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Community Service Award

Community Service Award

2010 Richard A Kirkpatrick, MD FACP
2011 Robert L. Coffey, MD
2012 Paul Bunge, MD, FACP
2013 Joseph C Saitta, MD
2014 Ann Dreyer MD, FACP
2015 Richard Arnold MD, FACP
2015 Catherine Bree Johnston, MD, FACP
2017 Genevieve Pagalilauan, MD, FACP
2018 Rachel Safran, MD

Golden Apple Award

2010 Michael R Lippman, MD FACP
2011 Henry Mroch, MD
2012 Jeff Peterson, MD
2013 Christopher H. Smith, MD, FACP
2014 MAJ George R. Mount, MC, USA, FACP
2015 Stephanie Fosback, MD
2015 Gemma O'Keefe, MD
2016 Tara Nysoe MD
2016 Stephen Weinberger MD
2017 Choung Nguyen, MD, FACP
2017 Margaret Adam, MD, FACP
2018 Scott Stuart

Alvin J. Thompson, MD, MACP Internist of the Year

2010 Nancy K. Sugg, MD
2011 Judy A. Benson, MD, FACP
2012 Steven Konicek
2013 J. Carey Jackson, MD
2014 James D Bales MD, FACP
2015 Paul Smith MD, FACP
2016 Emily Savage MD
2017 Stephanie Fosback, MD, FACP
2018 Richard A. Kirkpatrick MD, FACP

Laureate Awardees

1995 James W. Haviland, MD, MACP
1996 Robert G. Petersdorf, MD, MACP
1997 Marvin Turck, MD, MACP
1998 Alvin J. Thompson, MD, MACP
1999 Neil J. Elgee, MD, MACP
2000 John R. Hogness, MD, MACP
2001 Thomas C Reis, MD, FACP
2002 David C Dale, MD, FACP
2003 Bruce C Gilliland, MD, MACP
2004 Alexander P. Greer, MD, FACP
2005 James F. Wallace, MD, MACP
2006 Eric B. Larson, MD, MACP
2007 Douglas S. Paauw, MD, MACP
2008 George Novan, MD, FACP
2009 John Sheffield, MD
2010 Joyce E. Wipf, MD, FACP
2011 Roger Bush, MD, MACP
2012 Bruce C. Smith, MD, FACP
2013 Jimmy Chua, MD, FACP
2014 Carrie Horwitch MD, FACP
2015 Irl Hirsch MD, MACP
2016 Paul A. Smith MD, MACP
2017 Yong Ki Shin, MD, FACP
2018 Gregory C. Gardner

Doug Paauw, MD, MACP Outstanding Student in Internal Medicine

2010 Sarah Alice McIntire
2011 Jehan Budak
2012 Timothy Hatlen
2013 Alexandra K Graham
2014 Emily Cedarbaum MPH
2014 Emily Cedarbaum MPH
2015 David Roach, MD
2016 Emily Bulley
2017 Scotty Kirkpatrick
2018 Lynsey Bernfeld

Clinician of Year

2018 Anne Eacker

Hospitalist of the Year

2018 Dr. Alice Huey-Ching Ding (posthumously)