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Member Accomplishments

If you have any current news to share about yourself or a colleague that we can celebrate, please e-mail it to Gus Chavez.

Congratulations to Lawrence K. Loo, MD, MACP and Paul A. Volberding, MD, MACP, who have been selected to become Masters of the College (MACP). To be considered for Mastership, the candidate must have made a notable contribution to medicine. This includes but is not limited to teaching, outstanding work in clinical medicine (research or practice), contributions to preventive medicine, improvements in the delivery health care, or contributions to medical literature.

Congratulations to Mala C. Mandyam, MD from UCLA-Olive View, who was a poster winner in the Resident/Fellow Clinical Research category at the Internal Medicine 2015 Abstract Competition. Her poster title was Discharge Checklists May Reduce Medical Errors.

We are also proud to announce that Jason Williams, MD has been named a Herbert S. Waxman Award Scholar.

The California Northern Chapter would like to congratulate its 2014 chapter awardees:

Laureate Award: Kathleen A. Kenny, MD, FACP
Volunteerism and Community Service: Kwabena Adubofour, MBchB, FACP
Lifetime Achievement Award: William F. Nakashima, MD

The California Chapters recognize and congratulate physicians who have been elected to Fellowship in the College in the past six months as well as welcomes their new members. Please view the list and join us in celebrating with them!

Recruit a Colleague

The California Chapters would like to thank the following members for recruiting their colleagues as part of ACP's Recruit-a-Colleague program:

Mohinder P. Ahluwalia, MBBS
Russ B. Altman, MD FACP
Monica M. Banchero-Hasson, MD, FACP
Tracy E. Bercu, MD
Emery H. Chang, MD
Molly Cooke, MD, FACP
Phyllis A Guze, MD, MACP
Lia E. Katz, MD, FACP
Alireza Khazaeizadeh, MD
Charles Liao
Robert A. Lowell, MD
George W. Meyer, MD, FACP
Michael K. Ong, MD, FACP
John E. Padour, MD, FACP
Mohsen Saadat, DO, FACP

Page updated: 05/05/15