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Health Policy Symposium

Health Policy Symposium

Our annual Health Policy Symposium was a great success, providing important information about healthcare, policy, and ethics issues.

This year's ACP Health Policy Symposium was coordinated by medical students from Temple and Jefferson. (L-R) - Heidi Mock, Graeme Williams, Adrianna Hitchens, Diana Huang. Missing - Gregory Snyder.

For the first time, this year's ACP Health Policy Symposium featured a poster presentation which helped facilitate discussions about the intersection of healthcare, policy, and ethics.

The symposium ended with a lesson on using your stories for advocacy. Here, students from various schools and stages of training are sharing their stories and giving one another feedback.

Jeff Hom, MD, an internal medicine physician and current Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at Penn, introduced and delivered the storytelling for advocacy session.

More small group storytelling discussions.

David Cohen, JD from Drexel Thomas R. Kline School of Law breaks down the recent changes on abortion legislation as a case study for how policy affects how healthcare is practiced.

Students focusing on speaker presentations.

Nora Jones, PhD, an anthropologist specializing in bioethics from the Temple Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy, explains the unique considerations of healthcare and ethics in an urban context.

Marla Davis-Bellamy, JD, from the Temple Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy, discusses the importance of combating violence as a public health issue, especially in urban centers like Philadelphia.