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Mentor Month

January is National Mentoring Month

ACP is honoring the power of mentorship with a “pay it forward” campaign during National Mentoring Month in January. Who were your mentors, those special people who guided you on your professional path and helped you learn and grow throughout your career? Just as your mentors helped you, you can help our future internists.

Thank a Mentor and Inspire Future Internists With A Donation

When you donate to the ACP Education Fund in your mentor’s name, you help support the next generation of internists. Your donation helps support ACP membership, educational resources, and special programming for medical students and residents.

We also want to hear your story – please take a moment and share with us how your mentor made a positive impact on your career in Internal Medicine. Your story could be featured on our website!

Pay It Forward Now

See What Members Say About Their Mentors

In honor of Edward Will Holt, MD, by Tran Namphuong, MD 

"There are few individuals who exemplify mentorship like Dr. Holt. In addition to being an astute clinician and effective teacher, Dr. Holt has the incredible gift of empathizing with his trainees on our level, and thus provides support that comes from a place of true understanding and acceptance. Dr. Holt provides guidance in career paths, clinical medicine and research with wisdom and experience, allows for true critical thinking and autonomy along the way, and never fails to continually emphasize encouragement and a team effort, through adversity and success alike. He is a great model of a conscientious physician, educator and leader, and I strive to one day impart the same confidence and clarity he provides to all of us."

In honor of Larry Feigenbaum, MD, by James W. Davis, MD

"Larry Feigenbaum, M.D. was the director of the first Geriatric Medicine fellowship program west of the Mississippi at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco. I was the first fellow in that program. Dr. Feigenbaum was an excellent physician and a warm and caring person. His vision and enthusiasm for Geriatrics gave me the opportunity to be among the pioneers in a new field of medicine in this country. I and many others have been grateful for his wisdom and foresight. I have been so fortunate over my career to have had outstanding mentors before and after Dr. Feigenbaum and I am grateful to them all but Dr. Feigenbaum stands out because of the pivotal nature of his mentorship in my professional development."

In honor of Anne Pendo, MD, FACP, by Linda M. Venner, MD 

"Anne Pendo MD, FACP is a consummate professional, and brings joy and fun to the workplace. She is an unbelievably popular primary care physician, colleague, and leader in the experience of caring space.  Anne brings style and grace to everything she does, and seems to effortlessly bring her authentic self to every encounter, both in and out of the workplace. Anne and I were colleagues—me a Hospitalist and she an Internal Medicine clinic doctor—for a decade. We always felt comfortable handing patients off to each other because we knew we shared a value of excellence in practice.  Anne wrote my support letter when I became an ACP Fellow. Anne then became my medical director, and was such a great role model, pushing me as a leader, and promoting my development. She genuinely cared about me, and my group of Hospitalists. She endlessly championed me, and helped me prepare for a critical interview presentation for the job I succeeded in attaining. Currently, I am the Sr. Medical Director for Hospitalist Medicine for Intermountain Healthcare, and the Hospitalist managing more resources than any other Hospitalist leader in Utah. Anne is the Sr Medical Director for Experience of Caring, which is a novel space where work is being doing to engage caregivers, with the understanding that we need to take care of each other as providers, in order to take the best care of patients. Her work is incredibly important!  Intermountain healthcare is able to proceed with pushing the boundaries of quality, safety, patient experience, provider engagement, access to care, and stewardship because of dedicated physicians like Anne. 

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to recognize her! I am definitely paying it forward as a mentor myself, and am better for the example she provided. Kudos Anne!"

In honor of Andrea Nazar, DO, by Dimitri Tito, MD

"From her first clinical skill lecture in our first year of medical school, Dr. Nazar has rapidly inspired our class with her devotion to student learning. Her lectures were structured to include pertinent standardized patient encounter information with a twist applied to board materials. Her teaching style has strengthened my confidence in my clinical skills and has increased my passion for patient care. My personal commitment to being the best medical student I can possibly be is, in large part, due to the enthusiasm that Dr. Nazar brought to the class from day one."

In honor of Eric J. Warm, MD, by Ryan Munuon, MD 

"Dr. Eric Warm has been an outstanding support and source of inspiration. His dedication to improving the training of physicians in a deliberate way is something I try to emulate in my own practice and career."

In honor of Kelley Skeff, MD and Georgette Stratos, MD, by James Kruer, MD 

"Kelley Skeff and Georgette Stratos have been mentors to myself and many other physicians who are passionate about teaching.  Many of us have made careers of it and benefited from their coaching.  I remember sitting one-on-one with him as he reviewed a pre-submitted tape of me teaching a communications skills class as a Chief Resident. He was vary astute to notice that I was teaching someone else's course because she kept interjecting from the back of the room. He is such a master teacher and mentor!"

In honor of Louis Saravolatz, MD, by James Kruer, MD 

"Louis Saravolatz was the Department Chair who recruited me away from my first job after residency to be the medical director of the ambulatory resident practice. I would go on to lead that clinic over the next 11 years. Lou allowed me to grow and develop in the position and mentored me monthly in reading financial statements and ultimately helping to make the clinic profitable. It was under him that I learned about GME funding, Paper to EMR transformation, and I would dive into Quality and Safety by cochairing the med safety committee for the hospital. In so many ways I would grow and cultivate my passion for doing faculty development in the institution. Lou went on to become the ACP Governor of Michigan and within the hospital and beyond he was a constant encourager of encouraging in and "expecting" kind of way that you should enhance your CV and pride in your career by becoming an ACP Fellow and helping others with a letter of support to become Fellows of the ACP. Through ACP he would come to help many many residents and faculty become recognized for their scholarly activities and more."

In honor of Diane L. Levine, MD, by James Kruer, MD 

"Diane Levine is the quintessential mentor. Diane was first my mentor a faculty hospital rounder when I was a resident at Detroit Receiving Hospital. She was filled with practical advice and wonderful with self-reflective questioning which helped instill ownership in the patient as my own. Diane would later become a faculty colleague as I moved through Chief Resident and the faculty. She would eventually become the Vice Chair of Education. Diane's mentoring passions lie with students where she continues to teach at Wayne State Medical School. She is often seen and sharing at Clerkship Directors of Internal Medicine meetings. Many a student has been inspired to become great physicians by Diane Levine over her decades of practice and teaching."