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Volunteerism Committee

Reports to:

Member of staff designated by the EVP/CEO


Advise management in enhancing medical volunteerism and increasing ACP members' participation in volunteerism/community service activities, especially those that are medically related.

Composition (9-13)

Chair, who is an ACP member physician; 8 to 12 members, including general membership and governance, determined by management based on their advisory needs.


One-year, renewable up to three times for total of four years, unless additional time is approved by the CEO.

2016-17 Members

Eileen D. Barrett, MD, MPH, FACP, Chair (Regent)
Division of Hospital Medicine
Dept of Internal Medicine
Univ of New Mexico School of Med
Albuquerque, NM
Specialty: IM

Julie A. Blehm, MD, FACP
Fargo, ND
Specialty: IM

Elisa I. Choi, MD, FACP
Boston, MA
Specialty: ID

Peter G. Curran, MD, FACP
Ketchum, IN

Claudia S. Leonard, MD, FACP
Portland, OR
Specialty: IM

Robert H. Lohr, MD, FACP (Treasurer)
Assistant Professor of Medicine
College of Medicine-Mayo Clinic
Consultant, Hospital Internal Medicine
Rochester, MN
Specialty: IM

Joan B. Ritter, MD, FACP
Arlington, VA
Specialty: IM

Ted L. Sussman, MD, MACP
Houlton; ME
Specialty: IM

Sara L. Wallach, MD, FACP
Fair Haven, NJ
Specialty: IM

Staff Liaison: Marisa McCarren