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2017 Travel Grants Program Grantees

After not being able to attend ACP's Internal Medicine meeting due to residency and deployment, thanks to the Travel Grant I was finally able to attend IM17! It was an amazing experience, and I was able to network with many women in medicine as well as travel medicine doctors. I have brought back what I learned to start implementing a global health curriculum at our medical school as well as developing a global health residency track. As I do a lot of global health, many of my funds go to the costs of those trips. Because of the Travel Grant, I did not have to worry about redirecting my funds to attend IM17. Thank you!!!

Pamela Tipler, DO, FACP

I am very thankful for the opportunity to have attended Internal Medicine 17 with the support of the Travel Grant Program. I had never attended the meeting before, and the Travel Grant gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of medicine as well as improve my well-being. I am a relatively new physician and prior to attending the meeting I was on the path to burnout. Although I enjoyed medicine, I found myself overwhelmed with the current medical system (mainly paperwork/computer/EMR overload without enough time with patients). The conference allowed me to meet wonderful mentors, such as Dr. Mire. I am happy to say that I no longer feel overburdened and am working toward helping to make organizational change within my employment group to help prevent burnout in other physicians. All of this was possible as a result of the Travel Grant. I am so thankful to have been a recipient for 2017, and I hope the program continues for 2018.

Patress Persons, MD

The Travel Grant and Young Achievers Program from the American College of Physicians allowed me to attend Internal Medicine 2017 as my first ACP event. As an osteopathic physician who completed an osteopathic internal medicine residency program, my exposure to the ACP was limited throughout my training; and working in an underserved area in rural Mississippi, there simply aren’t many ACP members or events close enough. The travel stipend encouraged me to experience a new way of networking, new approach to educational topics, and generally broaden my view of the medical profession and how to best care for my patients. As a core faculty member of our small internal medicine residency program, this experience led me to encourage program sponsorship of ACP membership for our 18 residents. To put it simply, thanks to the Travel Grant and Young Achievers program, I will be an ACP member for life!

Seger Morris, DO, MBA