Subcommittee on Awards and Recognition

Standard Submission and Selection Guidelines:
The Army ACP Associates Oral & Poster Presentation Award

(Updated: 8/21/06)

I. ESTABLISMENT DATE AND AUTHORITY: The Army American College of Physicians Award was initiated within the General Medicine Session in approximately 1988 with the poster awards being added in 1998.

II. NAME AND PURPOSE OF THE AWARD: The Army Chapter American College of Physicians Associates Award was created in 1988 to recognize excellence in Army resident research. Opportunities to present resident research at national meeting are limited. The creation of the Associates Award acknowledges the importance research plays in the development of a new physician and rewards outstanding efforts in resident research. It also allows the Chief of the Department of Medicine to compare the quality of the research in his/her program with those of the other Army Medical Centers. Initially these presentations were given in the General Medicine Specialty Section from 1988 to 1993; they were moved to the plenary Session in 1994. Each participating Medical Center Department of Medicine Chief is asked to submit one resident podium presentation to compete on behalf their program. Graduates from the previous year are allowed to compete in the fall following graduation.

III. SELECTION COMMITTEE: The session is chaired by the Coordinator of the Associates Paper Presentation, who is a member of the subcommittee on Army Chapter ACP Awards and Recognition. A panel of six anonymous judges is selected by the Chair from the meeting attendees. It is the duty of the Chair to ensure consistency from year to year in adherence to the standardization guidelines of the award and its selection criteria.

IV. OBJECTIVE SELECTION CRITERIA: Research must have begun during an internal medicine internship or residency. Presentations are evaluated using a matrix format in each of the following areas: 1) Merit of Research, 2) Speaker's Podium Presentation, 3) Quality of Audiovisual Presentation, 4) Ability to Field Questions, and 5) Evidence of Direct Involvement in the Research. The poster competition will be similarly evaluated by this same panel of judges including: 1) Merit of Research, 2) Quality of Visual Presentation, 3) Ability to Field Questions, and 4) Evidence of Direct Involvement in the Research.

V. DATES OF AWARD ADVERTISEMENT, SUBMISSION AND PRESENTATION: The awards are annual and they will be presented at the annual meeting of the Army Chapter of the ACP. A letter requesting submissions will be sent to all MEDCEN Chiefs of Medicine prior to the meeting. These Chiefs of Medicine are asked to submit one abstract for podium competition and two abstracts for poster competition. Completed abstracts must be received no later than 15 August and they must clearly indicate which abstract is submitted for the Oral or Poster competition. There is a cash award for first place of $200.00, second place of $ 150.00, and third place of $ 100.00. In 1998 a poster competition was added allowing 2 posters from each Medical Center and selecting a first, second and third prize for the three superior posters. Poster presentations are recognized with a cash award of $100 for first, $75 for second and $50 for third place. In 2003, the poster competition was broken up into separate Research and Clinical Vignette competitions.

VI. SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Once selected by their institution, candidates prepare their abstract as an electronic file that conforms to the Army ACP Associates Abstract form and sign a speaker disclosure form. The file should be composed using Microsoft Word Times New Roman, 10-12 point and print in the size of the space indicated on the form. Submissions should be sent electronically to the designee of the Awards Committee (current designee is MAJ William C. Frey).



CPT Kevin Akers, WBAMC (podium), CPT Cristin Kiley, MAMC (research poster), CPT Brandon Hamilton, BAMC (vignette poster)


CPT Bryce Calvin, MC (poster/research), CPT John Thomas, MC (poster/clinical vignette), CPT Ben George, MC (podium)
CPT Patrick Devine, CPT Joshua Hartzell, CPT Christopher King (jeopardy)


CPT Stephen Olson, MC (poster/research), CPT David G. Lawton, MC (poster/clinical vignette), CPT Jeremy Pamplin, MC (podium)
CPT Patrick Devine, CPT Joshua Hartzell, CPT Christopher King (jeopardy)


CPT Daniel Carlson, TAMC & CTP David Phillips, MAMC & CPT Elden Rand, BAMC (poster), CPT Christopher Colombo, EAMC (podium)
CPT Wesley Clarkson & CPT Sean Dooley & CPT Elden Rand (jeopardy)


CPT Brian A. Fiske, WRAMC (podium), CPT Beth Ann Steinberger, EAMC (poster)


CPT Mark Happe, BAMC (poster), CPT Lori Sweeney, DDEAMC (podium)
Dwight David Eisenhower AMC (jeopardy)


CPT D Sachar (podium); CPT Jeremy Perkins (poster)


CPT BA Purcell (podium); CPT DE Katz (poster)


CPT SA Harrison


CPT AF Shorr


CPT E Lesho


CPT R. Parisek

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