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Wisconsin Governor's Newsletter August 2017

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Mark Belknap, MD, FACP, ACP Governor, Wisconsin Chapter

Mark Belknap, MD, FACP, ACP Governor, Wisconsin Chapter


Governor's Message

I hope that each of you has found some time for your favorite summertime activities and that the weather has cooperated with your plans. As I write this newsletter, we have had a pleasant summer so far in northern Wisconsin.



ACP-Wisconsin Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting

If you haven't already registered for the meeting, I encourage you to do so now and join our colleagues from around the state in attending the annual scientific meeting which will again be held at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This year the dates of the meeting are Friday and Saturday, September 8–9.

The program will follow its usual pattern. The Friday program is devoted to MOC modules, of which we again plan to offer 3 with a steep volume discount on the 3rd module for those who chose to attend all 3, and the resident program, which includes vignette and poster presentations as well as Doctors' Dilemma, a Jeopardy-like competition between teams put forth from the state's five Internal Medicine residency programs. The Saturday program will consist of presentation of pertinent topics in various subspecialties of Internal Medicine. This year our College Representative will be Dr. Eileen Barrett, a general internist at the University of New Mexico and a member of ACP's Board of Regents. Dr. Barrett is a member of the ACP Wellness Initiative, and she will speak on Using Evidence to Promote Physician Wellness and Reduce Burnout with Q&A. She will also present on current ACP activities and policies from resident/fellow and from practicing internist perspectives, and she will be available throughout the meeting to discuss with you personally any issues of interest or concern related to ACP. I really hope that you can make time to join us at this meeting, which promises to be both very instructive and very interesting.

Click here to view the 2017 ACP-WI Annual Scientific Meeting brochure.

Click here for online registration.



The Ongoing Saga of Congressional Action to Repeal or Replace the Affordable Care Act

After several months of legislative maneuvering, mostly behind closed doors, and several versions of legislation which would have variably repealed or replaced the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the final attempt was voted down on July 28. This last version of legislation, referred to as the “Skinny” ACA Repeal Bill, and other versions like it, all had in common the likely result of tens of millions of Americans at risk of losing health insurance coverage and all Americans at risk of losing critical patient protections. ACP worked in concert with multiple other physician membership organizations and other organizations in the health care field to fight against any and all attempts to dismantle the ACA. After this last defeat and at the time of this writing, it is widely thought that the odds of any viable legislation to repeal or replace the ACA emerging from the aftermath of this series of legislative defeats are extremely remote. Please follow this link to read the statement of Dr. Jack Ende, current ACP President, after the defeat of this most recent Senate bill:

Included in this statement is a link to a statement of principles, A Prescription for a Forward-Looking Agenda to Improve American Health Care, proposed earlier in this year by ACP to guide movement forward in any bipartisan effort to modify and improve the provisions of the ACA.



ACP Advocates for Internal Medicine Network

Now more than ever is the time to lend your voice to the healthcare debate. Join your colleagues in ACP's Advocates for Internal Medicine Network (AIMn) in advocating for the interests of internal medicine in Washington, D.C. The AIMn program is for ACP members interested in participating in federal advocacy. It is designed to help members engage with their federal lawmakers on policy issues important to ACP and internal medicine. You will receive occasional emails with policy updates and requests to contact your senators and representatives prior to important votes. To learn more, please follow this link to a portion within the Advocacy section of the ACP website.



Conference Notice: The Future Landscape of Wisconsin's Health Care Workforce

This fall, the Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce (WCMEW) will host a statewide conference focusing on Wisconsin health workforce issues. At the full-day event on Wednesday, September 27th, held in the Wisconsin Dells, participants will engage on topics ranging from public policy to clinician retention and training clinicians for evolving models of care delivery. The conference is designed to bring stakeholders from across Wisconsin's health care, business, government, educational institutions, and non-profit areas together to recognize the urgent demand for creative and cross-sector solutions to health workforce challenges. If interested, please follow this link to the conference brochure.



Advancement to Fellowship

“Fellowship in the College is an honor. Being an FACP is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices.” The above words are taken from the ACP website. Many of you are eligible for advancement to Fellowship without being aware that you are. I encourage you to review the materials that describe the process of advancement to Fellowship, and I encourage you to consider applying.

If you have questions about the process, please contact me. If you plan to attend the upcoming Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the process from myself or other officers of the chapter as well as from the visiting college representative.



Now Available: ACP 2016-2017 Annual Report from the Executive Vice President

You probably have already received an email about the Annual Report from national office of ACP. I encourage you to review this report to get an understanding of ACP's recent and current activities and priorities to get a better understanding of the benefits of ACP membership. It is an interactive review of the College's programs, initiatives, and accomplishments over the past fiscal year, and it emphasizes anew to me, who has been tuned into ACP's work from my involvement in its governance over the past 4 years, the true breadth and depth of ACP's activities and member benefits. By perusing the report, you may well find offerings from ACP which are of use to you and of which you have been unaware.



Wisconsin Opioid CME Requirement

If you are a physician with a current Wisconsin license, you very likely have received this notice.

This is just a friendly reminder that 2 hours of CME on the Wisconsin opioid prescribing guideline is required by the end of this calendar year. A link to a PDF of a list of approved courses is included in the notice from Wisconsin DSPS.

Of note, on the program for our upcoming ACP Wisconsin Chapter meeting is Dr. Tim Westlake, Vice-chair of the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, speaking on Prescription Opioid Overdose and Its Public Health Importance with Q&A.



New Members – Last Six Months

Welcome to our new chapter members!

Vidthya Abraham, MD Brenden Herrod Olatunde O Ola, MD
Evie Adams Elizabeth Hiatt, MD Babatunde Olaiya, MD
Christopher Adler, MD Christopher Hoersting Nisha Patel
Priyanka Agarwal, MD Richard J Horecki, MD FACP Kushal Patel
Ali Al-Hilli, MD Ryan Huynh Rakesh Patel, MD
Mark Henry D Alon, MD Paul Iglar Raj D Patel, MD
Angel Alvarez Abel H Irena, MD James Pauff, MD,PhD
Sarah Amherdt Muhammad Ishaq, MD Margaret R Paulson, DO FACP
Matthew Andreoli Zahra Ismail Enio Perez
Lubina Arjyal, MBBS Besma Jaber, MD Jennifer Peugh, MD
Alok Arora, MD,MBBS Andrew M Jacobson, MD Callie E Plafkin
Hasan Bader Amy L Jaeger, MD Faran Polani, MD
Anna Baker Nirpeksh Jain, MD Leah M Probst, DO
Christopher Barusya, MD Muhammad Y Jan, MBBS Margaret J Punt, MD
Richard Basile, MD FNU Jaydev, MBBS Brian Quinn, MD
Tanmayee Benajamin, MD Tegan N John, DO Shahrose Rahman
Ryan Blenker, MD Bradley Johnson Shalini Ravi, MBBS
Allison Blumenfeld David S Johnson, MD Sonya Chalasani Rayan, MD
Bradley Boelkins, MD Maria T Jose, MBBS Ruben Raychaudhuri
Jeffrey Brejwo, MD Amanda Kalupa Nicole Reilly, MD
Jax Bricco Shivani Kapur, MBBS John Thomas Roddy
Matthew Brunner, MD Abhipsa Kar Sophie Rodrigues Pereira
Thomas F Bugliosi, MD FACP Brian Kenealy Amanda Ruggles, MD
Adam Bykowski Jordan Kenik, MD Payal Sanghani, MD
Matthew Caldis Barrett P Kenny, MD Tyler Schmidt
Netsanet Dessalegn Chalchisa, MD Nesreen Khraisha, MBBS Harsimran S Sekhon, MBBS
Franklin Chang Andy Kieu, DO Kirk Van Shepard II, MD
Pramodh Chanumolu, MD Jean Kim William Shoemaker, MD
Ellie Ying Chen, MD Sara Koller, DO Jaron Smith
Adithya Chennamadhavuni, MD Kristin J Kopish, MD Willa Song
April Choi Andrew Lang, MD Sabrina Spets
Aaron D Christians, DO Natalie Larsen Peter Stadmeyer, MD
Benjamin Ciske, MD Thomas C Leece, MD Jeffrey Stein, DO
Lee B Cody, MD FACP Morgan Leider Andrew Steinfeldt
Samit K Datta, MD Ashley Leverenz, MD Paul Frederick Stellmacher, MD
Erin Davis Adam Levin, MD Irina Stojanovska, MD
Michael Deboer Jordan Ludwigson Andrea Suarez
Kristen Demarco Thomas Luers, MD Marcus Sublette, MD
Justin DePrey, MD Monica Maalouf, MD Anusha Surender, MBBS
Britt Deruyter Alexander D Macbriar, MD Amanda L Swanson, MD
Craig Destree, MD Melissa Macdonald, MD Sheila Swartz, MD
Trieu Do Judith Maddatu, MD Asif N Tahir, MBBS FACP
Ryan Drake, MD Devin Madenberg Lindsay N Taylor
Arshish Dua Alexander Magee Allison Taylor
Alexandra Dyer John Markwardt Asha P Thaliath, MD
Sabri Elamin A Elkhidir, MD Buba Marong Jessica Tischendorf, MD
Elizabeth Ender, MD Nathan Marzlin, MD Gemechis H Tollera, MD
Stephen Erickson Richard McGowan, MD Shilpa Ullikashi, MD
Praveen Errabelli, MD Amanda P McIntyre Rachel Ullrich
Uju Precious Ezeamama, MD Anna Meese Rachna Unnithan, MD
Mary Feider, MD Carla J Meister, MD Arinzechukwu Uzoechina, MBBS
Nicole Fennimore Inga Melvinsdottir, MD Ryan Vaca
Joseph Fitz Haley Mertens Tracy Vandewater
James Ford Jared T Metropulos Iris Vuong
Courtney Gaberino Daniel Meyer Tong Wang
Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho, MD,PhD Mahek Mirza, MD Matthew Weber
Nicholas Gannon Matthew R Mohorek Ellen Wegner
Abiy A Gesese, MD Ridhima Monga, MD Madelyn K Weiker, MD
Olivia Gitter Caitlin Moore Chad G Wenzel, MD
Patrick Grogan, MD PhD Muhammad Munir, MD Allison Janelle Wildin
Wen Guan Muhammad Umair Mushtaq, MD Melissa Wong
Trisha Hagene Nilsen Weston Nadherny Zeina Yanbeiy, MD
Ryan Haggart John Z Nan, MD Grace Ying
Peter Haigh, MD Aalap Narichania, MD Chuyang Zhong, MD
Amelia Haj Dalia M Nashed, MBCHB Luke D Zurbriggen
Yacki Hayashi-Tanner, DO Alexandra Neiman  
Evan Henricks Alex Nielsen  



New Fellows – Last Six Months

Congratulations new Fellows!

Thomas F Bugliosi, MD FACP
Lee B Cody, MD FACP
Richard J Horecki, MD FACP
Margaret R Paulson, DO FACP
Asif N Tahir, MBBS FACP