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US Air Force Past Governors

1950-54 Harry G. Armstrong
1954-59 Dan C. Ogle
1958-63 Oliver K. Niess
1963-67 Richard L. Bohannon, Washington, D.C.
1967-68 Kenneth E. Pletcher
1968-69 Henry C. Dorris, Washington, D.C.
1969-70 Robert B. W. Smith, Clinton, Maryland
1971-73 Ernest J. Clark, Washington, D.C.
1973-76 Dana G. King, Jr., Washington, D.C.
1976-78 Ernest J. Clark, Washington, D.C.
1978-83 Murphy A. Chesney, San Antonio, Texas and Washington, DC
1983-86 Gerald W. Parker, San Antonio, Texas and Alexandria, Virginia
1986 Monte B. Miller, Maj. Gen. (April-May 1986; Transferred to Europe)
1986-89 Alexander M. Sloan, Maj. Gen., Annapolis, Maryland (Filling unexpired term)
1989-92 Albert B. Briccetti, Col., Fort Washington, Maryland
1992-96 Charles K. Maffet, Col., Colorado Springs, Colorado
1996-00 James M. Benge, Col., Waldorf, Maryland
2000-04 Arnyce R. Pock, Col., Bolling Air Force
2004-08 Kimberly P. May, Lt. Col., Alexandria, Virginia
2008-10 Vincent Carr, Col., Bowie, Maryland (retired April 2010)
2010 Patrick B. Monahan, Washington, DC (Interim)
2010-13 Rechelle G. Rodriguez, San Antonio, TX (Resigned 2013)
2013-17 William Hannah, Jr., San Antionio, TX