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December 2012 George W. Meyer, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Governor's Message

Dr. Meyer

It may have been raining in San Francisco the weekend of 16-18 November 2012 but it was bright and sunny at the Parc 55 hotel where we held the CANO annual Chapter meeting. Lots of thanks to Carmelina Raffetto and her helpers; this was Carmís first big meeting in a long time and she did a great job! Thanks Carm, Lee Ann, Lorna and Lynn.

The Saturday lunch was highlighted by an awards ceremony. Ann Myers, MD FACP, and her Awards Committee did an outstanding job. There were two Laureate awardees, Mark Henderson, MD, FACP, from UC Davis and Muhammad Yasin Sheikh, MD, FACP from UCSF Fresno; and Joseph Silva, MD, MACP, was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The following persons were also recognized for their achievements:

Dr. Sheikh
Muhammad Yasin Sheikh, MD, FACP

Dr. Silva
Joseph Silva, MD, MACP

Dr. Ahuja
Distinguished Teacher/Mentor Award: Neera Ahuja, MD, FACP from Stanford

Dr. McCarron
Distinguished Teacher/Mentor Award: Robert M. McCarron, DO from UC Davis

Dr. Voltaire
Associate Leadership and Recognition Award: Voltaire Sinigayan, MD from UC Davis

Dr. Moriates
Young Physician Award: Christopher Moriates, MD from UC San Francisco

On Friday, Zach Holt, MD, FACP, led 2 SEP reviews with > 60 in attendance. Steve Roey, MD, FACP, gave a 4 hour seminar on leadership principles which would help attendees meet one of the requirements for the LEAD certificate from the ACP. Kelley Skeffís , (MD MACP), group again held a full day workshop for Chief Residents and Chiefs-to-be. Thanks to all of you and your faculty for an outstanding day.

Dr. Holt
Zach Holt, MD, FACP

Dr. Roey
Steve Roey, MD, FACP

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. I want to thank Raminder Gill, MD, FACP, and the rest of the program committee for putting together an outstanding program. There were a few computer glitches that slowed the program up a bit but our speakers rolled with the punches and kept us on time. Our ACP representative, Robert McLean, MD, FACP, Governor of the Connecticut Chapter gave the keynote talk, Primary Care Medicine; Dying on the Vine or Getting Ready to Bloom? It was well received. He also presented a brief ACP update at the noon luncheon. Richard Trachtman, JD, from the Washington office gave us ideas about what to expect from our elected representative in the next month (fiscal cliff, SGR, etc) and the next two years. Dick Thorp, MD FACP, president-elect of the CMA updated us on Sunday about California-specific issues and Darin Latimore, MD, FACP, at the c-6 portion of the meeting, updated us on the activities of ACP advocacy efforts. The poster sessions were run more efficiently than I have ever seen with wonderful organization from Kathleen Kenny, MD, FACP, and Terrie Mendelson, MD, FACP. We added a new category this year, Quality Improvement. Congratulations to the poster winners, Stutee Khandelwal, MD, from Kaiser Oakland, won in the Research category; Janet Leung, MD, from Stanford, was successful in the Quality group; and Torie Johnson, MD, from UC Davis had the best clinical vignette. And then there was my favorite part, the Jeopardy competition-every program, save one, participated. Thanks to Jeff Kohlwes, MD, FACP, and Craig Keenan, MD, FACP, who presided over the competition. Jeff has compiled the questions for the past 7 years!!! The competition was amazing but Kaiser San Francisco edged out the Kaiser Oakland team to represent CANO at the annual meeting in April 2013. Great work Dawn Piarulli, MD, Jim Louisell, MD and Brandon Miller, MD.

Dr. Khandelwal
Poster winner in the Research category, Stutee Khandelwal

Dr. Leung
Janet Leung, MD, from Stanford, was successful in the Quality group

Dr. Johnson
Torie Johnson, MD

Jeopardy winners
Jeopardy winners

We had a good showing of medical students thanks to the organizing effort of Chris Fortenbach and the Internal Medicine Interest Group leaders from our 4 medical schools in the Chapter. There were six student posters and a good session with program directors and residents on the panel to help the attendees apply for an IM residency. Congratulations to Anna Parks, a medical student at UCSF, who won the best student poster. Thanks to you all!!!

Anna Parks
Anna Parks, a medical student at UCSF, won the best student poster


Neil Powe, MD, MACP, Belding H. Scribner Award, Society of Nephrology

David Cornish, MD, FACP Chief of Gastroenterology, Central Valley, is a 2012 recipient of The Permanente Medical Group's Cecil Cutting Leadership Award.

Dr. Cornish was recognized for his passion, innovation and results-driven leadership in developing and implementing several key processes that are now standard in our region. Among them are his work on the Panel Access Model that enables members to get appointments more easily with their primary care physicians, the conceptual design of the Regional Appointment and Advice Call Center, and the initial development of the Hospitalist Program in the Central Valley Area. Dr. Cornish is one of 11 physicians who helped launch Kaiser Permanente Stockton in 1985, and had the honor of seeing the Central Valley Area's first patient.

TIm Grennan, MD, FACP Oncology, Sacramento, is a 2012 recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award from University of California, Davis. Dr. Grennan was recognized for his contributions to the education of Internal Medicine residents and students. During his tenure with UC Davis, he served as chairperson for the UC Davis Volunteer Clinical Faculty Committee and has received multiple teaching awards.

Talmadge King, Jr. MD, MACP, Breathing Life Award, American Thoracic Society Foundation.

Robert Wachter, MD, FACP: -13th Most Influential Patient Safety Advocates in the U.S., Beckerís Hospital Review, -US-UK Fulbright Scholar, Imperial College, London, -24th Most Influential Physician Executive in the U.S., Modern Healthcare Magazine

Louise Walter, MD, FACP: Elected Member: American Society for Clinical Investigation

Nora Goldschlager, MD, MACP: Hospital Provider of the Year, Emergency Medical Services and San Francisco Paramedic Association



UC Davis volunteer associate clinical professor Aziz Kamali, MD, FACP, is among the most revered people in his native Afghanistan. For more than a decade, he has worked to uplift Afghan people by broadcasting a Voice of America medical program and, more recently, hosting a weekly medical television program in the Pashto and Dari languages. Aziz was serving a residency in the United Kingdom in 1979 when the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan and his family took refuge in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Russian invasion crushed Aziz's plan to return to Afghanistan. After serving an internship at Detroit Receiving Hospital in 1982, he finished his internal medicine training at San Joaquin General Hospital in Stockton. He practices in Stockton.

His main mission, though, is development of the fledgling hospital in the city of Jalalabad that he established and named in honor of his late son, Omar. The 30-bed Omar Kamali Medical Center is staffed primarily by volunteers including some of the Kamali family. "When the Taliban took over after the Russians left, things went from bad to worse. The Afghan people have not seen any civility in their lives since then," he said. "I have seen the misery there. But the hospital will bring some hope to the people. War will not last forever." For more information.

Extracted from: faculty Newsletter I Autumn 2012


CA ACP Report on CMA House of Delegates, 2012

By Susan Sprau, MD, MACP, FCCP, FAASM
Nov. 11, 2012

Dr. Thorp
Dick Thorp and the ACP CMA Delegation

UCD Students
UCD students and CANO members at CMA

CA ACP expanded its participation in the CMA HOD this year to include medical students and residents. Michael Davitt, ACP medical student member from UC Davis, participated in the Medical Student Section. Peter Phung (So Calif ACP Region 3), Michael Matus (So Calif ACP Region 2) and Thien Van (So Calif ACP Region 1) were among the residents participating in the CMA Residents and Fellows Section. They were key in obtaining resident support for passage of our ACP resolution to have CMA add a physician-in-training lookup option to their web site. CMA helped to cover the costs for the residents attending this year. Like ACP, CMA supports expanding advocacy opportunities for physicians-in-training and so CMA has also eliminated dues for medical students, residents and fellows; this should ease the financial burden for ACP physicians-in-training to join CMA.

Our regular Delegates to the CMA HOD Specialty Delegation included Chester Choi, MACP, Darin Latimore, FACP and current President CA ACP, Paul Speckart, MACP and past Governor, So CA ACP Region 3, Mel Sterling, MACP, Past President CA ACP and Past Governor So CA ACP Region 2, and myself. Alternate delegates were: Anne Cummings, FACP, Wayne Iverson, FACP, Angie Chen, FACP and George Meyer, FACP and current Governor, Northern Calif. ACP Chapter. Darin Latimore arranged for several ACP member medical students from UC Davis to shadow our delegates at the caucuses and committee hearings at the CMA House of Delegates. We hope to include medical students from all our medical schools next year.

We were successful in passing the ACP resolution opposing CMAís current approach to 99215 audits and successfully raised the issue of the need to improve tracking of tissue transplants (to a level similar to what is currently required for organ transplants/blood transfusion.) In addition, ACP delegates successfully passed our resolution recommending that HMOs covering Medi-Cal and Medi-Medi patients have statewide contracts/coverage.

Members of ACP were active in many other delegations and supported our ACP agenda. They included William Andereck, (No CA ACP), Richard Frankenstein, FACP, (So CA ACP Region 2, Past-President CMA and Past Governor at Large, ACP), Gordon Fung, FACP (and Governor-Elect, No CA ACP), Debra Judelson, FACP ( So CA ACP Region 1), Art Lurvey, FACP (So CA ACP Region 1 and Chair CA ACP Medical Services Committee), Roz Shorenstein, FACP, (No Calif ACP Chapter), Lee Snook, FACP (No CA ACP and candidate for Vice-Speaker 2013 CMA HOD), Richard Thorp, FACP (No CA ACP and President-Elect of CMA)

Also passed at CMA HOD with ACP support were the following:

  1. Support the development of a fully functional and fully funded web based controlled substance prescription tracking program (CURES or equivalent); funding could be achieved through a fee-per-prescription paid by manufacturers/suppliers of drugs monitored.
  2. Oppose efforts to defund the federal AHRQ program.
  3. Expand education of physicians regarding the POLST form (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) for chronically ill patients.
  4. CMA, in conjunction with component medical societies and medical groups, will develop and disseminate a model process for assisting physicians, medical students, and residents with personal problems related to substance abuse and physical and mental health as the State of CA no longer has such a program.

Planning is already underway for the 2013 CMA House of Delegates which will be held in October, 2013 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. If you have issues you wish presented to CMA, or are interested in becoming involved in ACP-CMA activities, please contact me, Susan Sprau, MD, MACP, FCCP, FAASM, at sesacp@aol.com or Natalie Kaczur, interim CA ACP Executive Director.


Chapter Excellence Award

Chapter Excellence Award logo

I am pleased to announce that our chapter is in receipt of the 2012 Chapter Excellence Award! The award recognizes chapters which successfully meet the standards for managing a chapter. In order to achieve the Chapter Excellence Award, chapters must meet all basic criteria and seven optional criteria. Criteria include such activities as formulating an effective Governorís Council and committees, communicating frequently with membership, providing educational opportunities, recruiting and advancing members and celebrating membership through local awards. I would like to extend a special thanks to those chapter members who assisted me in all of these endeavors! For their hard work and dedication, we received this award.


Strengthen Our Chapter: Participate in ACPís Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program!

The American College of Physicians and the CANO Chapter encourages all members to help strengthen the voice of internal medicine by recommending ACP Membership to colleagues. By joining the College, your colleagues will enrich their clinical knowledge and skills and have access to all of the ACP member benefits that you enjoy.

To thank you for your dedication to our organization, ACP offers incentives to members and their chapters that recruit new members through the Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter (RACC) Rewards Program.

As with the national Recruit-a-Colleague Program, the RACC Program rewards successful individual recruiters with dues credits for each new full Member recruited and a chance to win a trip to the annual Internal Medicine meeting. In addition, the RACC Program also provides rewards to the recruitersí chapters. The Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program runs annually from April 1 through March 15.

To participate, simply forward to your colleagues the Membership application. To qualify for the program, your name must be listed on the recruiter line of this specially coded application.

Thank you for your help in strengthening our chapter!

This was my final CANO Chapter meeting as your Governor. Thank you for your support. The chapter will be in super hands when Gordon Fung, MD, FACP, assumes the reins of leadership following the ACP annual meeting, Internal Medicine 2013 in San Francisco from 8-13 April 2013.