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Chapter Contacts

Eastern Pennsylvania Governor

David L. George, MD, FACP

Southeastern Pennsylvania Governor

Gregory C. Kane, MD, FACP

Western Pennsylvania Governor

Thomas C. Grau, MD, FACP

PA-ACP Administrative Office

777 East Park Drive
PO Box 8820
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8820
Phone: 888-817-3813

Chapter Staff

Cicely Elliott
Executive Director
Direct Phone: (717) 909-2699
Direct Email:
Contact for general/administration information

Connie Benson
Assistant Executive Director
Direct Phone: (717) 909-2684
Direct Email:
Contact for communications information

Sharon Fahrer
Meeting Manager
Direct Phone: (717) 909-2697
Direct Email:
Contact for meeting and event information

Chapter Advocacy

John Nikoloff