaka and Chester Choi.

The morning lectures included “Drug interactions for internists”, “Update on Hepatitis C”, “Update on Hypertension”, "Easily reduce your risk of malpractice, improve clinical outcomes and enjoy greater satisfaction”, and “The top 10 trials of 2010 impacting Internal Medicine”. Lecturers included Drs. Michael Rotblatt, Robert Gish, Leonard Mankin, Helane Fronek and Joel Diamant, respectively. Dr. Susan Sprau was the featured Keynote Speaker during lunch.

A new “Young Physician Section” was well attended with a panel presentation by Kaplan Financial. The topic was “Tax Planning for the Young Physician”.

Associates and Medical Students in Region I, Region III and the Navy submitted 96 Clinical Vignette and research posters for the competition. A diligent group of 20 volunteer judges discussed, negotiated and argued their top choices to realize the following winners for Region I:

Clinical Vignettes:
1st Place: Rekha Anjali Kumbla, MD (Olive View-UCLA)
2nd Place: Angelina Crans-Yoon, MD (Kaiser-LA)
3rd Place: Rena Shah, MD (UCLA)

Drs. Shah, Yoon, Kumbla
From Left To Right - Rena Shah, MD, Angelina Crans-Yoon, MD, Rekha Anjali Kumbla, MD

1st Place: Vincent Kao, MD (USC)
2nd Place: Timothy Maarup, MD (Kaiser-LA)
3rd Place: Lueng Tcheung, MD (Cedars-Sinai)

Drs.Tcheung, Kao, Rotblatt
Leung Tcheung, MD (R), Vincent Kao, MD (C), and Michael Rotblatt, MD (L)

Medical Student-Clinical Vignettes:
1st Place: Katheryn Melamed (UCLA)
2nd Place: Gergana Sophia Tomova (UCLA – Olive View)
3rd Place: Mariya Kalashnikova (USC)

Drs.Rotblatt, Tomova, Melamed
Michael Rotblatt, MD (L), Gergena Sophia Tomova (C), and Katheryn Melamed (R)

Medical Student-Research:
1st (and only) Place: Omar Kattan (UCLA – Olive View)

Drs.Kattan and Rotblatt
Omar Kattan (L) and Michael Rotblatt, M.D. (R)

Jeopardy Competition:
8 different jeopardy teams participated in this year’s event. The winner for this year was team UCLA: Drs. Holly Thomas, Daniel Kahn, and Alex Viehman

Drs.Kim, Kahn, Viehman
Holly Kim, MD (L), Daniel Kahn (C), and Alex Viehman (R)

We hope to see you at next year's Scientific Meeting!

S.CA Regions I & 3 Scientific Meeting Highlights









ACP Advocacy Update

By: Susan Sprau, M.D., MACP
Past President California Chap. ACP Services, Inc. (CA-ACP)

Sacramento Legislative Update:

The following bills will go into effect in 2012: Telehealth Payment: AB 415 (Logue) repeals the current prohibition for paying for a service provided by telephone or facsimile and, instead, prohibits the Department of Health Care Services (DMHC) from limiting the type of setting where services are provided. The new law also prohibits health plans and insurers from requiring in-person contact between physician and patient before payment is made for appropriate telehealth contracted services. This is a step towards ensuring that services aimed at improving access, quality and effectiveness of services, such as patient centered medical homes (PCMH) and other delivery models that utilize telemedicine (now called telehealth), can actually be paid for.

Immunizations: SB 614 (Kehoe) Childhood immunization: In 2010, California experienced a 418 percent increase in the number of pertussis cases over those in 2009. AB 354 (Arambula) Chapter 434, Statutes of 2010, that requires California’s Department of Public Health to consider disease-specific recommendations including the recommendation that all 7-12 grade students not be unconditionally admitted to classes unless vaccinated against pertussis (whooping cough). But the bill did not take effect until July 1, 2011. And while many school administrators sent notices home with students prior to this, contact with students and their parents was diminished once the 2010-11 school year ended.

Fearing that too many students would arrive, unimmunized, at the start of the school year, Supporters of AB 354 worked with Senator Kehoe’s staff to give flexibility to the law while remaining firm on the mandate. The result seems to be working: By allowing students 30 days beyond the first day of attendance, most schools throughout the state have increased their immunization rates. Some analysts believe that those few areas where immunizations remain low are likely the result of parents exercising their right to exempt children from immunizations. This may be the focus of follow-up legislation in 2012.

Public Safety: SB 746 (Lieu) became the first-in-the-nation law banning teenagers from indoor tanning facilities. The bill, co-sponsored by the California Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery and the AIM at Melanoma Foundation, protects young Californians, primarily young women and girls, of exposure to ultraviolet light in concentrations that are 10-15 times that of peak sunlight.

Prior Authorization: SB 866 (Hernandez) requires the Department of Managed Health Care and the Department of Insurance to jointly develop a prior authorization form for prescription drugs. The form must be no longer than two pages, be made electronically available and available to be electronic submitted. Under this new law, authorization will be deemed granted if a health plan or health insurer (except within Medi-Cal) fails to respond in two business days.

2011 CMA House of Delegates: Drs. Chester Choi and Susan Sprau served as delegates from our Chapter. Among resolutions authored by ACP, CMA has approved developing a web based information exchange regarding problems doctors are encountering with electronic medical records.

CMA is also supporting ACP in submitting a grant request to the CMS Center for Innovation for a Patient Centered Medical Home Model that would be workable for the solo/small practice physicians in California. If you know of anyone interested in working on this project, please contact Dr. Susan Sprau (sesacp@aol.com).

In 2011, a young physician and a resident from Northern California attended as ACP delegates. CMA is interested in working with ACP to increase participation in the resident, medical student and young physician sections. Please let Dr. Susan Sprau or Natalie Kaczur (califacp@aol.com) know of anyone who might be interested in being ACP delegates in 2012.

MediCal Budget Cuts: CMA and ACP continue to oppose the 2012 State budget cuts which were allowed by CMS. The fight is now going to the courts. Anyone who has had trouble finding specialists/primary care physicians to care for their MediCal patients should contact the CMA legislative department (www.cmanet.org) or Dr. Susan Sprau(sesacp@aol.com).

Sacramento Leadership Day: Sacramento Leadership Day is scheduled for February 28-29, 2012. Please let Natalie Kaczur and Dr. Cope know if you are planning on attending. Medical students, residents and young physicians are encouraged to attend. Also, please let us know of issues you feel are a priority for ACP at the State level so we can include them in our handouts to legislators.

Congressional Races: There are 2 ACP members running for Congress from California: Ami Bera, MD (Democrat, No. California) and Wayne Iverson, MD (Independent, San Diego area). They will be sharing their views on advocacy in an upcoming CA-ACP newsletter. If you are interested in learning more about (or volunteer for) their campaigns please contact them through their web sites.

CA-ACP Medical Services Committee: There is a vacancy on the CA-ACP Board of Directors for the Chair of the Medical Services Committee. Please let Mahar Roman (acpnow@aol.com) CA-ACP President or Natalie Kaczur know if you are interested.

California Services Chapter (501c6) Dues: Northern California and Southern California Region 3 Chapters have increased their dues for California Services Chapter (501c6) by $5.00/member. Last year our chapter chose not to increase our members’ due for California Services Chapter (501c6). What is your recommendation for this year? The monies would be used to increase staff/advocacy in Sacramento, and send more medical students/residents/fellows to Sacramento Leadership Day. California Services Chapter (501c6) Board of Directors is open to our input as to how to use the monies.

Key Contact Program: National ACP staff is concerned that Key Contacts are not responding to legislative alerts. What suggestions do you have as to why this is happening and how we can improve response rates?


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National ACP News

College Targets Emerging Leaders at Internal Medicine 2012

If you are planning to attend IM 2012 in New Orleans this year, consider going early so you can attend the leadership development pre-course offered on Wednesday, April 18th. "Beyond the Basics: Advanced Leadership Thinking " combines plenary presentations with small group discussions to explore strategic thinking, empowering others, managing change, and developing a shared vision. To find out more, or go here to register.

You can also register by phone at 1-(800)523-1546, ext. 2600. Member cost is $229 before February 15 and $309 after that date.

Other leadership topics covered during Internal Medicine Week include: Teamwork and Group Effectiveness, Building an Effective Inpatient Ward Team, Embracing Conflict, Case Studies in Leading Effective Change, and Presentation Skills for Physicians.

All of these courses count towards earning a LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Development) Certificate. Here is more information.

To find out how you can get more involved in our own chapter's leadership, go to http://www.acponline.org/lead, and click on Chapter Activities or contact me at dcope@ladhs.org.


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