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Chapter Governors

1929-34 Charles Edward Riggs
1934-39 Perceval S. Rossiter
1939-47 Ross T. McIntire
1947-51 Clifford A. Swanson
1951-55 H. Lamont Pugh
1955-61 Bartholomew W. Hogan
1961-65 Edward C. Kenney, Bethesda, Maryland
1965-67 Robert B. Brown, Washington, D.C.
1967-69 Robert O. Canada, Rockville, Maryland
1969-72 George M. Davis, Jr., Rockville, Maryland
1972-78 William J. Jacoby, Jr., Bethesda, Maryland and Portsmouth, Virginia
1978-81 Henry Alvy Sparks, McLean, Virginia
1981-82 George E. Gorsuch, McLean, Virginia
1982-87 Michael F. Fornes, San Diego, California
1987-91 Walter W. Karney, Rockville, Maryland
1991-95 John Albert Mitas, II, Capt., San Diego, California
1993 Stephen Buettel, Chesapeake, Virginia (Interim Governor while Dr. Mitas was serving in Somalia)
1995-99 Stephen C. Beuttel, Capt., Chesapeake, Virginia
1999-03 Angeline A. Lazarus, Capt., Rockville
2003-07 Walter J. Coyle, Capt., San Diego
2007-11 Jeffrey B. Cole, Capt., Portsmouth
2011-15 Mark L. Dick, Commander, Bremerton
2015-present Michael Keith, Commander, Arlington, Virginia