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June 2013 James V. Felicetta, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Message from the Governor

Dr. Felicetta

In April, 2013, James V. Felicetta, MD, FACP started his four year term as Governor. Dr. Felicetta is Chief of Medical Service at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix, as well as a Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine - Phoenix. Here is a message from your new Governor:

Hello Colleagues,

It is with pleasure that I assume the office of your Governor! I have been a member of ACP for quite awhile. When a young doctor, I knew that to be a member of ACP was an accomplishment, an honor. I would like to pass that legacy on to all of you, strengthening our Chapter and increasing its visibility statewide and nationally. As your Governor, I will encourage participation in Chapter activities among medical students, residents, members and fellows. It is critical that Internal Medicine speak with a united voice as we enter an exceptionally hazardous era likely to include radical changes in health care delivery mechanisms. You can count on ACP to help lead the way to encourage and enlighten members in this new era.

Our goal should be to communicate the dignity and expertise of our chosen field, both to all relevant political and regulatory bodies that are an intricate part of our professional life; and to the general consuming public.

Thank you for this opportunity to lead this vibrant and exciting organization! I look forward to meeting and interacting with you in November in Tucson and throughout my term!!


Internal Medicine 2013 in San Francisco!!

The ACP’s annual get together was an outstanding event again this year! Thousands gathered to debate, to honor, to explore! It was an impressive time for many Arizona Chapter members as they presented, competed and accepted honors! Many congratulations are in order!

The Chapter recognizes and congratulates our newest Master, Richard W. Carlson, MD, PhD, MACP. Dr. Carlson grew up with a doctor father he idolized, and emulated. Dr. Carlson received his medical degree from USC School of Medicine and was, not long after that, drafted into the U.S. Army. After a life-changing tour of duty in Vietnam, Dr. Carlson achieved a PhD, working in the areas that have become his legacy: critical care and venom research. Dr. Carlson’s distinguished career has led him to various locations, landing him in Arizona in 1994. He has been Chairman of Medicine at Maricopa Medical Center, and a professor at UofA, Mayo, Midwestern and Still Universities.

He is also a former Governor of ACP AZ!!

Dr. Carlson is the 12th Master in the state of Arizona. The Chapter warmly recognizes him, his accomplishments and all that he has done for ACP Arizona!

ACP AZ Newest Master, Richard W. Carlson, MD, PhD, MACP, and his wife Barbara.

Mayo Doctor’s Dilemma Team is Outstanding!! This is from team member Dr. Christine Klassen: Participating in the National Doctor’s Dilemma competition was a fantastic experience. Not only did we get to enjoy San Francisco as well as experience the National ACP meeting and all of the interesting talks, we got to meet many other residents from across the country who share our enjoyment of Jeopardy-style competition. We were very excited to make it through the first round and into the “elite eight”. Unfortunately we didn’t make it into the finals but had a lot of fun throughout the experience. We look forward to our state competition next year, as the competition is fierce in Arizona!

Mayo Doctors Andrew Chung, Christine Klassen and Sohail Abdi Moradi in San Francisco!!

Several Arizona physicians were elected to ACP Fellowship. Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

Arizona fellows elected in the past year include:

Bujji Babu Ainapurapu, MD FACP
Jeanette A Boohene, MD, FACP
Shelly-Ann Chang, MD, FACP
Luciana Funtowicz, MD, FACP
Charles H Johnson, MD, FACP
Jason A Krupp, MD, FACP
Henry N Onyirimba, MBBS, FACP
Robert J Ziltzer, MD, FACP

Governor Felicetta, former Governor Lopez, Drs. Gall and Murcko welcome the new Arizona Fellows at IM 2013 in San Francisco, April 2013.

Posters and Abstracts: ACP Arizona was well-represented in the Associates Poster and Abstracts competition. Drs. Robyn Emanuel, Jonathan A. Olsen, Mohan Ashok Kumar, Razan A. El-Ramahi, and Varun R. Mehta were in “Clinical Vignette” competition. Dr. Preethi William was a Poster Winner. Drs. Hamed Abbaszadengan and Jonathan Olson also competed in Quality Improvement/Patient Safety category. Medical Student Megan Hamre presented a poster as well. Congratulations to all!!

2013 Leadership Day in Washington D. C.: This year ACP AZ sent seven informed and energetic representatives to the annual ACP Leadership Day, May 21-22. Drs. Shaghayegh Abdollahi, Santhosh Gheevarchese John, Ateefa Chaudhury, Mohamad Lazkani, Mohan Ashok Kumar and Caroline Johnson, along with Medical Student Aneesha Hossain, had a wonderful time and made a difference.

ACP Arizona Delegation to Leadership Day in Washington D. C.

Dr. Ashok Kumar reports that the group presented Senator John McCain with a letter signed by Chapter leadership addressing J1 Physician Visa Reform, and Senator McCain was very receptive and appreciative. Additionally, the group elicited bi-partisan support from the Arizona delegation for GME funding, with Congresswoman Kirkpatrick co-sponsoring a House bill to that effect.

Tucson Resident, Dr. Ateefa Chaudhury has written an extensive report that includes the following: Attending Leadership Day 2013 was a wonderful experience that helped further my understanding of health policy and gave me an opportunity to give a personal perspective as a resident physician to our lawmakers on key health issues that will affect my future and the patients I will provide care for. I look forward to contributing to the process again next year with the Arizona delegation. Read more of the report.


ACP, Arizona Chapter-Day at the State Legislature, March 6, 2013

Sadia Moinuddin, MD, PGY2 Internal Medicine Resident, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ was one of 25 AZ ACP members who participated and she wrote:

On March 6, 2013, the American College of Physicians, Arizona Chapter sponsored “Day at the State Legislature”, a day-long event providing an opportunity for internal medicine physicians, residents, and medical students to discuss key health care issues affecting Arizona residents with state legislators. Fortunately, the event took place one day after Governor Jan Brewer's press conference regarding the restoration of Medicaid. Accompanied by a rally of supporters, the Governor announced her plan to expand Medicaid to 240,000 more Arizonans and continue the coverage of 50,000 childless adults.

As a resident physician currently undergoing medical training, this experience at the state legislature reinforced my belief that physicians must take their role as healthcare policy advocates seriously. At the frontlines of healthcare, physicians see countless patients classified as low income and are uninsured. Many of these patients often present to the hospital in a late stage of their disease process due to lack of health insurance and therefore lack of access to basic healthcare. Hospitals admitting these patients take on this large uninsured population and remain uncompensated. Draining financial resources, this ultimately comes full circle affecting the resident physicians caring for these patients. The academic center suffers financial strain and can often lead to reduced available residency positions for GME training.

The "Day at the State Legislature" not only alerted attendees to the power of health care policy, but also shed light on the complexity of Arizona Health Care system and the essential role physicians must fulfill in order to assure safe and quality healthcare.


ACP Arizona Extends Congratulations to…
2013 Arizona Internal Medicine Resident Graduates

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

Karen Alonso, MD
Ronald Charles, MD
Danny Dursun, MD
Katherine Duncan, MD
Richard Guthrie, DO
Lise Harper, MD
John Horne, MD
Wong Khaw, MD
Jennifer Kim, MD
Mohamad Lazkani, MD
Ashish Mathur, MD
Jonathan Olsen, DO
Jigar Patel, MD
Maheen Sheikh, MD
Nicholas Sparacino, DO
Umesh Tiwari, MD
Wenge Wang, MD
Alex Watson, MD
Kashif Yaqub, MD

IM Peds

Jonas Aharoni, MD
Katherine McDonnell, MD
An Tran, DO
Christina Veenstra, MD
Monica Viteri-Giordano, DO
Joseph Brett West, MD

St. Joseph’s Medical Center

Deepti Boddupalli, MD Andres Borja, MD
Tam Chu, DO
James Gee, MD
Samer Ibrahim, MD
Mohan Kumar, MD
Nithya Menon, MD
Pratik Shah, MD
Andres Zavala, DO

Maricopa Medical Center

Nawal Ahmed, MD
Sofian Al-Khatib, MD
Muhanad Al-Zubaidi, MD
Hossein Ghofrani, MD
Babar Khera, MD
Ardeshir (Ardi) Khosraviani, MD
Gurcharan (Guru) Khera, MD
Spencer Lee, MD
Huixu (Judy) Liang, MD
Luis Medina-Garcia, MD
Anh Nguyen, MD
Reena Patel, MD
Charles Stauffer, MD
Christopher Strawter, MD
Pierrette Marie-Ange Tantchou-Dsamou, MD
Carlos Ventura, MD

Mayo Clinic

Sohail Abdi-Moradi, MD
Kathryn Boyle, MD
Chad Cherington, MD
Vanessa Costilla, MD
Juliana Kling, MD
Chad Nelson, MD
Nick O'Coyne, MD
Jabraan Pasha, MD
Mutende Jacques Sikuyayenga MD
Sujata Singh, MD

Sierra Vista Regional Health Center

Vincent Duenas, DO
Mehboob Ghulam, DO
Rahul Rishi, DO
Nina Sarwar, DO
T. Rob Taylor, DO

University Physician Hospital

Mohammad Abu Zaid, MD
Ahmad Ahmad Salameh, MD
Leen Al-Sayyed, MD
Kristin Anderson, MD
Majid Asawaeer, MD
John Benavidez, MD
Jaskanwal Bisla, MD
Christopher Chen, MD
Nicholas Holtan, MD
Jennifer Jones, MD
Nasibo Kadir, MD
John Kelada, MD
Naser Mahmoud, MD
Paul Manson, MD
Dalia Mikhael, MD
Sangeetha Murugapandian, MD
Laya Nasrollah, MD
Kirk Sanders, MD
Kyle Sinclair, MD
Magdalena Szkudlinska, MD
Preethi William, MD
Nisreen Yaghmour, MD

UACOM – South Campus

Peter Cherian, MD
Lisa Graham, MD
Bhupinder Natt, MD
Farhad Saheb Jam, MD
Pete Zervogiannis, MD
Ryan Nahapetian, MD
Rostam Khoubyari MD
Ali Raoof, MD

Verde Valley

David Byun, DO
Michael Scot Richins, DO
Andrew Sacks, DO


ACP-AZ Committee Reports

(Associates & Fellows in Training Committees have combined into…)
Council of Resident/Fellow Members

Chair: Jewel Kling, MD, MPH

Congratulations to all graduating internal medicine residents! ACP Arizona is impressed and looks forward to facilitating your transition to fellow or practicing physician. Keep up the excellent work!! (Read more about the activities of your Resident colleagues in the Transitions Newsletter) Be on the lookout for more opportunities for fun as you participate in the contests in the “Transitions” Newsletter, or benefit from the Associates’ Journal Clubs! This committee is looking forward to 2013-2014!!

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Anita C. Murcko, MD, FACP

It has been an exciting year to be interested in Advocacy in the state of Arizona. As you saw earlier in this newsletter, Advocacy has lead the way statewide with American College of Phsicians, Arizona Chapter – Day at the State Legislature, held this year on March 6. Later in the year, representatives from Arizona descended with their colleagues nationwide upon Washington DC for ACP’s Leadership Day. The Committee has lead the Chapter in information and involvement in issues of statewide interest.

Want to learn more? To stay on top of national issues, join ACP’s “Advocates in Internal Medicine network” (AIMn) at and for more local information, contact Dr. Murcko or Dixie Swan.

Medical Students

Co-chair Mateja Lekic

This is the time of year when enrolled medical students progress and new students arrive. It is the hope and goal of this committee to meet the needs of those students, to provide Journal clubs and orientation to the many benefits of membership in ACP as a medical student member. Check out this link http://www.acponline.org/membership/join/students/ and join NOW!!

Each school has been encouraged to post their events on the Chapter’s Facebook page, so keep your eyes open for interesting items there. If there are things you would like to add, let Dixie Swan know!!

(Young Physicians – Name has been changed to…)
Council of Early Career Physicians

Co-Chairs: Shaghayegh Abdollahi, MD, FACP, FAAP & Shireen Jindani, MD, FACP

Council of ECP had an early spring hike in North Scottsdale, and are ready for more! They are planning on a future event for the second half of the year with an emphasis on careful and wise financial planning. Additionally, as the newest Resident grads accept their gift from ACP AZ, they are invited to membership in the Council, the group who provided those gifts.

Membership Committee

Chair: Howard Shulman, DO, FACP, FACOI

The Membership Committee continues to encourage everyone to enjoy their membership in ACP AZ and to invite their friends and colleagues to join. Here is an example of the opportunities that await you!! (More Information)

Do You Want Free Dues for 2014?” ACP’s “Recruit-a-Colleague Program

The ACP is offering YOU a very exciting opportunity. Ask your colleagues to join ACP today and when they do, the College will thank you for your time and effort! Between now and March 15, 2014:

To thank you for your time and effort, we offer the following recruitment program. Between now and March 15, 2014, receive a:

  • $100 credit toward your 2014-15 annual dues when you recruit one member
  • $200 credit toward your 2014-15 annual dues when you recruit two new members
  • $300 credit toward your 2014-15 annual dues when you recruit three new members
  • Free membership in 2014-15 when you recruit four or more new members*

Plus, for every member recruited within the promotional period, you will receive an entry into a grand-prize drawing for a trip to Internal Medicine 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts that includes registration, airfare (up to $500), and four days of hotel accommodations.

For more information, please visit Recruit a Colleague.


Chair: Ismail Jibrin, MBBS, FACP

There are many concerns and challenges that face hospitalists, and they are excited about this opportunity to address these issues in the ACP community. The committee has plans to survey statewide hospitalists to listen to their concerns, and will investigate sponsoring a coding and billing workshop specifically aimed at hospitalists. Furthermore, Committee is concerned about hospitalists, and will look into offering a workshop to address “burn-out” for hospitalists.

For more information about Hospitalists, check this ACP link.

International Medical Graduate

Chair: Muhammad Fahad Khan, MD,
Co-Chair: Mohan Kumar, MD

Congratulations to our award recipients at the 2nd Annual Mentorship/IMG Awards Dinner which was held on Friday, April 5 at Arizona Medical Association headquarters in Phoenix.

Yousef Usta, MD - Rising Star IMG
Irbaz Riaz, MD - Rising Star IMG
Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, FACP – IMG of the Year
H. R. Vikrim, MD, FACP - Academic IMG

Watch for an IMG Orientation event for newly arrived Residents, in Phoenix and in Tucson this June and July.

Education Committee

Co-Chairs: Harold Szerlip, MD, FACP, FCCP & Rupal Vora, MD, FACP

The Chapter is looking forward to the ACP Arizona Chapter Annual Meeting and Scientific Session to be held at the University of Arizona, Student Union on November 15-17, 2013. Our Meeting theme is The Changing Face of Internal Medicine: Medicine in Transition. Make plans NOW to attend!!

Check the ACP Arizona Chapter website for news and updates relating ACP Arizona Annual meeting. Any further questions? Contact Dixie Swan, ACP Arizona Chapter 2013 Meeting Coordinator or 602 347-6916.


Call for Spring 2014 Board of Governor’s Resolutions

Are you concerned about a practice or clinical issue or have an idea you'd like to suggest? Please consider submitting a resolution! Resolutions are the way your voice is heard at the national level and allows you to shape College policy.

Not sure where to begin? Contact ACP Arizona. Research ACP’s positions. Consider how well your idea fits ACP's Mission and Goals. Review the College's Strategic Plan for guidance. Visit the ACP Online homepage and click the "Advocacy" link in the right-hand, top margin to access ACP policy positions, read about recent ACP advocacy activities, or search the ACP's Public Policy Virtual Library (PPVL). Visit your chapter website and click the link under "Advocacy" to access Electronic Resolutions System (ERS) where you can search past or proposed resolutions. A copy of the resolutions process is available on the ERS which furnishes more details on formatting resolutions, as well the process for submission, review, and approval.

Once drafted, the resolution will be reviewed by the Governor’s Council.


Choosing Wisely” Campaign

Ripples of the College’s high value cost conscious care are everywhere! The ABIM Foundation, in cooperation with nine specialty societies including the ACP, recently announced the “Choosing Wisely” campaign. Each specialty society has created a ‘Top 5’ list of studies/interventions which although often commonly practiced do not have the evidence-base to demonstrate efficacy. The list is on the ABIM Foundation website and can be accessed

If you are interested in writing a Perspective for the Newsletter, please contact Dixie Swan, ACP Arizona Executive Director.


Become an “Advocates in Internal Medicine network*” (AIMn) Member

* formerly “Key Contact” --sign up today.


See you @ ACP Arizona Chapter Meeting!!!

November 15 -17, 2013
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Contact Dixie Swan, ACP Arizona Chapter 2013 Meeting Coordinator or call 602 347-6916 with questions or to register for this important event!


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